TAG Heuer Re-Designs The Watch

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TAG Heuer Pendulum Movement

Timekeeping has become an obsession for many of us, over the years.  The quest to tell time accurately and precisely has lead watch makers down a path of innovation and creation.  TAG Heuer is among the world’s leaders in innovative design and exploration of new and interesting ideas, with regard to keeping time.  This company has a well deserved reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.  For over 150 years TH has been searching for new and better ways to keep time, and this year they have released a revolutionary new concept watch, which will in time change the way watches are crafted, forever.  The TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum concept watch is the piece and what makes it so special is that the inner workings are based on a totally new and forward thinking system, which powers the timepiece.  The Pendulum watch is ingenuity at its finest.  TAG Heuer has used the principles of gravity and magnetism to build a completely new movement.  The Grand Carrera Pendulum has no electronic parts, and is powered by the gravitational pull of 4 specialized magnets, which create the torque necessary to move the balance wheel.   This is a steady and reliable source of power, which should remain constant for decades.  Leave it to TAG to re-invent the wheel!

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The Search For A Movado Artist Watch

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Movado, Kenny Scharf Watches

Movado’s newest Artist Series Collection is a line of watches by graphic artist, Kenny Scharf.  Kenny’s mind holds quirky, colorful interpretations of timekeeping, and he masterfully displays those thoughts on the dials of Movado’s Artist Series watches.  Movado has a long history of working with renowned artists, to produce interesting creations.  There was even a time when Movado collaborated with pop art icon Andy Warhol.  The Kenny Scharf Artists Series Collection is made up of six uniquely styled pieces.  Each of the watches has a different graphic depiction.  All of the Kenny Scharf watches are beautiful in a unique and interesting way.  The collector’s edition timepieces are all Movado Swiss quartz movements, and all accurate and created with the craftsmanship which has made Movado famous.  The pieces are numbered and are produced in sets of 125 each.  The Artists Series watches are presented in a specialty box, and feature two interchangeable straps, each.  These watches are in high demand, and hard to find.  Since the closing of some of Movado’s specialty boutiques, they have been almost impossible to track down, but there is hope.  The Movado boutique at Rockefeller Center in New York has all of the Artists Series watch in stock, except for the “Time Flies” watch.  Call them to reserve your special piece of Movado history, soon.

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Raymond Weil Explores India

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Raymond Weil Opens Boutiques in India

The Hindu, India’s on-line version of their National newspaper, announced this week, that Raymond Weil will be making efforts to strengthen its brand name in the country.  Raymond Weil was a trailblazer in the Indian market 30 years ago.  They were among the first Swiss luxury watch manufacturers to tap into the Indian market, and are planning to broaden that presence in the near future.  With India’s fast growing economy, this focus seems to be a recipe for success.  In the next 5 to 10 years India will become one of the three key markets in the world, along with the United States and China.  The Raymond Weil Company is scheduled to open a specialty boutique in Hyderabad and other specific cities.  RW already has luxury boutiques in New Delhi and Kamal, and the new shops are well received by clients and watch enthusiasts, abroad. 

Not only is the Swiss watch maker planning boutiques in India, they have set up shop there, as well.  RW is opening its very own additional facility in Bangalore.  The president, Olivier Berheim is quite optimistic about the company’s expansion into India.  Given their previous successes…I’m inclined to side with him.  Let’s face it, Raymond Weil makes a quality timepiece, and they do it affordably…the whole world should know about this treasure.

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TAG Heuer Goes To Great Depths

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TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 500, Professional Diving Watch

TAG Heuer is a true innovative force in the industry.  Their creations are legendary, and have a place in watch making history, and their newest addition to the TAG line of watches is no exception to that.  The TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 is the most accurate and reliable timepiece TH has produced, to date.  This high end performance watch will astound you, with its functionality and precision Swiss quality.  The TH Aquaracer Calibre5 is a sport luxury watch, which was born from the extreme conditions faced by deep sea divers.  This professional timepiece will push itself to the limits of and high pressure situation.  TAG Heuer patented its first water resistant case, back in 1895, but the new Aquaracer blows that initial invention out of the water.  

The original underwater line was launched in 1982, the 2000 Series was TAG’s first professional diving collection, and the ancestor of the Aquaracer.  The new Aquaracer Calibre 500 is the most extreme professional diving watch made by TH.  It features a unidirectional rotating bezel, a TH symbol.  It has brushed steel accents and molded rubber detailing.  The Aquaracer has a large 43mm case, and offers super luminescent hands, arms, and indexes, for easy reading at extreme depths, and it is water resistant to an amazing 500 meters!   The new Aquaracer Calibre 500 will add another notch in the belt of this fantastic watch maker, will it be an addition to your collection, as well?

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Movado Makes Some Hard Choices

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Movado has not been in business for over 150 years without learning a thing or two about remaining in the game.  This famous, and quite successful watch maker understands the concept of supply and demand, and that understanding has lead them to the realization that they must downsize their retail operations this year.  Movado has, for many years run a thriving retail business.  Their boutiques are unique and offer Movado creations that you may not even know about.  They also sold Movado jewelry and other accessories from the company.  Today, when most watch makers sell their goods through third party companies, Movado remained true to their individuality, by offering their creations through company owned shops.  But, after doing the numbers, it was clear that the boutiques had to go.  This year Movado will shut down all but just a few of their company boutiques.  The watch maker’s profits are largely determined by their sales through other retailers, and with on line shopping becoming so popular, these luxury shops simply don’t make sense, anymore.  It’s a shame, really that we would rather sit in a room all alone, and shop through a monitor, than walk into a beautiful boutique and interact with another person, but that is a sign of the times!

