TAG Heuer, Get Real

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Buya Genuine TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is probably one of the most sought after luxury sport watch brands in the world; they are also the most widely copied.  Everyone wants to own one, and so the demand has driven replica manufacturers to come out of the woodwork.  They all claim to offer “virtually the same” product, but do you buy it?  Don’t buy it.  TAG Heuer has been making high quality watches for over 150 years.  They pride themselves on that quality and there is not a fake out there that is crafted with the same fine materials or superior craftsmanship.  There are many ways of detecting a fake.

First of all, most makers of replicas aren’t meticulous about the details of their watches.  You can look for misspelled words or pieces that aren’t quite quality.  Common sense plays a big part here.  If things just don’t look right, you probably have a fake.  If you still aren’t sure after close examination, you can take your watch to an authorized repair center and have them open up the back.  Most watch repair men can detect a fraud, very quickly. 

TAG Heuer watches are pricey and worth every penny.  Don’t get taken by a fake.

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Reese Witherspoon Is A Fruitz Watches Fan

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Reese Witherspoon Sports Fruitz Watches

Fruitz watches are taking center stage these days.  It’s no news that Philip Stein made a splash with Oprah last year, but their newest line, Fruitz is not going to be second best.  Recently Academy Award winner and Golden Globe recipient, Reese Witherspoon was seen wearing a watch from the Fruitz watches line.   This busy mom and actress don’t have time to let stress wear her down.  She, like so many others are sold on the Fruitz Natural Frequency Technology.  Fruitz watches are said to help even the busiest mom get to sleep and get a more restful sleep.  The benefits are waking up well rested and ready to handle the busy day.

Fruitz watches are also known for their incredibly comfortable straps and bands.  They are easy to wear and their proprietary technology can help you to relax and enjoy your life. 

You don’t have to be a rich and famous Hollywood actress to own a Fruitz watch.  These collections start at only $225 and come in many different flavors.  So, no matter your station in life…a Fruitz watch might be in your future.   Check out the entire line of Fruitz fun and fruity flavors at Fruitz.com…maybe you will end up better equipped to handle your day.

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Omega and the Paralympics Games

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Omega and the Paralympics Games

Most of us know that Omega Watches are the Official Timekeeper for the Olympics, but did you realize that this company has been the official sponsor of the Paralympics since 2001?  Sir Philip Craven, the President of the International Paralympics Committee, has developed a long and respectful relationship with the watchmaker.  In honor of the Vancouver games, Craven and the Paralympics committee, along with Omega opened the Olympic Games Boutique at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver. 

Some of the specialty timepieces that will be featured are the Constellation ’09 Collection, the Olympic Pocket watch, the 1932 Pocket watch, and the Seamaster Vancouver 2010, which is a limited edition piece.  The limited edition piece was produced, by Omega, to commemorate the Olympic Games.  There were Paralympics athletes on hand to celebrate the occasion, as well as Sir Craven himself. 

Omega and the Olympic Games have maintained such a close relationship over the years, because they are working for a common goal.  The Olympic Games is a regal event, in which every second (in fact, every millisecond) counts.  No timekeeper is more trusted than Omega to maintain that integrity.  As part of the Paralympics Games, Omega will bring that same enthusiasm to the table, keeping track of history…one second at a time.

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The Michele, Behind Michele Watches

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Michele, The Woman Behind the Name

Who is Michele Watches?  Well, this brand is more than a watch company; it is a three generation watch making enterprise.  Started by Maurice Barough, the company got their roots, as many watchmaker do, in Geneva.  The experienced watch maker taught this trade to his son, Jack, who decided to move his family to the states in 1970 to set up shop.

Jack’s daughter is Michele, the namesake of the popular brand, as well as the creative force behind the styling of the collection.  The very first Michele watch was named the CSX Diamond, and that was only the beginning.  Many more phenomenal creations would come from these entrepreneurs.

The success behind the brand is largely due to their philosophy.  At Michele, the focus is on quality first.  Understanding the components and the craftsmanship that must go into a high quality timepiece is the foundation from which they work.  The fantastic style is just the wrapping on the present, but what beautiful wrapping. 

Michele watches offer women a feminine, yet really contemporary timepiece that can be changed up with interchangeable straps in many different designs.  The concept is forward thinking and modern and has been well received by their clients.  When you buy a Michele watch, you get quality, integrity, and great looks.

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Movado’s Strategy For Success

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Sure, we have all been affected by the strained economy.  We have had to make significant changes in our lifestyles and our spending, but at the end of the day the hope is that the economy will come back and we will be an even better position, when it does, because of the adjustments we have been making.  Movado is not ignoring this issue, either.  In the past few years they have been redirecting their efforts in order to remain a strong viable watch company and offer their consumers quality products at reasonable prices. 

Movado has closed all but just a few of their boutiques, and sell most of their watches through the internet and third party retailers.  In addition to these changes, Movado recently announced a comprehensive multiyear plan, which will hopefully bring more success to the brand. 

Movado is resolute on building business through these times, and have set forth some strategic initiatives to accomplish this goal.  The outline of the plan is to;

  1. Capitalize on their excellent reputation.
  2. Continue to be an innovative force in the industry.
  3. Expand their global business.
  4. Generate sustainable sales growth.

Movado is not panicking through this era; they are keeping their nose to the grindstone and their eyes on the prize.

