Raymond Weil And You

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"Raymond Weil by You"

Raymond Weil has always done things a bit differently, than their peers. This privately owned and operated Swiss watch maker has a distinct style, which sets them apart.  This individualism can be seen in their watch creations, as well as in the way they run their business.  Giving in to the pressure to follow the crowd has never been a struggle for Raymond Weil, and their new ad campaign signifies that.  This new campaign is, appropriately named, “Raymond Weil by You”, and it allows consumers to assist in the creation.  Turning away from celebrity or sports figures, Raymond Weil is asking you to be the star.  How do you audition?  Well, it’s simple; you just log on to the Raymond Weil site or other social media sites, such as Facebook, and write your ideas or thoughts on the prompted questions.  The idea was born through collaboration with eYeka.  eYeka has assisted other brands in connecting with their public and their client list includes Coca-Cola, HP, Sony, and Chanel.  The idea is to get you involved in the evolution and growth of the Company, in essence, to follow your lead.  It is called “pull marketing”, and it gives you, consumers a voice.  Log on today, and show Raymond Weil what your vision of their future is.

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