Movado Hatman Rants about Jews and Israel

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This past Saturday, a New York City Occupy Wall Street Protestor blamed the Jews and Israel for many US and global issues. When Joe Schoffstall of MRCTV asked a man in a Movado cap for his thoughts on Israel, the madman went on a long rant. How many factual flaws can you find in his long, repetitive, loud, aggressive, and bombastic speech? I found at least 10.

According to the Movado madman:

“Israel is white Eastern European who has preserved and occupied Arab land and they have displaced indigenous, Palestinian people at gunpoint.  When Israel was founded in 1948, in 1949 Israel secretly began working on an atomic nuclear program to wipe out her neighbors.  So the hatred of the Arabs for Israel is understandable. When someone moves on your block, and when they move on the block the very next day they work on weapons of mass destruction to eliminate the neighbors, that would be grounds for justifiable hatred.”

And more…

“Jews control Wall Street. Google ‘Jewish Billionaires,’ Google ‘Jews in the Federal Reserve Bank,’ Google ‘Jews on Wall Street,’ the American finances are controlled by the Jews, Wall Street, the media, the legal profession; Jewish money is the engine in politics, Jews give more money to both the democrat party and the republican party; they also lead the path when it comes to white collar crime. The Jews commit more white collar crime than any other ethnic group on the earth, and they go unprosecuted because they can buy their way out of it, when the Jew gets caught they will pay a civil penalty. So in America, Jews commit more white collar crime; whenever there’s a billion dollar fraud, there’s a Jew involved – and they go unprosecuted or under prosecuted.  Millions of people are suffering because of what the Jews did on Wall Street.

And the Movado hatman goes on…

When it comes to Israel, also, we don’t talk about the fact that Israel also introduced weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. Currently Israel has illegal nuclear weapons, illegal chemical weapons, and illegal biological weapons. Israel intends on wiping out the Middle East so that Israel can wipe out its borders. Why would Israel need 500 nuclear weapons? Google it. Google ‘Israel has 500 nuclear weapons’ –  more nuclear weapons than Great Britain at this time!  So Israel is a very bad neighbor. Who wants to live next to a neighbor that has nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that could wipe out the entire world?
And the United States is afraid of Israel, all the congressman, all the senators are beholden to Jewish money. Because of Jewish money, the republican party and the democrat party allow Israel to go unchecked.”

Man in Movado hat saying antisemitic slurs

Movado's not-so-great brand exposure

So the Movado Madman may not be the best Movado ambassador, but the video of his rant has become a global hit. He definitely scores some points for brand exposure.

Hey, I love Movado watches, so I do feel kind of bad that this fool is wearing their hat.  So, Movado, I will do this for you:  Check out the real Movado ambassadors on the Movado website:  Oh, and if you need a new watch (classy Movado watches make great Christmas gifts), click on this link for amazing deals on Movado watches.  Truth be told, WatchesOnNet really has the best online prices (huge savings off retail prices) on authentic Movado watches – take it from me, I’ve done my research.

Movado’s Strategy For Success

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Sure, we have all been affected by the strained economy.  We have had to make significant changes in our lifestyles and our spending, but at the end of the day the hope is that the economy will come back and we will be an even better position, when it does, because of the adjustments we have been making.  Movado is not ignoring this issue, either.  In the past few years they have been redirecting their efforts in order to remain a strong viable watch company and offer their consumers quality products at reasonable prices. 

Movado has closed all but just a few of their boutiques, and sell most of their watches through the internet and third party retailers.  In addition to these changes, Movado recently announced a comprehensive multiyear plan, which will hopefully bring more success to the brand. 

Movado is resolute on building business through these times, and have set forth some strategic initiatives to accomplish this goal.  The outline of the plan is to;

  1. Capitalize on their excellent reputation.
  2. Continue to be an innovative force in the industry.
  3. Expand their global business.
  4. Generate sustainable sales growth.

Movado is not panicking through this era; they are keeping their nose to the grindstone and their eyes on the prize.

