Raymond Weil and The Don Giovanni

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Raymond Weil's Don Giovanni Watches

Raymond Weil watches are always surprising, and never dull.  Their designs are fresh…even the traditional ones.  They constantly manage to throw in unexpected details, which peak our interest, and that is one of the reasons this watchmaker has been able to come on the scene so late, and become so successful.  One of their more traditional lines comes in the form of the Don Giovanni Collection.  This collection of watches is all about old world glamour and elegance.  The softly shaped square and rectangular dials in this collection are reminiscent of the refined timepieces of yesteryear.  In true to form, Raymond Weil style, these watches have something extra.  They are layered with luxurious materials, and textured in such a way that you stop and take notice.  Every last detail is taken into account, and the end result is modern and fabulous.  Some of these creations are adorned with brilliant diamonds, while others stand out because of their distinct design.  These men’s and women’s Don Giovanni’s are flawlessly finished, and all Swiss made.  Raymond Weil creates all their timepieces with a real dedication to integrity and quality.  Get to know the Don Giovanni collection, and all the Raymond Weil watches, soon.  It’s definitely worth you while!

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Movado Juro, Great Choice For Her

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Movado Juro Women's is The Perfect Choice

Is there any wonder that Movado watches are so popular?  They are elegant, they are really well crafted, and they are still incredibly affordable.  Any savvy shopper will tell you, that these are three qualities you can’t pass up.  One beautiful line by Movado is the Juro collection.  The Juro women’s watches are classically graceful.  They have a bold look, but are crafted to remain lightweight and sleek.  The Juro women’s comes in several combinations.  There is the solid stainless-steel, which has been finished with a high polish or a brushed.  Then you have the total gold tone, a lovely choice for that special occasion, and it also comes in a combination of the two.  All are lovely and all are quality Swiss made.  These are Quartz movement models by Movado.  The beauty of Quartz is that there is little maintenance to be done.  The batteries must be changed every few years, and of course the watch must remain dry and clean, but that’s about it, easy and elegant.  The Juro is created with the signature Museum dial, in black.  Some of the models are adorned with diamonds, and others remain blank.  Either way, the Juro makes a great choice.  What’s not to love in a watch that’s quality, luxury, and priced right?

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Raymond Weil Freelancer Summertime, Magnificently Monochromatic

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Raymond Weil's Monochromatic Creation

Raymond Weil creations are so sophisticated and polished.  The look is that of the highest quality, and that is what you get.  Their newest edition to their line of women’s watches is no exception.  The Freelancer Summertime is a fantastic blend of modern styling and Swiss quality workmanship.  These ladies timepieces speak to the chic woman, luring her in with magnificent design elements.  These are automatic mechanicals, crafted with 25 rubies, for precision accuracy.  They carry a power reserve, when fully wound of 38 hours.  They are made well, and built to perform, but the appearance is the clincher.  The Freelancer Summertime is a monochromatic blueprint.  It offers layers of various textures and materials, which add up to an interestingly stylish interpretation.  The center of the dial is a steel waffle pattern, which transforms to a smooth brushed finish, on the outer rim of the dial.  This area is set with diamonds to serve as hour markers.  The bezel is in a polished steel and also set with brilliant diamonds.  The bracelet on the Freelancer Summertime is presented in a neutral toned alligator strap, which has been meticulously saddle stitched.  Raymond Weil creations just keep getting prettier and more stylish!

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Movado Timema, Out Of This World

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Movado's Timema Has Futuristic Styling

Talk about a futuristic design from Movado and you cant’ help but look at the Timema Women’s timepiece.  This luxury Swiss watchmaker has really colored outside the lines, with this creation.  It is a tantalizing display of symmetry and style.  The 605355 Timema Women’s watch is unlike any other Movado conception.  Its contemporary and dramatic architecture is an exceptional modernistic interpretation. This women’s timepiece has the classis Museum dial, but that is where the similarities to any other Movado end.  The Timema features a case that is ergonomic and elongated, crafted of polished stainless-steel.  The case is oversized, and houses the demure black Museum dial.  The bracelet of the Timema is a blending of brushed and polished stainless-steel, and is fastened, securely with a jewelers clasp.  This is a battery operated Swiss Quartz movement, and is water resistant to 30 meters.  Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like this Movado Timema.  The styling of this women’s timepiece will make heads turn, and gives us a glimpse into the artistically creative side of Movado.  They have received over 200 awards internationally for design and innovation, and now you see why.  Always pushing the envelop, with unanticipated elements, that’s Movado.  See the Timema Women’s Watch at the Movado website.

