Movado Watches Have Classic Style

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Ladies Movado Watch, Dazzles

When I say Movado Watches, you have to think of understated elegance.  This sophisticated brand has built a well-deserved reputation for designing amazing men’s and women’s watches that goes way back.  Today I’d like to tell you about the 800 Series, by Movado.

The 800 Series is a beautiful, bold collection, with Tom Brady as the Ambassador and a special edition Tom Brady 800 designed…you might think this is for boys “only”.  It’s not.  Movado has included a lovely selection of ladies 800 timepieces…let’s see.

Here’s the 2600052 Women’s 800 Series Bracelet Watch.  Wow, this is beautiful.  This is a multi-function, Swiss Quartz timepiece.  It is made from high quality stainless-steel, and comes in a brushed finish.  The dial is round in shape and has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the face is crafted of luxurious Mother-of-Pearl.  The bracelet is beautiful brushed steel, as well, and comes equipped with a deployment clasp.  The 800 Series Bracelet Watch, by Movado is also water-resistant to a depth of 660 feet!

This women’s timepiece is a great example of Movado’s style.  The soft lines of Movado stand out.  They infuse all of their designs with artistic elements, which make Movado watches, simply irresistible, and the fact that they are high quality instruments, seals the deal.

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Movado Watches, Artistic and Beautiful

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Movado's New Editions

There’s no getting around the fact that Movado watches are beautiful.  They are among the watchmakers that have evolved from jewelry designers, and it shows in their stylish appearance.  Movado watches have very graceful and elegant lines and are universally appealing to both men and women.  They stick to what works quality Swiss-made movement and sleek, streamline semblance.  Movado has kept their classic look and built a reputation that can be trusted. 

An excellent example of one of Movado watches more delicate designs can be found in the 606267 Bela Women’s Watch.  The Bela is a baguette bangle creation, which comes in two-toned stainless-steel.  This women’s watch really looks and feels more like a bracelet than a timepiece.  Perfect for slim wrists, the Bela can be worn alongside your jewelry without becoming too overpowering.  It comes with a jet black dial in a rectangular shape and carries the signature single cabochon marking that Movado watches are recognized for.  It goes without saying that this watch, along with all Movado watches is quality Swiss made, and built to last.  With Swiss precision built in to this beautiful timepiece, it’s a great choice.

 The Bela Two-Toned Women’s Watch is probably the daintiest of their new designs, and definitely one of the loveliest.  Get to know all of Movado watches recent additions, by visiting their website, today.

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Omega Watches Honors Two Gold Medalists

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

February 22, 2010 – Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  Omega honored two Olympic gold medalists the Swiss ski jumper Simon Ammann who won 2 gold medals and Maelle Ricker who won the gold in snowboard cross and right in her own backyard.  Ricker is the fist Canadian woman to win a gold medal on Canadian soil.  Presented with Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watches by two legendary astronauts was just as exciting for the winners.

Captain Gene Cernan and General Thomas Stafford accompanied by Omega president Stephen Urquhart did the honors.  Cernan told Ammann he and Stafford had never worn gold medals and asked if they could try them on.  Ammann complied laughing and handed one to each astronaut, one being the last human being to leave a footprint on the moon and the other commander of the Apollo Soyuz Test Project.

They all posed for pictures in Omega’s bobsleigh in front of the Omega Countdown Clock. 

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Pleased with her Omega watch and proud of her win for Canada Ricker said she will no longer be late for upcoming snowboard world cups. 

Ammann stated she was happy to meet other athletes like Ricker, knowing she grew up in Vancouver and how significant this was for her.

Being Swiss Ammann was honored to be recognized by Omega for her excellent efforts and accomplishments.

Omega is the official Timekeeper of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

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Michele Knows Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

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Michele Deco Diamond Watch

For just the right touch of bling on your wrist look no further than the Michele Deco Day Diamond Women’s Watch with Stainless Steel 3-Link Diamond Bracelet Model # MWW06P000010.  Total diamond weight comes in at 0.80 ct.