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Raymond Weil, A Stand Out Brand

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Raymond Weil Boutique Opening

2010 will prove to be a very hectic year for the Raymond Weil Company.  These Swiss watch makers, and savvy businessmen are going for a global presence this year, and will stop at nothing to get their name noticed.  Already having a solid 10 year relationship with China, Raymond Weil will attempt a point of growth sales increase from 88 to 135, by the end of 2010.  Opening new boutiques in the most important commercial hubs the country has to offer, will push these efforts forward.  Expanding their brand awareness in Saudi Arabia will also play a key factor for the luxury watch makers.  In March of this year, RW opened a specialty boutique in the heart of the city of Al Khobar.  The bustling Al Rashid shopping center is the location of this latest boutique, and may prove to be one of the most popular and successful.  Their courageous expansion efforts in China, The Middle East, and India are certain to give the Raymond Weil brand name a boost in recognition, and the media coverage they are receiving won’t hurt, either.  Raymond Weil is not sitting in a corner, waiting to be noticed…they are demanding attention, and it’s paying off.  In a time, where other watch makers are struggling, Raymond Weil is striving and thriving.

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See TAG Heuer On The Big Screen

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Jason Bourne Sporting A TAG Heuer

First and foremost, TAG Heuer is a watch making company.  They have earned a legendary reputation for their innovativeness and dedication to timekeeping.  Creating the most accurate chronographs in history and developing inventions, which were patented, and still in use today by many fine watch companies.  They obviously have strong ties to the Formula One racing world, but did you know that TH has a presence in Hollywood?  As early as 1960, TAG Heuer was working on the development of the, now famous TY Film Master stopwatch.   The Film Master was designed to give Hollywood directors the ability to track how much of their film footage had been used in a particular filming sequence.  These innovations for the film industry gave TAG Heuer a place on the big screen.  Today, the avant-garde watch maker has a presence in the filming of many great movies.  In “Good Luck Chuck” starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, Dane is wearing a TH Monaco Chronograph.  In Jodie Foster’s film, the “Brave one”, her character sports a TAG Heuer Twin-Time Carrera, and in “The Bourne Ultimatum”, the famous character which Matt Damon plays, wears a TAG Heuer Link Chronograph, featuring a blue dial.  This huge screen presence is evidence of the respect that actors and directors have for the TAG Heuer name.

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Movado, More Than The Museum

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Vintage Movado Finds

 Movado is a well known watch brand, but what do we know?  We know the Museum Watch.  We definitely know a Museum dial, when we see one.  These watches have been Movado’s defining symbol, for as long as I can remember, but what of the Movado…before the Museum?

The Museum dial was designed in 1947, but by then Movado had been in business for many years, and created many important timepieces, so what has happened to these vintage pieces?

Looking on line and you can locate many rare and highly collectible Movado watches from the early to mid 1900’s.  These creations are beautiful, and their quality is unmistakably Movado.  As I said, this Swiss watch maker came long before the Museum watch did.

One such find, is the Movado Women’s Bracelet watch, circa 1960.  This watch was crafted in 14 carat yellow gold, and has really contemporary styling.  It is modern and stylish, and features a rectangular dial, made of Mother-of-Pearl.  The delicate arms and minimalistic face of this women’s watch is in keeping with Movado’s design elements.  This watch is a mechanical movement, and Swiss made.  It offers a bit of color, in its’ blue jeweled cabochon crown.  There are many of these fabulous estate finds, so the next time you think of Movado, remember they are more than their Museum watches.


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Twitter About Raymond Weil

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Raymond Weil Spreads The News On Twitter

It’s clear that Raymond Weil is not a sit back and let things happen on their own, type of company.  No, this Swiss watch maker is writing their history, their way.  The independent attitude driving these innovative crafters, proves that they are savvy businessmen, as well as master watch makers.  Their watch designs range from the traditional and classic, to the out of this world, but they are smart enough to know that unless you get your name out there…what difference does it make how great your products are?  The executive staff at Raymond Weil has always had a forward thinking attitude, when it comes to building their brand name.  Joining the new wave of on line communicators, you can now stay in the loop with all of the Raymond Weil news and updates, via facebook and twitter.  Facebook will keep you informed on the most up to date news on the Raymond Weil brand, including press releases, photos, and new models, and on twitter, you can receive quick messages about Raymond Weil news and activities.

This watch maker definitely has a high tech approach toward communication, so join the Raymond Weil community, today…who knows, you may have friends there, already.

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TAG Heuer Dreams Big

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TAG Heuer, Working For The Greater Good

It’s obvious, TAG Heuer is a fantastic watch maker, but the people behind this big name, possess big hearts, as well.  This became evident, when recently TAG joined forces with racing legends, like Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Sebastien Bourdais (to name a few) to work on a project for Save the Children.  Save the Children is an independently run, children’s’ charity organization, which helps to fund futures of needy children around the world.  The collaboration was to produce a photo book, full of powerful images of the drivers, and their dream cars.  TAG invited a diverse group to take part n this, first ever endeavor.  All of the invitees donated their time, their photos, and their passion to this project, being shown in a personal light, and with the GT cars that made them famous. 

The book is entitled “Dream Machines Driven by Generous Hearts”, and all of the proceeds driven from sales of the book will go directly to Save the Children.  The money will be used to fund children’s sports projects, and enable those children to expand their world. 

TAG Heuer’s respect for excellence is apparent, and so is their compassion for others.  Pick up your copy of “Dream Machines Driven by Generous Hearts”, today.

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