Panerai Luminor Sealand Dragon Watch

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As 2012 marked the year of the Dragon on the Chinese calander, Panerai the world renowned Italian watch maker released its limited edition Luminor Sealand Dragon Watch

Aimed at the Chinese market, the Panerai Luminor Sealand Dragon Watch (PAM 840) was crafted to represent the essence of Chinese culture and style. Humble in appearance yet complex in design.

The PAM 840 is designed with a spring-loaded lid over the watch face hinged at 12 o’clock. This lid features an intricate gold plated engraving of a dragon. Hand crafted by the sister brand of Panerai, James Purdey and Sons of London. The detail and elegance of the engraving sets the PAM 840 apart from its competitors.

While many other watches display dragons and Chinese characters, Panerai’s Dragon watch attests to its manufactures level of skill and dedication to luxury.
Upon lifting the engraved lid you will notice a textured steel dial on the right side used to move the clock hands. The lid also contains a mirror underneath it; I would say that it is just an extra feature. It is really up to the user how and what they use the mirror for, not a necessary feature but neat to have. The clock face itself is actually very simple in design. With the white background, black hour markers and a brown leather bracelet strap the clock is as simple as it gets.

One setback for the watch is that although the watches hour and second markers come with the famous Panerai luminosity, the fact that most of the hours and all of the second markers are dots and lines will make it hard to tell the time in low light conditions.

Like most of Panerai’s watches, The PAM 840 is powered by the Panerai’s OP III movement and in this case it’s also housed in a ‘Sealand case”, a case similar to that on the ‘Hunter’ style case 44mm Luminor.

Panerai has not yet released a price for this model. Although, it is a limited edition so you will have to find a local Panerai boutique to get a quote or contact Panerai’s main headquarters located in Milan, Italy for more information.

Since Panerai’s founding in 1860 in Florence, Italy the company has become one of the world’s leaders in high end designer watches. Each year Panerai designs a watch for a certain part of the world. This particular edition was designed for the Chinese market. It is intended for those who want simplicity yet worthy craftsmanship.
In fact only 50 of these will be made for China.

See Straight Through To The Beauty Of Panerai Watches

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Panerai Watches Are Beautiful Inside And Out

You may not have heard very much about the Italian-born watchmakers Panerai, but trust me, they are worth getting to know.  Panerai watches are the culmination of elegant Italian design, matched with precision Swiss tradition and technical expertise.  The outcome is fantastic.

The Panerai family first set up shop in Florence, Italy…but has since spread their wings to boutiques from Los Angeles to Tokyo.  The manufacturing of these beautiful watches still takes place in the Officine Panerai, located in the small town of Neuchatel, a Swiss region well-known for their finely crafted timepieces.

In the future we will explore more Panerai watch options, but today I have to share the Lo Scienziato Radiomar Tourbillon GMT Men’s Watch.  What a gorgeous instrument.  At first glance, you realize what a special watch this it.  The face of the black ceramic case is see-through crystal on both the front and back.  Yes, you can actually see all the way through to the intricate inner workings of this timepiece.  This is a hand-wound mechanical watch, and as you will find out…there is a lot going on inside.  It’s like a scene right out of Leonardo DaVinci’s mind. Quite incredible.  Form and function are brought together in perfect harmony and the Lo Scientziato Radiomar Tourbillon comes to life.   

Stay tuned, there are more praised to be sung about this phenomenal watchmaker!

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Panerai to showcase in Dubai

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An exclusive watch from Panerai

A luxury timepiece from Officine Panerai, supporting partner at this year's Dubai International Boat Show

At the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), the Italian luxury watch name Officine Panerai will feature an exhibition showcasing its ‘nautical heritage’.

Panerai was acclaimed a sea relied company when it became the supplier to the Italian Navy of very sophisticated equipment for underwater use. The manufacturing of these high precision devices formed Panerai’s long standing affinity with exploration of the sea.

In Dubai, the company has set  up a show, displaying this affinity with the sea that Panerai holds. Since the luxury watch brand is a supporting partner of DIBS, it’s exhibits will be located in the VIP Majilis, a lounge set aside especially for VIP guests attending the show who are treated to a unique experience and atmosphere. Beautiful and sophisticated exhibits stand proudly displaying selects Panerai watches.

The timepiece manufacturer said that the DIBS is a very prestigious event and many marine enthusiasts attend, making it “the perfect platform for Panerai to share our passion for the sea and showcase our innovative and timeless creation”.

Panerain has been the official sponsor of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge for five years and is continuing to do so this year. The connection the company holds with classic yachts is simple, says the CEO of  Officine Panerai, in that both companies have close linkages to the sea, beauty, history and craftsmanship.

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Panerai Watch A Little Old World Italy

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In 1860 the Florentine watchmaker Guido Panerai made precision pocket watches for the Royal Italian Navy, blending Swiss technology and Italian style.  He received many patents in the timekeeping field and well as for his optical systems.  In the 1930’s he provided the Royal Italian Navy with pocket watches and torpedo sights.

The Radiomir men’s watch was released in 1936 and named for the material used in the face that glows in the dark.  This beautiful cushion-shape style with its unique rung design connection between the strap and case has not changed much since its original design.

In 1993 Panerai offered its watches to the world with the Luminor men’s watch whose dial is composed of two superimposed layers.  The Luminor is guaranteed to 300 meters under water and has its own mechanical hand-wound movement with a transparent caseback.  The Luminor Marina is their 18K gold version, limited edition of 150 pieces.

The Luminor Blackseal watch, engraved with two Italian frogmen on a human torpedo, has a steel cover and the image is also on the dial. 

Richemont bought Panerai in 1997 and evolved the business adding new products to the line and increasing its market share.   Pure simplicity comes to mind in an elegantly-stated manner when you look at a Panerai watch, simply exquisite.

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