This watch boasts a generous 144 diamonds.  One hundred and eight of them frame the Mother-of-Pearl face and thirty-six are sprinkled on the stainless steel bracelet.  Swiss chronograph and subdial, in case you are wondering what day of the week it is, give this piece just enough functionality as if all those diamonds weren’t enough.

But Michele also thought you might like it to be water resistant and it is should you find yourself day tripping on the streets of London in the rain and forgot your umbrella.  No worries.

Just a Touch of Pink

What more can be said about this watch?  For those of you who classify yourselves as fashionistas this watch is the watch for you.  Not only will you have the bling factor from any angle you happen to move your wrist; you can color coordinate the strap with your outfits.   Any Michele strap is interchangeable with this watch; the looks you can achieve are endless.  A picture is worth a thousand words in this case.

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Michele Watches ceramic collection

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They may not be the only company to use this material, but Michele Watches, like always, does it in a unique, extra-stylish way. We’re talking about the use of ceramic in their watch designs. Many people equate ceramic with weak materials, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Watchmakers have spent many resources in extensive research to make ceramic durable and scratch resistant, rendering a easy to use material in luxurious watches.

If you want to know just how strong ceramic can be, well think of it this way: ceramic can be used to make bullet-proof vests and other armor, so it is a pretty strong material!

Many companies have used ceramic in some of their watch designs, but Michele Watches has successfully bringing out the best the ceramic has to offer. Their practical designs featuring a date window and three-eye chronograph make them great sporty watches, and with their beautiful array of diamonds set around the face, blending softly with the opaque pink of the ceramic band, the watch is absolutely attractive.

They currently feature a number of different styles within their ceramic collection, all following the company’s mission to blend traditional styles with modern looks, making them the perfect piece for every woman.

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Cartier Watches Prototypes New ID One Adjustment-Free Watch

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Cartier watches ID OneAccording to BusinessWeek, Cartier watches is working on a prototype that will cut down on the need for watch maintenance by half, which will have very important consequences for the luxury watch industry.   Bernard Fornas, the CEO for the Geneva-based brand, expects to introduce the new technology within the next three years and compared this development to the difference between cars with fuel-injection and those with carburetors.

Some of the new Cartier watches being released this year include the $117,000 Astrotourbillon and a new Captive line for women.  Like most other Swiss watches, these luxurious timepieces need to be adjusted and maintained every three to five years, which can cost about $775 each time.  Developing a watch that only needs adjustment every six to ten years will be a major improvement.   Many owners of high-end watches are not happy with the additional costs and service delays that regular maintenance incurs.

While the new ID One concept timepiece is still in the prototype state, it was displayed at the International Salon of Fine Watchmaking in Geneva.  This spirit of innovation has helped restore needed optimism for Cartier Watches, which still sees the U.S. market as an “unsure environment”.  Cartier is enjoying a surge in Asian sales, however, and could have as many as 65 boutiques in China within the next five years.

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IWC Releases another Limited Edition to Benefit At-Risk Youth

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IWC WatchWith its new special edition timepiece, Swiss watch manufacturer IWC, continues with its theme of making luxury watches to benefit good causes. The company’s fourth special edition was made to benefit the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and utilizes the design basics of the IWC Portuguese Automatic timepiece.

This limited edition model comes with a bright blue dial and a leather strap that pays homage to the work that Laureus has done with youth around the world. The foundation provides positive alternatives to addiction, violence, poverty and disease. Since it began its partnership with the Laureus Foundation in 2006, IWC has presented a limited series of watches every year.

This IWC Portuguese edition will be offered in a limited edition of 1,000 timepieces, each engraved with a number, and a “team spirit” medallion that features children with arms interlinked. The image itself is the work of a twelve year old Sri Lankan boy, whose drawing was chosen from hundreds of drawings submitted by children around the world. In addition to being a touching symbol of the Laureus Foundation’s mission, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these watches will fund worldwide Laureus projects aimed at helping at-risk youth.