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Movado Drawing Attention

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Movado Watches

Movado is surely one of the watch industries most popular and well-known brands.  Since their beginnings in 1881, this watch maker has shown innovation and creativity in their watch designs, and that has been widely celebrated by their clients.  Modeling their timepieces after fine jewelry, and adorning them with such elements as fine grade leathers, 18 carat gold, and diamonds is a huge aspect of their appeal.  Of course, the styling of the Movado watch is always complimented by their superior craftsmanship and quality.  The Movado watch is all Swiss made and crafted carefully, resulting in accuracy and reliability.  These traits and the features which make Movado so popular have drawn the attention of watch company analysts, International Watch Club.  International Watch Club was founded in 2006, and is an information gathering house, for more than 300 watch brands.  The site, International Watch offers information watch enthusiasts and dealers, alike.  Because of Movado’s enormous success and quality engineering, the International Watch Club, now offers information, which can help you learn more about Movado watches.  Whether you are a watch collector, a dealer, or just someone wanting more detailed info on Movado watches, you can find it at this site.  Travel there, to find your perfect Movado watch.

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Movado Makes Some Smart Choices

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Movado Boutique Business

As with all retailers, Movado’s business has taken a hit, during this tough economy.  These times have been witness to many Companies going out of business or making concessions in the way in which they do business.  Changing business tactics, such as more out sourcing or cutting corners is the way some retailers have dealt with the recession, but Movado is different.  This watch maker has integrity and staying power.  They have been affected as much as others, but Movado’s attitude has been to ride it out.  Of course, the Swiss watch company has had to make some strategic changes, but not in the quality of their products. 

Unlike many watch companies, who have always made most of their sales through third party retailers or on-line stores, Movado has always had a boutique retail business.  The Movado Boutiques are chic and cater to Movado watch and jewelry clients.  Each of the Movado specialty Boutiques featured not only watches and jewelry, but Movado accessories, as well.  While unique and special, the Boutiques were costing the Company close to $10 million dollars a year.  Closing the Boutiques is just smart business.  For now, only the flagship Boutique in Rockefeller Center will remain open, and Movado can concentrate on bringing us new and creative designs, through their on-line store and 31 outlets.  The bottom line is that Movado is still going strong.

Movado’s Chess Game

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Movado Group is Planning Ahead

Movado is a watch company who wants to come through these tough economic times smelling like a rose, and to accomplish that, they must plan ahead and make some crucial choices.  This year Movado will close many of their retail sales boutiques, making room for more revenue through third party sales, via the internet and through other retailers.  This change is huge for the Swiss watch maker, but will not (on its own) promise a bright future.  The experts at Movado have a few more surprises for us, one of which is the promotion of Joe Faranda.  Faranda is a global marketing expert and is Movado’s new Senior Vice President of Consumer Insights and Strategic Planning.  This position is new and created especially for Faranda.  He will report directly to Chairman and CEO of Movado Group, Inc, Efraim Grinberg.  In this new position Mr. Faranda will be responsible for overseeing product development and marketing strategies for Movado and ESQ for Movado.  He has been brought in to utilize his expertise and to bring Movado through this time, hopefully with flying colors.  Movado’s position is to stay strong through these times, to be smart, and to come out the other end more successful than when they went in.

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The Search For A Movado Artist Watch

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Movado, Kenny Scharf Watches

Movado’s newest Artist Series Collection is a line of watches by graphic artist, Kenny Scharf.  Kenny’s mind holds quirky, colorful interpretations of timekeeping, and he masterfully displays those thoughts on the dials of Movado’s Artist Series watches.  Movado has a long history of working with renowned artists, to produce interesting creations.  There was even a time when Movado collaborated with pop art icon Andy Warhol.  The Kenny Scharf Artists Series Collection is made up of six uniquely styled pieces.  Each of the watches has a different graphic depiction.  All of the Kenny Scharf watches are beautiful in a unique and interesting way.  The collector’s edition timepieces are all Movado Swiss quartz movements, and all accurate and created with the craftsmanship which has made Movado famous.  The pieces are numbered and are produced in sets of 125 each.  The Artists Series watches are presented in a specialty box, and feature two interchangeable straps, each.  These watches are in high demand, and hard to find.  Since the closing of some of Movado’s specialty boutiques, they have been almost impossible to track down, but there is hope.  The Movado boutique at Rockefeller Center in New York has all of the Artists Series watch in stock, except for the “Time Flies” watch.  Call them to reserve your special piece of Movado history, soon.

