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Cartier Watches Are Handsome

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Cartier, Exceptional Swiss Watch Makers

Jacques Cartier, founder of the House of Cartier Watches, was much more an artist and creator of beauty than a watchmaker, yet Cartier has turned out fine timepieces for decades. The renowned French jeweler was wise when he entered into the watchmaking business, he asked for help.  He partnered up with exceptional Swiss masters to create the famous Cartier watches of today.  Cartier built an empire and is the number one jewelry seller in the world, not to mention the number two luxury timepiece seller…only topped by Rolex.  Cartier watches timeless designs like the Tank and the Santos have been long standing favorites with Cartier clients.  One of the best selling men’s’ watches is the Cartier Men’s Santos Galbee Stainless-steel and Gold version.  The W20011C4 Stainless-steel and Gold watch by Cartier has all the classic features that we have come to appreciate. The sleek streamlined designs of Cartier are legendary, and this men’s watch is no exception.   The W20011C4 Men’s watch has a classic square face, with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal dial.  The dial and bracelet are in stainless-steel and 18 carat gold.  This is a men’s sized watch with a case diameter of 29 mm.  This is a fantastic Cartier watch choice!

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Cartier’s Ballerine Watch Shines Bright

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Cartier's Ballerine Watch Shines


Cartier watches come in many different and varying designs, from sporty and fun to the extremely opulent and elegant.  No matter which style of timepiece you choose, a Cartier will make a statement.  Your selection will show your discerning taste, so choose wisely…or just pick the one you fall in love with, like the mini model Ballerine women’s watch. 

This beautiful time piece is quartz, white gold, and diamond studded.  Its brilliance sparkles and the fact that it’s a Cartier watch spells precision. The three tiered bracelet, which is covered in round-cut diamonds, wraps around the wrist in a smooth s-curve style, adding softness.  The lines of the Ballerine are artistic and unconventional for a timepiece.  This watch features an octagonal crown set with a diamond and a silver sunray dial for added flare.  The Ballerine by Cartier is all Swiss made and water-resistant to 100 feet (in case you just have to wear it in the pool). 

Personally, I think this the ultimate out on the town watch. This may be the only accessory you’ll need for your little black dress.  It is elegant and sophisticated, and yes, it’s covered in brilliant diamonds, but it is still understated.  This Cartier watch is a beautiful, functional, piece of jewelry.

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Cartier Watches Appeals To Those With Discriminating Tastes

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Cartier Watches

Cartier Watches

Talk about unique, if you are looking for a watch that no one else has then look no further than the Cartier Santos 100 skeleton watch.  The height of design, its case is housed in a form of Roman numerals making it no less than a technical feat which by the way has a patent application pending.

The time is easy to read considering it has no face.  With a 72 hour power reserve it keeps exceptionally accurate time.

There are 138 components that make up this work of art.   Finished by hand, the bridges are chamfered and the sides satin-brushed.  Fifteen hours of work goes into finishing just the upper bridge.

Jackie Loved Cartier

It is 28.6mm by 28.6mm and has a thickness of 3.97mm.  A large piece boasting a crown decorated with a faceted sapphire.  It also features a sapphire crystal and the Roman numerals on the dial are the bridge of the movement.  Sword-shaped blued-steel hands show the hour and minutes.

Complete with an alligator strap and an 18k white gold and palladium 950% triple folding clasp this is an exquisite watch.

The sapphire crystal case is transparent and it is even water resistant to 30 meters or 100 feet.

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Cartier Watches Prototypes New ID One Adjustment-Free Watch

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Cartier watches ID OneAccording to BusinessWeek, Cartier watches is working on a prototype that will cut down on the need for watch maintenance by half, which will have very important consequences for the luxury watch industry.   Bernard Fornas, the CEO for the Geneva-based brand, expects to introduce the new technology within the next three years and compared this development to the difference between cars with fuel-injection and those with carburetors.

Some of the new Cartier watches being released this year include the $117,000 Astrotourbillon and a new Captive line for women.  Like most other Swiss watches, these luxurious timepieces need to be adjusted and maintained every three to five years, which can cost about $775 each time.  Developing a watch that only needs adjustment every six to ten years will be a major improvement.   Many owners of high-end watches are not happy with the additional costs and service delays that regular maintenance incurs.

