Movado Sport Luxury Watches with Unexpected Features

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Movado Moving in a Sporty Direction

Movado has come a long way since the release of the Museum watch.  These days this Swiss watch maker is concentrating on, not only the continuation of the Museum, but the enhancement of their line.  The use of varying and unique materials, as well as different design elements, is giving Movado an edge you wouldn’t expect.  This is apparent in their collection of sport luxury timepieces.  The Sport Luxury models, like the Junior Sport, and Junior Sport PVD are not you’re typical Movado.  They have bold features and masculine, rugged exteriors.  The materials used are solid steel and sturdy PVD.  The Swiss quality we have come to expect is in place, but the styling has been beefed up, with extra touches, not normally found in Movado creations.  These watches come with Quartz movements, which keep the weight down, and offer precision accuracy.  The dials on the Sport Collection are much busier than your Museum dials, which adds to their interest.  Movado still holds the Museum watches dear to their hearts, but these new and innovative pieces create diversity, which can only benefit the brand.  Check out the Movado Sport Luxury watches…you’ll be glad you did.  Their style is undeniable.

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Movado, Sporty and Sophisticated

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Movado Series 800 Derek Jeter Limited Edition

Movado, maker of luxury watches for men and women has some surprising new designs to share.  The Series 800 Collection is a line of watches with a specialized sports feel.  The styling of the Series 800’s is that of high end chronographs.  The materials used are finished beautifully, and the options are abundant.  The sleek and clean Movado minimalistic appearance is traded for the performance look of a full functioning chronograph.  Although, not your typical Museum Dial, this watch has some signature Movado features, like the logo “Dot”, located at the 12 o’clock mark, and the Movado name displayed beneath.  Of course, all of the quality and craftsmanship we have come to trust is in these watches, as well.  The Series 800 comes in many forms.  Some are dressier, with polished stainless-steel cases and bracelets, and others are more casual, featuring rubber straps and bold colorful dials.  The Derek Jeter Limited Edition Series 800 has a black, pinstriped dial and a gorgeous 18 carat rose gold case and bezel.  All these fabulous watches by Movado are Swiss made and full of traditional quality.  Discover the Series 800, and all of Movado’s unique and daring designs.  Staying true to tradition, while keeping up with the times…Movado.

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Movado Juro, Great Choice For Her

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Movado Juro Women's is The Perfect Choice

Is there any wonder that Movado watches are so popular?  They are elegant, they are really well crafted, and they are still incredibly affordable.  Any savvy shopper will tell you, that these are three qualities you can’t pass up.  One beautiful line by Movado is the Juro collection.  The Juro women’s watches are classically graceful.  They have a bold look, but are crafted to remain lightweight and sleek.  The Juro women’s comes in several combinations.  There is the solid stainless-steel, which has been finished with a high polish or a brushed.  Then you have the total gold tone, a lovely choice for that special occasion, and it also comes in a combination of the two.  All are lovely and all are quality Swiss made.  These are Quartz movement models by Movado.  The beauty of Quartz is that there is little maintenance to be done.  The batteries must be changed every few years, and of course the watch must remain dry and clean, but that’s about it, easy and elegant.  The Juro is created with the signature Museum dial, in black.  Some of the models are adorned with diamonds, and others remain blank.  Either way, the Juro makes a great choice.  What’s not to love in a watch that’s quality, luxury, and priced right?

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Movado Timema, Out Of This World

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Movado's Timema Has Futuristic Styling

Talk about a futuristic design from Movado and you cant’ help but look at the Timema Women’s timepiece.  This luxury Swiss watchmaker has really colored outside the lines, with this creation.  It is a tantalizing display of symmetry and style.  The 605355 Timema Women’s watch is unlike any other Movado conception.  Its contemporary and dramatic architecture is an exceptional modernistic interpretation. This women’s timepiece has the classis Museum dial, but that is where the similarities to any other Movado end.  The Timema features a case that is ergonomic and elongated, crafted of polished stainless-steel.  The case is oversized, and houses the demure black Museum dial.  The bracelet of the Timema is a blending of brushed and polished stainless-steel, and is fastened, securely with a jewelers clasp.  This is a battery operated Swiss Quartz movement, and is water resistant to 30 meters.  Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like this Movado Timema.  The styling of this women’s timepiece will make heads turn, and gives us a glimpse into the artistically creative side of Movado.  They have received over 200 awards internationally for design and innovation, and now you see why.  Always pushing the envelop, with unanticipated elements, that’s Movado.  See the Timema Women’s Watch at the Movado website.

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Movado, Harmonizes

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Movado Harmony Watch

Fans of Movado creations are never disappointed with the designs that are presented.  We love Movado, because of their style, their quality, and their consistency.  They continually produce beautiful watches, all with a distinct and recognizable look.  The Swiss watchmaker has made a point of never loosing site of fashion, when creating these high quality pieces.  Neither the form or function are in competition with one another…instead they work together, like voice and instrument.  This melodious joining is ever-present in the, appropriately named, Harmony collection.  The Harmony Women’s Watch is a lovely and delicate design.  The watch is a bangle style, crafted of solid stainless-steel.  The model number 606056 is classic Movado.  The black Museum dial is the prominent feature of this timepiece, and it is tastefully adorned by the singular Movado dot.  The clean look of the face is complimented by a streamline double bangle bracelet, in polished stainless-steel.  The bracelet is crafted with a jeweler’s clasp, and adjustable settings.  This is a Swiss Quartz movement, and is water resistant to 3 ATM.  The Harmony collection comes in different variations, from full steel, to steel and gold tone, to solid gold tone.  All subtle, all striking, and all Movado. They hit the perfect note!