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The Blancpain St. Valentin 2010 Watch

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Founded in 1735, Blancpain is one of the oldest watchmaking companies in existence and is one the few that produces less  than 10,000 watches a year. Blancpain watches for men and women are a manifestation of passion for watchmaking, high-art, and a devotion to tradition.Blancpain Valentin

In 1988, Blancpain became the first brand in the world to offer all six different masterpieces of watchmaking at the same time: the ultra-slim movement, the moon phase calendar, the perpetual calendar, the split-seconds chronograph, the Tourbillon and the minute repeater.

The St. Valentin 2010 women’s watch is a totally new creation by Blancpain, as it is the first time the brand produces such a special shaped watch: a heart shape. The concept is devoted to Pure Love and Femininity and with over 500 diamonds and pink sapphires this is obvious. The diamonds and pink sapphires render this exquisite timepiece a true jewelry watch.

True to Blancpain’s reputation as an innovator, the St. Valentin runs on the world’s smallest self-winding movement; the Calibre 615. Otherwise known as “Lady Bird,” this movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal case-back.

In accordance with Valentine’s Day falling on the 14th of February, this watch will only be available in a very limited 14 pieces.

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Bertolucci Gioco Women’s Luxury Watches

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Why do luxury watch companies make watches that are hard to read and sometimes, actually impossible to read, making it so that you have no idea what time it is?bertolucci-gioco-gold-watch

I don’t really know the answer to that except my guess is that there is always room to impress and many times it’s more about the looks, the movement and the complications, than actually the telling of time. Also, there is always someone out there that wants what no one else has, or in this case, since there are only five of these women’s luxury watches being made, what only four other people can have.

Made by Bertolucci, a watch brand who motto is “Mediterranean inspiration, Swiss craftsmanship,” the watch pictured here is called the Bertolucci Gioco, nicknamed the “Hypno” and comes in a limited edition of only five pieces, either in 18K rose or white gold. These are obviously beautiful designed, highly elegant, exclusive and yes, almost impossible to read; actually just looking at it makes me dizzy. The dials are swirling levels of gold layers that lead down to a mother or peal face. The case measures 42 by 49mm, a large size for a woman’s watch and is mutli-dimensional, which is why it’s so hard to read.

bertolucci-gioco-purpleBertolucci is aware of this and has made a luxury women’s watch that is meant to be worn as a piece of jewelry. The case holds 177 Wesselton cut diamonds equaling 3.85 carats; another version has diamonds on the dial as well as the case and the super high end version contains 527 diamonds covering the entire watch.  Other luxury features about this watch include the small dauphine hands on the face, which are either gold or rhodium plated and the coated sapphire crystal with “Bertolucci” engraved on the lower edge. The watch comes with many different colored leather straps, a gold buckle that matches the crown and runs on a Swiss movement.

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Hot Womens Watches and The Babes That Wear Them

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Yeah, yeah, we know that the new “it” trend for women and watches is for women to wear men’s watches, but in the past and even still today, on the streets of Hollywood, you’ll see female celebrities wearing women’s watches.charlize1

Check the list:

It may be that Brit and K-Fed get back together (anyone know the latest?) but when they were married, she was seen switching between wearing women’s watches by Roger Dubuis, Chopard and Breitling. 

Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, whose sense of style is always being commented on, sometimes goes for a diamond studded Piaget.

Other hot babes with large personal watch collections include Lindsay Lohan, who likes Chanel watches and Jennifer Aniston who likes vintage Cartier women’s watches, although lately the word has been that she’s back to wearing the Rolex given to her by ex John Mayer.

Speaking of him, he apparently likes to give all his girlfriends a Rolex, because Jessica Simpson has also been seen wearing a gold President.

Another way that celebrities get to wear watches without having to buy them is if they become “ambassadors” for certain brands. SEE Charlize Theron; she was once an Ambassador for Raymond Weil watches and got to wear lots of different styles of women’s watches, including pieces from the gorgeous Shine collection by Raymond Weil.


A spokeswoman for Omega watches, Nicole Kidman just did an ad campaign for the new Seamaster Planet Ocean Jewelry collection.

So, yes, hot babes like to wear men’s watches, but hot babes are also still wearing women’s watches. The question is, have you ever seen a hot dude wearing a woman’s watch?

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