While the new ID One concept timepiece is still in the prototype state, it was displayed at the International Salon of Fine Watchmaking in Geneva.  This spirit of innovation has helped restore needed optimism for Cartier Watches, which still sees the U.S. market as an “unsure environment”.  Cartier is enjoying a surge in Asian sales, however, and could have as many as 65 boutiques in China within the next five years.

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Winners and Presenters Get Cartier Watches

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The 21st Annual Awards Gala for the 2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival sure is getting a lot of attention.
Mariah Carey’s acceptance speech for her performance in the movie “Precious” has been analyzed and questioned and laughed about. Statements vary from the fact that she seemed “spaced out”, to having to be carried off the stage, to “tipsy” from too much champagne.

She was presented with the award by the film’s director Lee Daniels (pictured here with her). The next night when she accepted another award she was asked about the previous evening’s “incident” to which she responded to the Associated Press “The thing is me and Lee hadn’t see each other in a long time, and then he was presenting my award, so he starts off immediately with inside jokes. We had splashes of champagne, and I love Lee but he’s a bad influence.”

Anyway, all press is good press so no one is complaining, probably least of all the festival’s official presenter: Cartier.

Apparently, while all this was happening on the main stage, backstage, winners and presenters were given Cartier watches. Free Cartier watches?! Lucky!

To walk away with a Cartier watch is no small feat. Cartier watches are some of the nicest, most sought after luxury watches of all time. Regardless of the shapes, size, model or style, they’re all winners in my mind.

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Protecting the “Swiss-made” Luxury Watch Label

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Switzerland, home to almost each and every luxury watch brand in the world, is seeking tougher rules to protect its “made in Switzerland”

It’s not only luxury watches that the Swiss Government is seeking to protect, it’s all luxury goods made in that country, from cheese and penknives to men’s and women’s luxury watches.

It’s known that when something is labeled “made in Switzerland” consumers are willing to pay for that certification; up to 20% more.

This label along with the white on red Swiss cross logo has been stolen by counterfeit companies looking to produce and sell cheaper version of luxury goods. China is king of this practice and luxury watchmakers like the Swatch Group, Rolex and Richemont, which owns brands like Cartier watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Panerai, among others, are feeling the brunt of this.

To toughen the use of the right to use the “Swiss made” label, the government is proposing that “60% of the manufacturing costs of industrial products are accrued in Switzerland.”

The luxury watch industry currently demands that at least 50% of a timepiece’s mechanics must be made in Switzerland to qualify as “Swiss”, but has already proposed an increase even for itself of 80%.

When shopping for a luxury watch its critical to make sure that the watch is certified and comes with a trackable serial number. However, it also pays to realize that one need not purchase a men’s or women’s luxury watch from the brand’s boutique or another retailer; there are many online sellers that offer the real deal at less expensive prices.

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Designer Watches at Discount Prices

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What could be better? A brand new, never worn, designer watch at a price you can afford from top brands like Breitling, Bvlgari and TAG Heuer to Cartier watches, Gucci watches and Michele watches

Breitling typically makes men’s watches; with large faces and complex functions, these are known as “instruments for professionals”, specifically for aviation pilots. However, for the woman with an adventurous spirit there are Breitling women’s watches as well, like the Windrider Starliner that comes with diamonds.

Bvlgari needs little introduction or description. Any fan of Italian luxury goods will know and love Bvlgari. The great thing about Bvlgari watches is that almost every single one comes with the well-known Bvlgari bezel, making it a true designer watch in every way. Whether you’re talking Assioma, Diagono or Rettangolo, these styles are guaranteed winners.

Another brand which needs little explanation is Cartier. Cartier watches are by far some of the most continually sought after watches in the industry. Cartier men’s watches are popular among both sexes and with their balance between power and style, can be worn whenever, wherever. Even if you are not that familiar with watch names, there is little doubt that you’ve heard of the Santos, the Pasha or the Tank.

TAG Heuer carreraGucci watches are yet another hot buy and go for less than a Bvlgari or Cartier watch, making them a great buy. For women especially, Gucci offers so many styles to choose from, many of them being jewelry watches which gives the wearer the added benefit of owning a watch that also looks like a fine piece of jewelry.

Speaking of “for the ladies”, Michele watches are watches made for the woman that is bold, confident and not afraid to show it. Michele watches are classy and sexy and with their easily interchangeable bands, can be worn from work to a hot date and make you look great.

