Bertolucci Gioco Women’s Luxury Watches

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Why do luxury watch companies make watches that are hard to read and sometimes, actually impossible to read, making it so that you have no idea what time it is?bertolucci-gioco-gold-watch

I don’t really know the answer to that except my guess is that there is always room to impress and many times it’s more about the looks, the movement and the complications, than actually the telling of time. Also, there is always someone out there that wants what no one else has, or in this case, since there are only five of these women’s luxury watches being made, what only four other people can have.

Made by Bertolucci, a watch brand who motto is “Mediterranean inspiration, Swiss craftsmanship,” the watch pictured here is called the Bertolucci Gioco, nicknamed the “Hypno” and comes in a limited edition of only five pieces, either in 18K rose or white gold. These are obviously beautiful designed, highly elegant, exclusive and yes, almost impossible to read; actually just looking at it makes me dizzy. The dials are swirling levels of gold layers that lead down to a mother or peal face. The case measures 42 by 49mm, a large size for a woman’s watch and is mutli-dimensional, which is why it’s so hard to read.

bertolucci-gioco-purpleBertolucci is aware of this and has made a luxury women’s watch that is meant to be worn as a piece of jewelry. The case holds 177 Wesselton cut diamonds equaling 3.85 carats; another version has diamonds on the dial as well as the case and the super high end version contains 527 diamonds covering the entire watch.  Other luxury features about this watch include the small dauphine hands on the face, which are either gold or rhodium plated and the coated sapphire crystal with “Bertolucci” engraved on the lower edge. The watch comes with many different colored leather straps, a gold buckle that matches the crown and runs on a Swiss movement.

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Kazimon Drei Chronograph Titanium Watch

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Kazimon is a trademark of Kazim Kenzo and all its watches are made in limited editions and in Germany.

The Kazimon Drei chronograph is one of the newest creations from this German brand. In German, drei mean “three” and though it is not Kazimon’s third watch (the company has four current collections) the name refers to the number of subdials, which is the standard number of subdials that all 12 hour chronographs should have.

Aesthetically this watch combines both modern and retro styles. The chronograph hands are retro, similar to the ones seen in watches from the 1940’s. The case is 41mm which isn’t too big nor too small and therefore more traditional than many of today’s oversized men’s watches.

This watch measures 17mm high, which is higher than most and this is due to the Swiss made ETA Valjoux 7750 movement inside. Like most Kazimon watches, the Drei is a diver’s watch and this is seen in the details such as lugs that curve downward so as not to feel awkward or interfere. The bracelet too is wide, measuring 20mm and has a retro look to it as well – metal with portholes.

The modern features of this watch as seen in the fact that it is made from titanium which makes it weigh less (also good for diving) and even though the caseback is not open, there is a Cotes de Geneve polishing and blue screws. The dial itself is quite modern and is made up of black, white and red. The Kazimon “X” logo is present at the center and gives off a cool look. Although the Drei is a diver’s watch there is a tachymeter scale on the bezel, as well as aviator style hands. Both the hour markers and seconds hands are modern looking.

One thing to remember is that although this is a diving watch, it’s not for deep diving since its water resistant only to 100 meters.

Check to see when this watch is available and although listed in Euros, the price is about $1,790 dollars.

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Feel Free with the Navigator 2.0 Watch

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The Navigator 2.0 is made by Freestyle, a young, hip watch brand that came about in the 80’s and creates durable watches for those that do extreme sports like skate boarding, snowboarding, biking, skiing, mountain biking and more.Freestyle Navigator 2.0

Freestyle is mostly known for making diving watches that are water resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet) and many watches by Freestyle have that punk rock, 80’s look to them.

The Navigator 2.0 is less funky looking, in fact it’s all black, but employs a technology exclusive to Freestyle called Free Fit technology. The strap is made out of a mesh-like material and allows the wearer to buckle the watch anywhere along the mesh material (no pre-made holes) that ensures a perfect fit for your wrist. This is particularly important when doing extreme sports, as you can’t have a loose or ill-fitting watch.

Other cool features of the Navigator 2.0 include all the necessary features of a reliable sports watch like time/date, timers, three alarms, a 30 lap memory chronograph, and a compass.   The compass is so accurate that is has a declination adjustment, 16 cardinal directions and 1-degree resolution, which basically means that if you have absolutely no sense of direction you will not get lost.