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Movado, Luxury At The Right Price

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Movado, Meticulous Designs

Movado is recognized around the world as a superior Swiss watchmaker, and we all know that their meticulous quality is built in to the very blueprint of their watches.  From the moment of conception, Movado is concerned with form, as well as function.  Using the finest materials, and the best Swiss made movements, has given them a reputation of trusted excellence.  Their design elements have been noticed, and applauded by critics of the art world, and the rest of us, for many years.  Movado’s are understated and elegant in their design.  The minimalistic characteristics of Movado timepieces have been the driving force behind their style, since the Museum was released, and that hasn’t changed.  Movado, meaning “always in motion”, has been their philosophy all along, and it will take them into the future.  The strength behind the name is consistency.  Movado turns out creative and exquisite designs, constantly.  Their quality and craftsmanship is never in doubt, and this had resulted in the growth of this company.  Movado’s sell, when other may not, because of their quality, their great looks, and (most importantly) their pricing.  Movado boasts the most affordable Swiss made watches, anywhere.  That’s doing it right.  Movado, old school engineering, prices for the new economy.

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Movado Future Legends Receive Recognition

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Movado Artists Award Recognizes Youg Talent


Movado Future Legends Program is in its second year.  Movado, known as an exceptionally artistic watchmaker, has always been committed to their craft, honoring this commitment, by producing innovative and stylish creations throughout the years.  The award of Movado Future Legends is given with the cooperation of The John F. Kennedy Center, The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and The Baryshnikov Arts Center.  This Movado honor is presented to young and talented artists still studying their skill.  Obviously, the individuals show exceptional talent and drive to be selected for the Movado Future Legends award.  The award is offered to a wide variety of artists from dancers, to photographers.  Movado’s award is as artistically creative as the artisans who receive it.  The crystal design features two interlocking circles, which symbolizes the partnership forged between Movado’s love and respect for the arts, and the artists’ individual devotion and loyalty to their creations.  

Some of the first recipients of the Movado Future Legends award have been dancer Kirk Henning, nominated by the Suzanne Farrell Ballet and The Kennedy Center, dancer Doug Letheren, nominated by The Baryshnikiv Arts Center, and the Design team of Doshi Levin, nominated by Cooper-Hewitt.  This prestigious honor, on behalf of Movado, will have a profound effect on the future success of these young artists, and pays tribute to their blossoming talent.

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Movado, Taditional And Modern

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Movado, Traditional Design, Fresh New Look


Movado has staying power that’s huge.  This luxury watchmaker has been around for over 125 years, and is still going strong.  Why?  Movado has kept to a very similar artistic style all these years, and that’s because they’re brilliant.  Movado knows what works and doesn’t waste time trying to change our minds with fads or trends.  They, simply…keep it simple.  The Movado name means “always in motion”, and that has been what Movado watches have always done.  Reliability is never lacking in these fine timepieces, and neither is style.  From their Museum line to other famous Movado collections, the artistic influence is a strong presence.  Movado watches have gained much attention, and over 200 international watchmaking awards for excellence and innovation, and their designers have received more than 100 patents for their exceptional efforts.  Even the men’s Movado watches have a delicate look and feel, but here is one of the ladies Movado’s.  The Bela women’s watch is like a lovely piece of jewelry.  The classic round Movado clock dial sits exquisitely on a thin, bangle style bracelet…neither overpowering the other.  The face comes of the Bela comes in traditional black or a beautiful, pale pink, just gorgeous!  It’s amazing how Movado can create one fantastic design after another.

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Movado Watches Have Timeless Style

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Movado Watches

Movado Watches have a style like no other.  You can recognize that style and design a mile away, and that’s how Movado has become so successful…that ands the fact that they make a fine Swiss quality precision watch.  Movado watches have flare nd their streamlined look has a broad reaching appeal.  One of Movado’s new watch releases is the Esperanza.  The 606280 Men’s Esperanza Movado watch has the classic Movado look, with some new features and updated finishes.  This is a vertically-linked bracelet set in shining stainless-steel.  This is a solid men’s watch in a large size.  The Esperanza Movado watch has a diamond bezel and of course, the signature jet black museum dial.  I love its understated elegance.   Not often can you place diamonds on a men’s watch without an overpowering affect, Movado has done just that.  As with all Movado watches the 606280 Men’s Esperanza Movado is all Swiss-made.  That means quality and durability you can count on.  Movado watches are a timeless classic.  The style of these watches is never outdated, and with the Movado name behind them, quality is always in place.  Check out all the new releases from Movado watches…I promise you’ll find one you love!

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Movado Watches Have Classic Style

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Ladies Movado Watch, Dazzles

When I say Movado Watches, you have to think of understated elegance.  This sophisticated brand has built a well-deserved reputation for designing amazing men’s and women’s watches that goes way back.  Today I’d like to tell you about the 800 Series, by Movado.

The 800 Series is a beautiful, bold collection, with Tom Brady as the Ambassador and a special edition Tom Brady 800 designed…you might think this is for boys “only”.  It’s not.  Movado has included a lovely selection of ladies 800 timepieces…let’s see.

Here’s the 2600052 Women’s 800 Series Bracelet Watch.  Wow, this is beautiful.  This is a multi-function, Swiss Quartz timepiece.  It is made from high quality stainless-steel, and comes in a brushed finish.  The dial is round in shape and has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the face is crafted of luxurious Mother-of-Pearl.  The bracelet is beautiful brushed steel, as well, and comes equipped with a deployment clasp.  The 800 Series Bracelet Watch, by Movado is also water-resistant to a depth of 660 feet!

This women’s timepiece is a great example of Movado’s style.  The soft lines of Movado stand out.  They infuse all of their designs with artistic elements, which make Movado watches, simply irresistible, and the fact that they are high quality instruments, seals the deal.

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