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Breitling, In Case Of Emergency

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Breitling Emergency Watch For Professionals

I read an article on line recently, where a gentleman, who owns a Breitling Emergency watch was complaining about the cost to maintain it.  I mean, we are talking about a GPS locator, emergency beacon transmitting, life-saving watch here.  So what if it costs $600.00 to replace the battery, this is not your everyday wrist watch.  It is made for professional pilots and seamen, who are sometimes in quite perilous situations.  You must have a pilot’s license to purchase one, and if you don’t you must sign a waiver, which relieves Breitling of all financial responsibilities, if the beacon is set off.  Believe it or not, rescue missions are really expensive, and if you are just someone looking to impress by owning this watch, you flip the bill.  This Breitling Emergency owner even went as far as to complain that the watch must go to Breitling for maintenance, and wished to take it to a “normal” watch shop.  These are not novelty items; the Breitling Emergency is an invaluable tool, which has saved lives.  If you don’t take that seriously, you shouldn’t own one.  My advise for him is to sell his Emergency watch and pick up a nice Timex, they take a licking and keep on ticking…and they won’t put a crunch in his pocket book.

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Get Your Money’s Worth, Buy Authentic Breitling

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Authentic Breitling's Worth Every Penny

Are you looking to buy an authentic Breitling Airwolf Chronograph?  If you are, you should know that you cannot pick up this quality timepiece for $300.00!  Even if the ad you just read on line, says you can.  The Airwolf Chronograph by Breitling is a professional aviation watch.  It is fully equipped and is a certified chronometer.  Anyone, other than your brother (who is in dire straits), who tries to offer this watch to you for a ridiculously low price, is probably unscrupulous.  When making these types of purchases, you really must be aware of a few vital facts…the original retail price, is one of those important details.  Now, that’s not to say that you can’t find a Breitling watch on sale, you certainly can, but let’s be reasonable…if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Breitling, among other popular brands, are commonly reproduced and replicated.  You might be getting a quality watch, but when you don’t buy authentic, you’re just not getting what you paid for.  An authentic Breitling Airwolf should come with serial numbers and official documentation.  Shopping on line is fun and easy, just make sure you don’t get duped!

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Breitling Commands Attention

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It only takes a quick glance at Breitling to know they are a true quality watch company.  They have been crafting precision instruments since the 1800’s and have gained much notoriety in the world of Aviation.  They have developed watches for pilots and astronauts, alike, and in fact have the prestigious honor of being the first chronograph to be worn in space!  The Breitling “Cosmonaute” was the space watch, loved by pilots for its functionality.  The Breitling Cosmonaute is a 24 hour timepiece, designed especially for space flight, where there is no day and night.  It gave the pilots a better handle on time, and was a unique watch for the time.   The folks at Breitling take watchmaking seriously, and it shows in their work.  Chronographs and Chronometers are their specialty, and they create them with exceptional class.  The Breitling look is as unique and specialized as their craftsmanship.  All Breitling models are large and commanding, made from strong and durable materials, and finished impeccably.  The functionality can’t be beat, and they stand behind their products 100%.  The only thing you have to do is purchase authentically.  Go straight to Breitling or an authorized dealer for your Breitling.  Invest in the real deal.

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Breitling, Technology Unsurpassed

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Breitling Professional Waches


The Breitling history began in 1884, with its founder the Swiss watchmaker Leon Breitling.  Breitling was a master at his craft and the company has followed his lead ever since.  This Swiss watchmaker is ultimately famous for their certified Chronometers.  These precision instruments were originally designed for the Aviation field, but have mainstream appeal, especially among watch enthusiasts.  All the components making up the Breitling creations are Swiss, and every timepiece is manufactured in Switzerland, at the Breitling factory.  These are authentic watches, with over 150 years of innovation built in.  The Breitling 24 hour Navitimer was born out of an idea from one of the original Mercury Space program astronauts.  Scott Carpenter, a fan and one of the astronauts requested that Breitling convert their usual 12 hour dial to a 24 hour one.  Because of the lack of day and night in space, it would prove useful…Breitling did just that, and in 1962 astronaut Carpenter wore that timepiece into space.  Other extraordinary models were to follow, like the Breitling Emergency, equipped with a radio frequency that actually helped save the lives of two lucky pilots who were downed at sea.  Now, you certainly don’t have to be a professional pilot to appreciate these watches.  At Breitling, technology rules… and everyone loves that!

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Breitling Professional Watches

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Breitling Airwolf

 Breitling Watches are extraordinary.  This watchmaker has loads of technology and innovation that goes into their fine precision instruments.  Be aware that because of their popularity, there are fakes out there.  Breitling is quite proud of the work that has gone into creating these timepieces and the reputation they have gained.  The company wants to warn consumers to make certain they buy only authentic Breitling watches and not replicas…I mean, what’s the point?  You are purchasing the excellence not just the name.  The Airwolf is one of Breitling’s most awesome watches.  Equipped with all the needs of a professional aviator, the Airwolf is a marvelous instrument.  This chronograph has dual digital windows on the face and a perpetual calendar.  The watch is back lit for easy night time reading, and a compass scale.  This Breitling watch is water resistant to 5 bars, and is encased in strong stainless-steel.  Breitling prides themselves on their attention to detail and has built a fantastic reputation as professional timekeepers, but as any professional pilot or diver can tell you…these watches do much more than just keep time.  The instruments that Breitling watches creates take in to account all aspects of the professional wearing them, that’s attention to detail at its best!