Freestyle Navigator bandAlthough technically a men’s watch, the Navigator is not that big. The face measures about ¾ of an inch across, making it comfortable for women as well. The buttons on the side do not poke out, as most do, which prevents them from digging into your wrist but also makes it slightly harder to push when you’re trying to set the timer, etc.

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Introducing a Watch for Your BlackBerry

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If you are one of the millions of people who literally could not survive without their BlackBerry, then you may be very interested in its new side kick in the form of a watch.Blackberry watch

You must in essence “qualify” for this new watch whose official name is the Allerta InPulse Bluetooth companion watch and is named so, because you must already use a blue tooth with your BlackBerry phone.

This new gadget acts as an extension of your BlackBerry; kind of like a dashboard that sits on your wrist. It can’t make phone calls or write text messages but it can give you a heads-up of incoming caller ID info, text messages and e-mail headers. You can also receive calendar and Twitter updates via SMS. The Allerta does not have any speakers or microphones so if you see that a call is coming in, you will have to turn your blue tooth on or pick up your BlackBerry in order to start talking. Oh, and it will tell you what time it is and looks kind of cool as well.

Blackberry watch on wristThe Allerta is not waterproof but can withstand some raindrops and it does stay charged for four days, which is pretty good considering you have to charge you phone at least once a day. Here is a technical and physical description:

* 1.3″ full colour organic light-emitting-diode (OLED) display
* Bluetooth® v2.0+EDR
* 150 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
* Glass lens and full metal body
* 22mm interchangeable wrist band
* Vibrating motor
* Micro-USB port (for charging)
* Over-the-air firmware updates
* Dimensions: 51mm height x 38mm width x 12mm depth

Allerta will communicate with any BlackBerry that runs on OS 4.3 or above via a free companion application.

This watch is made in Canada and will be available in stores come February but can be preordered now directly from Allerta and costs $150.

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The New Metasonic Watch by Gerald Genta that Plays Music!

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Charles Gérald Genta was born in 1931 in Geneva, Switzerland and is quite a hip guy. Even the Gerald Genta website is snazzy; more like watching a movie than about viewing the watches. With words like “provocative, non conformist, and daring” flashing across the screen, that’s exactly what you get with a Gerald Genta watch.Gerald Genta_MetaSonic

Perhaps most known for the Grande Sonnerie watch which was produced in 1994 and at that time considered to be the world’s most complicated wristwatch and valued at $1 million dollars, Genta keeps on impressing.

Another one of his creations which debuted in 1994 was the Arena Grande Sonnerie collection. This exclusive series of watches was dubbed the Arena Metasonic  and since ’94 has undergone multiple revisions and updates that keep making it cooler and cooler, hence the newly released one pictured here.

This large watch, it comes with a 46mm case made from titanium and a special metal acoustic alloy, obviously tells time but it also plays music!

Featuring a combination of vertical-polished and horizontal satin-brushed surfaces and an ostrich leather strap, the Arena Metasonic watch brings in the true magic of cutting-edge innovation to your wrist. This new Arena Metasonic offers a selection of audio themed complications in two separate areas. First is the minute repeater function, which, on command, will play back the time using the sounds of gongs and hammers, and you can adjust the style / volume, so to speak.

Gerald-Genta-Arena-Metasonic-backThe second way is through the watch case which has been crafted to help each note sound loud and clear. This “music” made by these sonnerie watches is due to the extremely complex cases and the metals used to construct them with have reverberating qualities.

These sounds occur at every hour or quarter hour but if you like you may silence them (there is a feature for that). This is one of the few water resistant sonnerie watches, which is quite a feat given all the levers and pushers on the case. The case itself is done in the signature “Potter finish” invented by Gerald Genta.

The manually wound movement is visible through the two sapphire crystals and contains almost 1,000 pieces. The movement also has a tourbillon complication visible on the dial while the time itself is shown in an off-centered position.