TAG Heuer watches are for those that want to look good and wear a watch that can withstand some serious heat. Promoted and worn by some of the world’s top athletes, TAG watches are always a winning choice.

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Hot Womens Watches and The Babes That Wear Them

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Yeah, yeah, we know that the new “it” trend for women and watches is for women to wear men’s watches, but in the past and even still today, on the streets of Hollywood, you’ll see female celebrities wearing women’s watches.charlize1

Check the list:

It may be that Brit and K-Fed get back together (anyone know the latest?) but when they were married, she was seen switching between wearing women’s watches by Roger Dubuis, Chopard and Breitling. 

Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, whose sense of style is always being commented on, sometimes goes for a diamond studded Piaget.

Other hot babes with large personal watch collections include Lindsay Lohan, who likes Chanel watches and Jennifer Aniston who likes vintage Cartier women’s watches, although lately the word has been that she’s back to wearing the Rolex given to her by ex John Mayer.

Speaking of him, he apparently likes to give all his girlfriends a Rolex, because Jessica Simpson has also been seen wearing a gold President.

Another way that celebrities get to wear watches without having to buy them is if they become “ambassadors” for certain brands. SEE Charlize Theron; she was once an Ambassador for Raymond Weil watches and got to wear lots of different styles of women’s watches, including pieces from the gorgeous Shine collection by Raymond Weil.


A spokeswoman for Omega watches, Nicole Kidman just did an ad campaign for the new Seamaster Planet Ocean Jewelry collection.

So, yes, hot babes like to wear men’s watches, but hot babes are also still wearing women’s watches. The question is, have you ever seen a hot dude wearing a woman’s watch?

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Aniston Wearing Rolex Given to Her by Ex

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Is it okay to still wear a watch or ring that a boyfriend gave you if you’ve broken up? This question is especially sensitive when it comes to engagement rings and broken engagements. Should the woman give the ring back? Or should she keep it? Does it depend on who broke the engagement? I think the state of Florida actually has a law about this that says the ring should be returned to its rightful owner, who in this case would be the guy: the one that paid for it.rolex

Watches, especially costly, luxury watches can easily cost as much or more than an engagement ring and watches are given all the time by those who have the funds to give them as a birthday gift, a get well gift, or for any ol’ reason.

For some reason, celebrities, maybe because they have so much money and half the time don’t know what to do with it, buy each other watches. Rolex seems to be the preferred brand among the rich and famous and it doesn’t seem to matter whether you’ve been going out for a week or a year, it’s common for celebs to give fancy watches.

Jennifer Aniston has all the money in the world and she’s a classy lady. She’s been known to wear vintage Cartier watches but lately has been seen wearing the Rolex that was given to her by then “boy- toy” John Mayer before they broke up. They had an on again, off again romance (for a whole, big four months), but throughout the ups and downs, Aniston had that gold Rolex on her wrist. And now, all of a sudden, it’s back on… the watch that is.  As for the romance, who knows?

The gossip world is wondering if and what this means. A possible reunion? Is she sending Mayer a message? Some say it’s her way of flirting with him. Mayer himself is a collector of Rolex watches, so perhaps she’s trying to show him that they have something in common? A reason to re-connect?

The gossip world would like to think that there’s something brewing.

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Actress Amanda Bynes Chooses Cartier

Written by Debbie. Posted in Fashion Watches

Amanda Bynes has been acting since she was 7 years old. She’s also a singer and fashion designer. She’s been named one of Teen People’s “25 Hottest Stars under 25” and two years ago was ranked by Forbes as the fifth highest paid celebrity under 21 years of age.Amanda

So young and so rich. Must be nice.

In a recent interview she talks about her own personal sense of style, including the luxury watch she can’t live without. In addition to jeans Christian Louboiton pumps, she chooses a classic Cartier watch to compliment her daily look. Her fashion advice?  “I’ve learned to really wear what looks best on me not necessarily what’s the newest ‘hottest’ trend.” Smart. Stick with the classics and you’ll always be fashionable.

Some of the other best dressed leading ladies who wear Cartier women’s watches are Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Obama.

Cartier has been dressing celebrities and royalty all over the world for years and years. From the red carpet in Hollywood to Windsor Palace, Cartier watches are spotted on the wrists of those men and women who are considered some of the most beautiful, elegant and important figures of our time.

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