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Movado, Harmonizes

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Movado Harmony Watch

Fans of Movado creations are never disappointed with the designs that are presented.  We love Movado, because of their style, their quality, and their consistency.  They continually produce beautiful watches, all with a distinct and recognizable look.  The Swiss watchmaker has made a point of never loosing site of fashion, when creating these high quality pieces.  Neither the form or function are in competition with one another…instead they work together, like voice and instrument.  This melodious joining is ever-present in the, appropriately named, Harmony collection.  The Harmony Women’s Watch is a lovely and delicate design.  The watch is a bangle style, crafted of solid stainless-steel.  The model number 606056 is classic Movado.  The black Museum dial is the prominent feature of this timepiece, and it is tastefully adorned by the singular Movado dot.  The clean look of the face is complimented by a streamline double bangle bracelet, in polished stainless-steel.  The bracelet is crafted with a jeweler’s clasp, and adjustable settings.  This is a Swiss Quartz movement, and is water resistant to 3 ATM.  The Harmony collection comes in different variations, from full steel, to steel and gold tone, to solid gold tone.  All subtle, all striking, and all Movado. They hit the perfect note!

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Raymond Weil’s Lavish Ladies Watches

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Raymond Weil's Noemia, Phenominal

You can’t lay your eyes on a Raymond Weil watch and not think quality.  These watches are crafted of the finest materials, and finished impeccably, and that outer beauty is not only a façade.  The Raymond Weil timepieces are true Swiss made watches, with decades of know-how in them.  This elegant and luxurious line of watches, for men and women will surely feed your hunger for style.  Their designs are diverse, from traditional to, almost futuristic, yet all have a common thread…excellence.  One of their more conventional timepieces is the Noemia women’s’ watch.  The Noemia is a Quartz model, crafted from solid stainless-steel.  The dial, elegant in design, features a luxurious Mother-of-Pearl face, with a subtle, sunburst center, and brilliant diamonds accenting the hour markers.  The face has raised, oversized Roman numerals at the quarter hour settings, and the bezel is encircled with, even more sparkling diamonds.  The dial is covered by a sapphire crystal, and the crown is lacquered.  The bracelet on the Noemia is a polished stainless-steel, with a folding clasp.  Yes, the Noemia is one of the more traditional designs, but there’s no getting around the fact that it is stylish, and has some distinctive qualities.  Raymond Weil, get to know the difference.

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Movado, Taditional And Modern

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Movado, Traditional Design, Fresh New Look


Movado has staying power that’s huge.  This luxury watchmaker has been around for over 125 years, and is still going strong.  Why?  Movado has kept to a very similar artistic style all these years, and that’s because they’re brilliant.  Movado knows what works and doesn’t waste time trying to change our minds with fads or trends.  They, simply…keep it simple.  The Movado name means “always in motion”, and that has been what Movado watches have always done.  Reliability is never lacking in these fine timepieces, and neither is style.  From their Museum line to other famous Movado collections, the artistic influence is a strong presence.  Movado watches have gained much attention, and over 200 international watchmaking awards for excellence and innovation, and their designers have received more than 100 patents for their exceptional efforts.  Even the men’s Movado watches have a delicate look and feel, but here is one of the ladies Movado’s.  The Bela women’s watch is like a lovely piece of jewelry.  The classic round Movado clock dial sits exquisitely on a thin, bangle style bracelet…neither overpowering the other.  The face comes of the Bela comes in traditional black or a beautiful, pale pink, just gorgeous!  It’s amazing how Movado can create one fantastic design after another.

