TAG Heuer’s Latest Model in Carrera Ladies’ Watch Line.

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Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer’s Carrera Ladies’ watch line has always offered feminine watches with an emphasis on an understated elegance and its newest in the line, the Rose Gold 27mm model, is no exception.

The Tag Heuer Carrera Ladies Rose Gold 27mm with the glossy white alligator strap.

A round 27mm case made of polished 18k solid Rose Gold with a bezel and crown also made of solid 18k Rose Gold  surround the white mother-of-pearl dial. The dial is protected by double-anti-reflective treated, scratch resistant crystal sapphire to ensure durability and clear readings. The indexes are hand applied and made of 18k solid Rose Gold while the polished 18k solid Rose Gold hour, minute, and second hands feature luminescent markers for easy visibility in less-than-quality lighting. At 3 o’clock is a small date window, big enough to be legible yet small enough to maintain the elegant simplicity of the device.

The Carrera utilizes an extremely accurate quartz movement. Quartz movements are battery powered and uses an electrical current to cause the quartz crystal regulator to vibrate consistently at a frequency of approximately 32,768 times per second. This provides the movement a near perfect precision with a variation of only a few seconds a month. The quartz movements used by TAG Heuer offer excellent resistance to magnetic fields and shocks. The batteries for the quartz movements in this watch have a service life of roughly 2 years and an internal End-Of-Life battery indicator that will cause the seconds hand to make four-second jumps at intervals of four-seconds to indicate the battery is weakening. The watch will, however, continue to display the correct time until the battery is completely spent. The features of the quartz movement ensure that this is a watch that will need minimum attention, as far as the movement is concerned, making it an ideal accessory for women who may be more-or-less careless in that regard.

The slight size of this watch epitomizes the emphasis on femininity of the design of this watch. The simple yet elegant appearance of this watch is emphasized by the slight contrast of the 18k Rose Gold components and the mother-of-pearl on the dial. The watch comes with the choice of either a black glossy alligator strap, to offer a contrast to the delicate colors of the dial and case, or a white glossy alligator strap to compliment the delicate colors of the dial and case, while both have an 18k solid Rose Gold pin buckle.

The Tag Heur Carrera Ladies’ Rose Gold 27mm with glossy black alligator strap.

This is a simple, elegant watch that utterly embraces femininity through the size of the watch and the combination of the white mother-of-pearl of the dial and the Rose Gold of the case, indexes, hands, bezel and crown. This watch exudes the luxury and elegance of the woman wearing it, whether worn in a formal environment or a casual one. In short, the simplicity of design and operation of this beautifully understated watch sure to please almost any woman.

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TAG Heuer, Get Real

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Buya Genuine TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is probably one of the most sought after luxury sport watch brands in the world; they are also the most widely copied.  Everyone wants to own one, and so the demand has driven replica manufacturers to come out of the woodwork.  They all claim to offer “virtually the same” product, but do you buy it?  Don’t buy it.  TAG Heuer has been making high quality watches for over 150 years.  They pride themselves on that quality and there is not a fake out there that is crafted with the same fine materials or superior craftsmanship.  There are many ways of detecting a fake.

First of all, most makers of replicas aren’t meticulous about the details of their watches.  You can look for misspelled words or pieces that aren’t quite quality.  Common sense plays a big part here.  If things just don’t look right, you probably have a fake.  If you still aren’t sure after close examination, you can take your watch to an authorized repair center and have them open up the back.  Most watch repair men can detect a fraud, very quickly. 

TAG Heuer watches are pricey and worth every penny.  Don’t get taken by a fake.

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TAG Heuer Beats Out Competition

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What Does Your TAG Heuer Say About You?

A watch on a man’s wrist is much more than a device for keeping time, it has turned into a fashion statement, as well as a reflection of one’s personality and level of success.  TAG Heuer has long been regarded as one of the industries leaders in sport luxury watches, producing some of the most creative and innovative chronographs, around.  Their styling is appreciated by watch enthusiasts across the globe, and this is why TAG Heuer is among the best selling men’s watch brands in the world.  Facing tough competition, like Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Cartier, Invicta, and Fossil, TAG Heuer holds their own, in the race to make the best sport luxury watch.  This Swiss watch maker is highly sought after, and created their first ever chronograph, back in 1882.  Since then, TAG has been on a tireless mission to improve on their watches, offering advanced technology and avant-garde styling.  Watch connoisseurs consider TAG Heuer timepieces to be a great investment, noting that the TH look is unique and well crafted.  Wearing the right TH on your wrist will let others in on your personality and your lifestyle, and can be seen as a barometer with which to gauge your accomplishments.  Make your personal fashion statement, through your choice of TAG.