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Scary Skull Watch by Bell & Ross

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Although Swiss watch company Bell & Ross did not make the BR-01 Airborne 415 watch for Halloween, it sure fits the occasion. The watch debuted at Baselworld 2009 to great acclaim. The skull design pays tribute to the type of aviation professionals that Bell & Ross caters to. This limited edition BR-01 Airborne 415 watch combines military credence with Haute Joellerie, as the skulls of these watches are studded in diamonds.Bell_Ross_ BR 01 Airborne 415 The skull itself is a symbol that has become adopted by divisions within the U.S. military; its motto “death from above” is used by courageous paratroopers when in action. The limited edition BR-01 Airborne 672 also has this same look. Only 99 of each of these watch collections will be produced. The difference in and name of each collection has to do with the number of diamonds on the watch case. Both dials are paved in natural white diamonds, while 259 full-cut round diamonds are set by hand to fill the shape of the skull. On the Airborne 415 watches there are 156 black diamonds set on the bone-shaped bezel that compliment the dial, while on the Airborne 672, there are 413 black diamonds which cover the watch’s entire face. Both watch collections comes with the new version of Bell & Ross’s wide strap made of black shagreen, which is made with natural grained galuchat. Galuchat comes from the leather of sting rays and actually consists of hundreds of tiny ivory beads that offer a unique, exotic, and luxurious glossy finish. If you prefer the traditional black rubber strap found on many Bell & Ross watches, you may have the shagreen one switches out. All watches are water resistant to 100 meters, and although these exclusive collections are more luxurious looking due to the white and black diamonds, they still function as seriously and professionally as any other B&R watch.

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Yvan Arpa’s Watch for Black Belts Only

Written by Debbie. Posted in Fashion Watches

Upon reading the title, you might wonder “what?” A watch for black belts only? Yes, it’s true. Eccentric watchmaker and black belt Bushido fighter, Yvan Arpa, has come out with the Black Belt Watch. Yvan was known as the brains behind the Romain Jerome brand, and helped that company develop and design the genius Moon Dust DNA watch and then was abruptly fired. Arpa went to court over the unfair firing, won the case and perhaps with the proceeds was able to start his own watchmaking business.Yvan Arpa black bel twatch

As intense as Arpa is about watchmaking, he is more so about martial arts and has decided that in order to purchase one of his Black Belt watches, you must be a black belt yourself and show proof (re an award certificate) before he will actually let you buy one of his watches, which are not that cheap: about $3,000. Partial proceeds from each watch sold (which are currently only available for pre-order) will be donated to the “No Difference” foundation, which helps handicap people learn martial arts.
The Black Belt watch has a rose gold caseback that has “For Black Belt Only” engraved on it. The entire watch is colored in five different shades of black, the main shade being PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated steel with a satin finish. The strap is made of specially textured rubber and waterproof leather. The strap is supposed to look like a kimono. The dial has the image of a black belt and the hands are meant to resemble the shinai wooden swords that are used for practice in Kendo. The bezel is black steel and has Japanese Kanji characters engraved on it. The watch runs on an automatic mechanical movement, is made in Switzerland and is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Read more about this watch, its philosophy and its creator at

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The New Grand Prix de Monaco Watch by Chopard

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Many luxury watch brands have created partnerships with luxury automobile manufactures as well as with car racing events. Chopard is no exception and has been aligned with the Grand Prix de Monaco since 2002 and, as is expected, has a collection of watches called the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique.Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Time Attack MF Quartz Watch

However, what is different this year is that Chopard is coming out with a completely new and different looking watch, unlike anything it has produced before; a digital chronograph. The grand name? The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Time Attack MF Quartz Watch. Being a quartz watch (more accurate than mechanical watches), it requires COSC Chronometer certification.

This design and production of this watch prides itself on the elegance and speed of the cars that race in this event. The Grand Prix de Monaco was supposed to be a single event that took place in 1998, but it has become so popular (mostly with car collectors from the U.S., Germany, France and Italy) that it now takes place every two years and runs the same route as the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Time Attack MF Quartz watch can measure short times to within one hundredth of a second. The case is 42.5mm and made from steel. The black dial is open and unobstructed, featuring large white hour hands and a red seconds hand and digital display at the 6 o’clock position. This digital display is actually an LCD screen that includes a chronograph, two alarms, countdown timer, GMT time, date, and a second time zone. All of these functions, which are visible on the LCD display screen, are operated by two pushbuttons, one at 2 and the other at 4 o’clock. An engraving of a tachometric scale decorates the bezel. Straps come in either porthole lined leather or the classic black rubber with tire tread.