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Omega’s New Colorful Constellation Watches

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Omega Watches In Color


If you’re searching for a beautiful and well-made timepiece, look no further than Omega watches.  Omega is a trusted name because they consistently create precision watches.  One of their newest additions to their Constellation line is a watch I believe you will adore.  The Constellation Quartz 35 MM women’s watch by Omega is stunning.  This watch features Quartz precision movement and is finished with a rhodium plating.  It has a power reserve that will endure for up to 25 months, but you don’t’ have to count the months…Omega has place an end of battery life indicator for your convenience.  The case is shiny stainless-steel and this watch comes with a domed, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, with an anti-reflective coating on the inside.  Of course, the Constellation is brightened by sparkling diamonds encircling the dial, and also in graduated sizes as hour indicators.  This Omega watch is Swiss made precision quality, but what drew me to it is the beautiful deep eggplant color that Omega has presented it in.  The bracelet is purple alligator leather, and Omega has matched the dial in the same color.  It’s truly a stunning combination to me, but if purple isn’t your taste, you can pick this Omega watch up in teal blue or snow white…all gorgeous.

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Michele Watches Are Bright And Sunny

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Michele Watches Get Ready For Summer


I can’t say enough good stuff about Michele watches.  I think they’re terrific, and offer so many fun, flirty, girly styles!  Michele is a luxury fashion watch maker, geared toward women.  A Michele watch will instantly make you feel a bit more glamorous, more fun loving, more in style.  Let’s check out some great styles.  

Ok, with summer right around the corner, how about some really bright and fun creations from Michele?  The Tropical Paradise line is just that, and more.  I kind of fell for the Tropical Paradise Sea Turtle edition.  It comes with a really vibrant turquoise leather strap, which reminds me of the ocean.  On the face a sweet tropical scene is being played out.  Palm trees are blowing in the wind, the blue oceans is sparkling, and two adorable sea turtles are making their way back to sea, their shells shining in the sunshine.  Actually their shells are lit up by 53 luxurious diamonds!  All of this is set against a white enamel background.  It’s beautiful and tastefully done.  The Tropical Paradise line also features a cute monkey grabbing at a bunch of yellow bananas, and a pretty in pink watch, with an underwater view.  Colorful tropical fish swim along coral and sea plants.  These watches have a summer attitude, do you?

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Tissot’s New Ads Opening Eyes

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Danica Patrick, Tissot Ambassador

Tissot, maker of fine Swiss watches for decades, has launched a new and exciting advertisement campaign designed to reach a global market. This new approach by Tissot utilizes their brand Ambassadors to present their luxury watch line as accessible to all, rather than portraying the company as exclusive to the elite. The photos are shot in artistic black and white, by renowned fashion photographer, Jeff Burton and they give off a unique feel.
Tissot has spent years establishing a reputation as the “Innovators by tradition”, and that philosophy is echoed in this new, fresh campaign. Of course Tissot recognizes they have gained the loyalty of their customers, and they applaud you die hard Tissot fans…but the savvy Swiss watchmaker is attempting to gain new recognition and popularity among the masses. This global ad campaign being launched in March 2010 is Tissot’s invitation to all who haven’t explored to do so. Some of the articles will even include prices of their timepieces, designed to entice those who thought Tissot was out of their budget.
Jeff Burton chose specific locations for each shoot which would give a glimpse into the personal lives of the ambassador, such as Danica Patrick’s shoot on the majestic Malibu beach.
There is no denying that Tissot watches are high quality Swiss-made instruments. Tissot has built a well-respected brand name through innovative technologies, like their T-Touch technology. Bringing their innovative craftsmanship from the Swiss town of Le Locle, in the Jura Mountains, to over 150 countries is no small feat and Tissot has accomplished this. The quality that has always run so deep in Tissot’s history built their reputation…the fresh ways in which Tissot markets their timepieces, keeps them interesting and growing as a company.
Matching themselves up with high profile Ambassadors in the fields of MotoGP, fencing, championship cycling, and ice hockey has set Tissot apart and given them an edge in promoting their high-tech products. The company, a member of the Swatch group, is also the Official Timekeepers for NASCAR…pretty impressive. Yes, Tissot has been very successful at marketing their precision instruments, through a variety of ingenious ways, but the real reason they thrive and prosper is their dedication to excellence. The company has been determined to produce an ever growing line of precision instruments that are made with careful craftsmanship. Tissot’s perpetual quality and innovative style is what keeps their customers loyal and coming back. This new advertising campaign will open up new markets for the watchmaker and, hopefully bring new clients to them as well.

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