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Porsche Family Donates Luxury Watches

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The actual, real Porsche family must be large and generous because members recently donated 49 women’s luxury watches and men’s watches to London-based auctioneer Bonhams. All proceeds from these sales will go to benefit the Oncology Research Department of the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany.Porsche_logo

If you look at the Porsche logo you’ll notice that the name Stuttgart is emblazoned on it; that’s because although many people may mistake this luxury automobile manufacturer to be Italian, its origins are German and the company is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Some of the luxury watches that were sold came from well-known brands like Panerai, Eterna, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Breitling, Omega Watches and even some from the watch branch of Porsche called Porsche Design. The estimated total value for these 49 watches is about $170,000.

Panerai watches are some of the most coveted in the watch industry. They are not mass produced and only recently have become commonly available in the U.S. Their extra large faces and simple, classic designs have made them extremely popular men’s watches.

porschedesignwatchTAG Heuer is the one watch brand that has a partnership with Porsche and produces a Carrera and Grand Carrera line. Panerai has a partnership with Ferrari, while Breitling and Bentley have joined hands.

Breitling is a brand that has been around for a long time and although started out and remains dedicated to producing men’s watches for aviation pilots, Breitling watches have become quite the status symbol as well.

Audemars Piguet, Omega watches and Jaeger LeCoultre are other brands which all have strong footing in the luxury watch world and will be hot items at this auction which takes place on December 2, 2009.

Aside from luxury watches, there will be other items for sale; the full list totals 280 items. Although the auction will take place in London you can register online at

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Designer Watches at Discount Prices

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What could be better? A brand new, never worn, designer watch at a price you can afford from top brands like Breitling, Bvlgari and TAG Heuer to Cartier watches, Gucci watches and Michele watches

Breitling typically makes men’s watches; with large faces and complex functions, these are known as “instruments for professionals”, specifically for aviation pilots. However, for the woman with an adventurous spirit there are Breitling women’s watches as well, like the Windrider Starliner that comes with diamonds.

Bvlgari needs little introduction or description. Any fan of Italian luxury goods will know and love Bvlgari. The great thing about Bvlgari watches is that almost every single one comes with the well-known Bvlgari bezel, making it a true designer watch in every way. Whether you’re talking Assioma, Diagono or Rettangolo, these styles are guaranteed winners.

Another brand which needs little explanation is Cartier. Cartier watches are by far some of the most continually sought after watches in the industry. Cartier men’s watches are popular among both sexes and with their balance between power and style, can be worn whenever, wherever. Even if you are not that familiar with watch names, there is little doubt that you’ve heard of the Santos, the Pasha or the Tank.

TAG Heuer carreraGucci watches are yet another hot buy and go for less than a Bvlgari or Cartier watch, making them a great buy. For women especially, Gucci offers so many styles to choose from, many of them being jewelry watches which gives the wearer the added benefit of owning a watch that also looks like a fine piece of jewelry.

Speaking of “for the ladies”, Michele watches are watches made for the woman that is bold, confident and not afraid to show it. Michele watches are classy and sexy and with their easily interchangeable bands, can be worn from work to a hot date and make you look great.

TAG Heuer watches are for those that want to look good and wear a watch that can withstand some serious heat. Promoted and worn by some of the world’s top athletes, TAG watches are always a winning choice.

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Breitling Releases New Cosmonaute Mens Watch

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To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Breitling is launching a new, limited edition chronograph called the Cosmonaute. This version is based on the original Cosmonaute which was created in 1962 to accompany astronauts going to space.breitling Cosmonaute

On May 24, 1962 this watch made its first trip to space when worn by Scott Carpenter. In space there can be confusion between day and night, so the Cosmonaute was created to be able to indicate all 24 hours of the day in a single sweep of the dial. Both Carpenter and his Breitling watch were successful in their mission.

Only 1,000 of these new Cosmonaute watches will be produced. The collection maintains the original 24 hour dial feature as well as the design from the 1960’s. The bracelet is an Air Racer.

Breitling watches are known as “instruments for professionals” because they were originally created for aviation pilots. However, as their chronograph features became envied, the watches achieved a certain status symbol among the general public.

Many celebrities have become fans of Breitling watches, the Navitimer being the most favored by John Travolta (himself a licensed pilot), comedian Dave Chapelle, TV host Simon Cowell, musician Miles Davis, and actors Tommy Lee Jones and John Lovitz. Rapper Ludacris prefers the Breitling Super Avenger.

Using their capability to produce precise and elegant timepieces Breitling entered into a partnership with the Bentley Motors and born from that are four collections: the Bentley, the Bentley Flying B, the Bentley GMT and the Bentley Mark VI, all of which have some of the most exclusively crafted and luxurious watches ever produced.

Almost all Breitling watches are men’s watches yet there is a small collection of women’s watches called the Windrider Starliner.

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