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Philip Stein, an Apple a Day

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Philip Stein Expands to Europe

At the beginning of this year Philip Stein added a fun and fruity collection to their ensemble.  The Teslar technology, which enhances all of the Philip Stein timepieces has taken a new presence and is demonstrated in their line of Fruitz watches.  The Fruitz line, offers Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology, which reports some fantastic health benefits. 

Because of the company’s widespread popularity among celebrities and consumers alike, their organization has expanded into Europe.  The demand has been high, because of the styling and the health perks.  Philip Stein and Fruitz watches are not only stylish and well made; they are quite revolutionary in design. 

Philip Stein is the first to use Natural Frequency technology in this way and to incorporate time keeping with well-being.  The Fruitz watches add fun, as well.  Fruitz are styled like fresh cut fruit, with matching colors and whimsical accents.  All the Fruitz watches are Swiss Quartz and all are offered at truly affordable pricing. 

Philip Stein is fast on its way to becoming one of the most sought after luxury brands, but you can pick up a Fruitz watch for a fraction of the cost, and still get all the benefits of Natural Frequency technology.  Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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Cartier Watches Worn by the Rich and Famous

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Cartier Watches Draw High Profile Clientele

The impression that most resonates with us about Cartier watches is success and opulence.  I guess that’s why the watch brand has always been hugely popular among celebrities and royalty.  Females, in particular are very fond of Cartier. 

Their watches have been worn by everyone from Princess Diana to Angelina Jolie.  Even Jackie O and the current first lady have sported a Cartier watch.  The Tank is one of the most recognizable designs in history and it seems to never go out of style. 

Since 1917, when the Cartier Tank was released it has seen many transformations, yet each one is met with a smile.  This classically elegant timepiece is one that women of supreme taste adore.  The Tank has a streamlined shape and can be as simple or as ornate as you like. 

The Cartier watch is always owned by discriminating women.  It is a signature piece, much like a long strand of pearls or a Burberry trench coat.  I suppose that is why it is so loved.  With a piece like this, you become attached.  It becomes much more than a simple timekeeping instrument, it turns into a treasured amulet.

Choose a Cartier watch for the heritage, but remember the quality, as well.

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Gucci Watches Go Vintage

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You certainly don’t have to search through archives of photos to locate a pic of a Gucci watch.  Open up any fashion magazine on the stand, and you can find any number of celebrities sporting gorgeous Gucci watches.  For some designers, this is advertisement, enough, yet not for Gucci.

The famous fashion house made a bold move, and decided on using 50 year old black and white prints from the Gucci archives in their 2010 spring ad campaign.  The ads feature Vera Grafin von Lehndorff-Steinort, or Verushka for short.  The throw-back photos show Verushka in various settings, always looking chic and timelessly elegant.  The look of the photos translates, and is significant, today. Gucci superimposes their watches and logo over the photo, giving an interesting and contemporary feel to the shots. 

Even though Verushka is selling the Gucci watches in the forefront, she is head to toe Gucci in the back ground.  From her over-sized bag, to her small over the shoulder and her large-rimmed floppy hat…she’s been Gucci-fied. 

Creative art director, Frida Giannini is the brains behind this campaign, and I think it’s brilliant.  The photos are as beautiful as when they were originally taken, and the look is timeless.

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Philip Stein, Oprah, Rupert Murdoch and Other Fans

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Philip Stein Is One Of Oprah's Favorite Things

Most of us have seen the episodes, where Oprah is singing the praises of Philip Stein watches.  Her “my most favorite things” spots are the most widely televised, and she has mentioned these watches not once, but twice on these popular broadcasts, but who else is wearing Philip Stein?  What other celebrities are feeling the effects of their Natural Frequency technology?  Let’s see:  It seems as though Philip Stein has fans like Rupert Murdoch to young guns, like Aaron Carter, and the list goes on.

Recently journalist, Cynthia McFadden was spotted wearing a Philip Stein watch, while interviewing Paula Abdul.  But, why is this watch maker drawing such high profile attention?  Well, their designs are stylish, that’s true, but the attraction, I believe is under the hood.  Celebrities (and the rest of us, for that matter) love to feel special and different.  Philip Stein watches offer a unique and interesting feature, which is noticeable to the wearer of the watch.  If this watch can bring about better sleep and a calmer demeanor, who wouldn’t want one?  The draw may be due to the specialized nature of these watches, but their continued popularity may have more to do with good, smart, marketing, and great customer service.

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Omega Eurpoean Masters Tees Off

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Catch The Omega Watches European Masters On-Line

Since you’re reading this post, chances are you’re on-line.  Did you know that you can watch the Omega watches European Masters Golf Tournament on the web?  The Omega European Masters began yesterday, and the 2010 tour promises some fantastic Golf.  The Masters will continue through September5th, and if you are searching for the perfect place to watch the Omega European Masters…it’s on line.  The live stream, on-line will give you the perfect seat for each and every shot.  If you’re interested, just follow the link and enjoy! http://atdhe.net/18444/watch-omega-european-masters

Omega watches became involved with the European Masters in 2001, when their financial support helped to make the tournament even more successful.  The first Swiss Open was held in 1923, and at that time there were only 11 Golf courses in all of Switzerland.  The oldest course was the Engadine-Samedan, which was built in 1898; this is where the first games were played.  All the tournaments took place there, until 1939, when the Masters was moved to the Crans-sur-Sierre, where the French golfer Fifi Cavala took home the trophy.

Omega is a proud sponsor of the European Masters Golf Tournament, and hopes to see this tradition live on for another 100 years.

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