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Brad’s TAG Heuer Up For Sale

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Brad's TAG Heuer Goes Up For Sale

Rick Dees is a man of many talents.  Co-founder of the Cooking Channel and Cable Radio Network talk show host are among his pastimes, so what does he have planned next?  A yard sale, but not just any yard sale, this will be the flea market to beat all. On July 18th, Dees will open Dodger Stadium for this one of a kind event.  He will be offering original, unique item, which cannot be found anywhere else.  You might run across a Hermes handbag, once owned by singer Mariah Carey, or a stylish Armani suit, straight out of the closet of George Clooney.  It is reported that Brad Pitt’s famous TAG Heuer timepiece will make an appearance, as well.  The TAG Heuer Carrera men’s watch, worn by Pitt will be among the items for sale at the event.  It is a self winding chronograph, which is black and steel.  Brad’s face graced the TAG Heuer ads for 6 sweet years, before being replaced by Leonardo Dicaprio, last year.  The high end yard sale will raise funds for the Salvation Army.  Come out and shop for some celebrity hand-me-downs, it’s for a great cause.

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TAG Heuer and The Great Wall Of China

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Following the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster around the world can keep a gal pretty busy.  This week the Roadster landed, figuratively speaking, at China’s Great Wall.  This battery operated machine has plugged in everywhere from India, to Russia…and now they must find the power of the Great Wall. As the Tesla roadster pulled into, what is thought to be the most culturally significant landmark in its year and an half road trip, who was waiting?  None other than the most well respected actor in China, Chen Dao.  Dao is famous for his role in “Hero” and his upcoming debut in “Aftershock”.  The Chinese actor took the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster out for a quick spin, and was thrilled to be the Ambassador for the Chinese stop.  The Roadster’s trip, entitled “Odyssey of Pioneers” is a 37,000 kilometer jaunt, covering 15 cities on a total of 3 continents.  The stop in Beijing was the eighth of the 15 stops for this zero emissions vehicle.  The Tesla Roadster is a revolutionary car, which runs on conventional electricity.  The sources the Roadster has drawn power from are hotel outlets, solar panels, and even a barn in Switzerland allowed the Tesla to plug in.  You can track the Tesla’s journey on Facebook, if you are interested, or stay tuned for my next update!

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TAG Heuer Re-Designs The Watch

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TAG Heuer Pendulum Movement

Timekeeping has become an obsession for many of us, over the years.  The quest to tell time accurately and precisely has lead watch makers down a path of innovation and creation.  TAG Heuer is among the world’s leaders in innovative design and exploration of new and interesting ideas, with regard to keeping time.  This company has a well deserved reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.  For over 150 years TH has been searching for new and better ways to keep time, and this year they have released a revolutionary new concept watch, which will in time change the way watches are crafted, forever.  The TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum concept watch is the piece and what makes it so special is that the inner workings are based on a totally new and forward thinking system, which powers the timepiece.  The Pendulum watch is ingenuity at its finest.  TAG Heuer has used the principles of gravity and magnetism to build a completely new movement.  The Grand Carrera Pendulum has no electronic parts, and is powered by the gravitational pull of 4 specialized magnets, which create the torque necessary to move the balance wheel.   This is a steady and reliable source of power, which should remain constant for decades.  Leave it to TAG to re-invent the wheel!

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TAG Heuer Goes To Great Depths

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TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 500, Professional Diving Watch

TAG Heuer is a true innovative force in the industry.  Their creations are legendary, and have a place in watch making history, and their newest addition to the TAG line of watches is no exception to that.  The TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 is the most accurate and reliable timepiece TH has produced, to date.  This high end performance watch will astound you, with its functionality and precision Swiss quality.  The TH Aquaracer Calibre5 is a sport luxury watch, which was born from the extreme conditions faced by deep sea divers.  This professional timepiece will push itself to the limits of and high pressure situation.  TAG Heuer patented its first water resistant case, back in 1895, but the new Aquaracer blows that initial invention out of the water.  