This watch is not expected to cost more than a few thousand dollars due to the fact that it’s made from steel and has a quartz movement. So if you can’t afford to show up to the Grand Prix de Monaco in your Aston Martin or Ferrari, at least you can own the watch that commemorates the event.

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Cindy Crawford for Omega Watches

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Omega Watches has quite the A-list of celebrity brand Ambassadors. Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman and George Clooney are big names with heavy pull and have been Omega Ambassadors for years and years. Omega has a great relationship with these celebs because they adhere well to the terms of their contracts and always show up for in-person store opening, new watch collection launches, etc.cindy crawford

A few weeks ago it was Nicole Kidman who was in New York for an event at the Omega store and this past weekend it was Cindy Crawford who was strutting her stuff for a new collection of Omega women’s watches in London. Crawford has been an Omega ambassador since 1995, longer than any other of the company’s Ambassadors. Not only does she do advertising campaigns, she is also hosts events and participates in product design, lending her sense of fashion and model input to finishing touches and more.

When the spotlight is on one of the world’s best known super models it’s hard to keep the conversation off of her and on the, in this case, watch that she is promoting, but Crawford did it by answering certain questions quickly and then returning the focus to the event.

Conversation turned to her famous mole and how over the years it has grown bigger, prompting concern about cancer. When Crawford became a super model in the 1980’s her mole was the size of a freckle; it’s now larger and protrudes above the surface of the skin.

Dermatologists recommend annual body checks of all moles to monitor shape, size and color. The now 43 year old Crawford says she is doing this but admitted that “it’s not something I really like to talk about. But I do now get this and all my moles checked out every year as a matter of course. Of course it should be an issue we all have to take seriously.”

omega constellation womenThe topic of her famous mole came about in London when she was at a launch party for the 2009 Omega Constellation watches. This new line has her name on it and she was involved in the actual design of the watch. This is what she has to say about the silver Constellation watch with diamonds inside and outside the face that was on her wrist: “Yes, they are real diamonds! But it’s still classic and simple. It has a little bit of bling, but not too much so you don’t feel pretentious.”

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The Newest Engraved Watch by Magrette

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The Taniwha Engraved Gold Inlaid Watch is the latest from watchmaker Magrette. The first unique and different thing about this watch and all others by this brand is that it is produced in New Zeland, not in Switzerland where all luxury watch brands are based. The second unique feature to this particular watch is its engraving. Hours of engraving done by hand have gone into producing this new watch by Magrette.Magrette-Taniwha-watch

The case is fully decorated with gold inlay. The designs tell a story, with characters and different scenes, there is no other watch to which this one can be compared.

The case isn’t the only part of the watch that is engraved. Look to the strap buckle, where you will also see the serial number. All Magrette watches are produced in very limited numbers, some collections only showing 10 pieces.

The case of the Taniwha measures 44mm and is made from steel with gold inlay.  The crystal is sapphire, and the watch is water resistant to about 100 feet. The strap is made from soft black leather and features an engraved buckle. Magrette-Taniwha-watch1The caseback is made sapphire crystal giving the wearer a view of the Swiss made automatic movement that runs it.

The name of the watch: Taniwha comes from ancient New Zealand history and the engraved design is based on the indigenous Maori people. Taniwha are mythical water based monsters who were known as protectors of the native New Zealand people and would help guard their canoes.

There are six collections of Magrette watches, three of which feature engraving. They are: MAUI’ S FISH, MAUI’ S FISH (B), TE MANAIA. The other three collections are: Regattare Moana Pacific, The Regattare DAY-DATE and the The Regattare DLC which all feature smooth cases and no engraving anywhere.

The watches are all made in limited editions, some as few as only 10 (the engraved ones) and prices range from $300 to just under $6,000. The Taniwha Engraved Gold Inlaid Watch is only available in five pieces and is the most expensive one yet, selling for $5,985.

Components of Magrette watches are sourced from all over the world. The soft leather straps are made by a specialist in Canada, graphic design work done is done by a New Zealander based in Taiwan and dials Germany. The vintage style roll case is made in Auckland and all hand engraving is done in New Zealand as well.

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