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Movado Makes Some Hard Choices

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Movado has not been in business for over 150 years without learning a thing or two about remaining in the game.  This famous, and quite successful watch maker understands the concept of supply and demand, and that understanding has lead them to the realization that they must downsize their retail operations this year.  Movado has, for many years run a thriving retail business.  Their boutiques are unique and offer Movado creations that you may not even know about.  They also sold Movado jewelry and other accessories from the company.  Today, when most watch makers sell their goods through third party companies, Movado remained true to their individuality, by offering their creations through company owned shops.  But, after doing the numbers, it was clear that the boutiques had to go.  This year Movado will shut down all but just a few of their company boutiques.  The watch maker’s profits are largely determined by their sales through other retailers, and with on line shopping becoming so popular, these luxury shops simply don’t make sense, anymore.  It’s a shame, really that we would rather sit in a room all alone, and shop through a monitor, than walk into a beautiful boutique and interact with another person, but that is a sign of the times!

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Movado, More Than The Museum

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Vintage Movado Finds

 Movado is a well known watch brand, but what do we know?  We know the Museum Watch.  We definitely know a Museum dial, when we see one.  These watches have been Movado’s defining symbol, for as long as I can remember, but what of the Movado…before the Museum?

The Museum dial was designed in 1947, but by then Movado had been in business for many years, and created many important timepieces, so what has happened to these vintage pieces?

Looking on line and you can locate many rare and highly collectible Movado watches from the early to mid 1900’s.  These creations are beautiful, and their quality is unmistakably Movado.  As I said, this Swiss watch maker came long before the Museum watch did.

One such find, is the Movado Women’s Bracelet watch, circa 1960.  This watch was crafted in 14 carat yellow gold, and has really contemporary styling.  It is modern and stylish, and features a rectangular dial, made of Mother-of-Pearl.  The delicate arms and minimalistic face of this women’s watch is in keeping with Movado’s design elements.  This watch is a mechanical movement, and Swiss made.  It offers a bit of color, in its’ blue jeweled cabochon crown.  There are many of these fabulous estate finds, so the next time you think of Movado, remember they are more than their Museum watches.


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Movado’s Strategy For Success

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Movado Boutique

While Movado’s popularity increases, it seem that the tough economy has taken a toll on the Movado Group Inc.’s retail sales numbers.  The Swiss watchmaker, known for their iconic and artistic designs continues to create interesting and beautiful timepieces and jewelry, but most of their sales occur at a wholesale level, to retailers.  The privately owned boutiques they operate report losses in the first quarter of 2010, so much so that nealy 2 dozen of the Movado boutiques will close their doors next month.  Taking this action will have an immediate and positive effect on their bottom line.  In addition to closing the retail boutiques, Movado has increased the lower end of its yearly sales forecast, resulting in an 8 cent gain in operations profit, rather than a 12 cent loss.  Movado does have over 30 outlet boutiques, which will remain open along with the flagship boutique, located in New York’s Rockefeller Center.  The company, like many others has struggled in recent years, but continues to develop and produce lovely creations.  Product development and advertising is where Movado has put their focus, and it is paying off.  These strategic moves have been the catalyst for Movado’s shares to rise 52% in the past year.  Sure, times are tough, keep battling Movado.

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Movado’s Alluring Ambassador

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Amanda Seyfried, Movado Ambassador

Who are the Movado Ambassadors?  Well, one of the proud Ambassadors to this legendary watch maker is actress Amanda Seyfried.  The American born actress and former child model exudes chic and elegance…a perfect match for Movado.  The actress is best known for her roles in both the film Mamma Mia! and in the role of Karen in Mean Girls.  Ms. Seyfried also played a starring role in the film adaptation of the Nicolas Sparks book, Dear John.  The movie was a hit, and so was her portrayal.  Looking at her doe-like green eyes and delicate features, it’s easy to see why Movado would want to join forces with her.  She seems to emulate, through her appearance the same qualities the Movado designers have been working on for years.  The demurely subtle look of Amanda Seyfried is so complimentary to the minimalistic stylings of Movado’s watches and jewelry, that it appears to be a match made in heaven.  I wonder, what watch does she prefer?  If I were to make a guess, I would pick the Amorosa.  The ladies Amorosa in solid stainless-steel is a bangle bracelet, jewelry watch.  It is delicate and alluring, with just a touch of sparkle…what do you think?

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