The original underwater line was launched in 1982, the 2000 Series was TAG’s first professional diving collection, and the ancestor of the Aquaracer.  The new Aquaracer Calibre 500 is the most extreme professional diving watch made by TH.  It features a unidirectional rotating bezel, a TH symbol.  It has brushed steel accents and molded rubber detailing.  The Aquaracer has a large 43mm case, and offers super luminescent hands, arms, and indexes, for easy reading at extreme depths, and it is water resistant to an amazing 500 meters!   The new Aquaracer Calibre 500 will add another notch in the belt of this fantastic watch maker, will it be an addition to your collection, as well?

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See TAG Heuer On The Big Screen

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Jason Bourne Sporting A TAG Heuer

First and foremost, TAG Heuer is a watch making company.  They have earned a legendary reputation for their innovativeness and dedication to timekeeping.  Creating the most accurate chronographs in history and developing inventions, which were patented, and still in use today by many fine watch companies.  They obviously have strong ties to the Formula One racing world, but did you know that TH has a presence in Hollywood?  As early as 1960, TAG Heuer was working on the development of the, now famous TY Film Master stopwatch.   The Film Master was designed to give Hollywood directors the ability to track how much of their film footage had been used in a particular filming sequence.  These innovations for the film industry gave TAG Heuer a place on the big screen.  Today, the avant-garde watch maker has a presence in the filming of many great movies.  In “Good Luck Chuck” starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, Dane is wearing a TH Monaco Chronograph.  In Jodie Foster’s film, the “Brave one”, her character sports a TAG Heuer Twin-Time Carrera, and in “The Bourne Ultimatum”, the famous character which Matt Damon plays, wears a TAG Heuer Link Chronograph, featuring a blue dial.  This huge screen presence is evidence of the respect that actors and directors have for the TAG Heuer name.

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TAG Heuer Dreams Big

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TAG Heuer, Working For The Greater Good

It’s obvious, TAG Heuer is a fantastic watch maker, but the people behind this big name, possess big hearts, as well.  This became evident, when recently TAG joined forces with racing legends, like Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Sebastien Bourdais (to name a few) to work on a project for Save the Children.  Save the Children is an independently run, children’s’ charity organization, which helps to fund futures of needy children around the world.  The collaboration was to produce a photo book, full of powerful images of the drivers, and their dream cars.  TAG invited a diverse group to take part n this, first ever endeavor.  All of the invitees donated their time, their photos, and their passion to this project, being shown in a personal light, and with the GT cars that made them famous. 

The book is entitled “Dream Machines Driven by Generous Hearts”, and all of the proceeds driven from sales of the book will go directly to Save the Children.  The money will be used to fund children’s sports projects, and enable those children to expand their world. 

TAG Heuer’s respect for excellence is apparent, and so is their compassion for others.  Pick up your copy of “Dream Machines Driven by Generous Hearts”, today.

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TAG Heuer’s Silverstone For Charity

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TAG Heuer to Auction Off Silverstone Calibre 11

Bonhams, the renowned auction house, will be presenting a TAG Heuer Silverstone Calibre 11 watch for sale, at a showing in December.  The event offers the watch as a charity item and part of the 150 year commemoration of the luxury sport watch maker, TAG Heuer.  Bonhams is a global auction house, specializing in evaluating and selling art and antiquities of all kinds.  The watch will be an unusual and highly valued red version of the Silverstone Calibre 11 Chronograph.  It will be offered along with Haslinger’s Collection of extraordinary timepieces.  The piece is expected to go for between $7,500.00 and $9,500.00.  The Silverstone is a highly collectible watch, second only to the TAG Heuer Monaco watch, and will be a valuable charity item. 

The Silverstone carries a decidedly vintage look and feel, with its large square dial, and rounded edging.  This stainless-steel watch displays the “Heuer” logo and Silverstone inscription at the 12 o’clock mark.  This new red version also includes a signature by Jack Heuer, indicating the special timing of this watch.  The Silverstone Calibre 11 Chronograph Anniversary Edition watch will be a piece you will treasure forever…a true collectors piece, and the proceeds will benefit Green Cross International.  Bidding on this watch is a win-win!

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