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IWC Portuguese Watch

The IWC Men’s Portuguese Chronograph Automatic Watch is a favorite of mine.  IWC is famous for their watchmaking, and needs no introduction, however if you haven’s been exposed to this amazing company and their phenomenal timepieces…this is a good start.  This IWC men’s Portuguese Chronograph is from the Portuguese series.  The IW371417 is a Swiss made watch with automatic movement.  The bezel is made from stainless-steel and has a stationary bezel function.  IWC placed a scratch resistant sapphire crystal on the dial.  The face on this men’s version is white, with accents of blue hour markers as well as the arms and hands.  The bracelet is in a deep dark black leather and measures in a men’s length. The Portuguese line has several variations, but this is definitely my favorite.  I like the white on black contrast and the blue accents give this watch extra interest.  The professional craftsman at IWC have been re-inventing timekeeping for over 100 years, and have become true masters in their field.  Accurate movement and precision engineering were the cornerstones by which IWC built their reputation and their business.  Get more familiar with this watchmaker and you will surely be more and more impressed, just as I have been.

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Go On An Underwater Adventure With IWC

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Dive Deep With IWC

IWC has built a reputation specializing in chronometry.  Rooted in Engineering, this extraordinary watchmaker has made history with their impressive inventions, like their diver’s watch that can withstand depths up to 2000 meters.  As if that isn’t incredible enough, this is the only diver’s watch equipped with a mechanical depth gauge.  IWC’s amazing lines of diver’s watches, appropriately named the “Aquatimers” have been among the cornerstones for the company.  These are high performance, professional instruments and are well-respected and trusted in the industry.

The 3767 Aquatimer Chronograph is one in this line of timepieces.  This is a self-winding mechanical, with chronograph movement.  When fully wound, this watch holds a 44 hour power reserve, which comes in handy when you’re out at sea. The IWC  Aquatimer is water-resistant to 12 bars, and come with luminescent features on the hands.  The stunning face of this watch is accented with colors that are highly visible at great depths.  The different versions are offered with either a durable rubberized strap, or a solid stainless-steel, in a polished finish.  All the IWC Aquatimer watches have a rotating external bezel, which marks the beginning of a dive.

It’s hard to compete with IWC’s diving watches.  They have been carefully engineered, down to the smallest detail for peak precision and performance.  Next time I go deep-sea diving…I would feel safer having one of these strapped to my wrist.

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IWC Portuguese Watch At Film Launch

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Portuguese Watch

Geneva – January 2010 – IWC re-launched its Portuguese line of watches with a film starring Hollywood actor Jean Reno at the SIHH Watch Fair.   The setting was nautically inspired with more than 600 guests in attendance for the cocktail reception at the Espace Secheron.

Noted best-selling author Paulo Coelho was in attendance among many famous actors.  The theme of the evening was all things navigational and nautical.  A meteorologist gave an introduction to the science of forecasting weather and an expert explained the functionality of a sextant.  Modern and antique cartography were compared.  The function of longitude and latitude and their relevance as coordinate systems were discussed.

Swiss film company Condor Films along with French director and actor Didier Flamand and IWC produced a short film for the re-launch of the Portuguese Watch.  Called The Spirit of Navigation the movie is a work of philosophical reflections of the astronomers, scientists, and seafarers of long ago.  Jean Reno is the protagonist and tells the 6,000 year old story and the development of nautical instrumentation.  The Portuguese Watch embodies precision, elegance and sophistication as a homage to the navigational instrumentation of old.

Probus Scafusia IWC’s motto which translates to mean “good solid craftsmanship from Schaffhusen” holds true to all they do.

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IWC design watch for “Year of the Tiger”

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Entering the Year of the Tiger, we find many people who want to add a little tiger into their wardrobes. IWC did something special in its honor too.

Strange as it may seem, while animal pelts have always been associated with royalty, animal imprints have been seen as non-classy and sometimes even crass. Leaopard, tiger, cheetah and other animals have been stripped of their fur for the aristocratic wardrobe, while the simpler classes simply stuck to simple pictures of animals.

Regardless of one’s personal choice on design, it would be safe to say that most people have a certain appeal to them, perhaps because of their glamor and exotic appearance. Even fashion designers have always found animals, either through imagery or fur, as an extreme styling choice.

Many people seem to have looked for different ways to inject a little bit of tiger-ness into their office, party or just casual wear. Some have chosen a tiger pattern tie or tiger-print velvet slippers, both designed and manufactured by leading fashion brands.

A number of brands have found other ways, some more loud, others subtler, to express the Year of the Tiger message.

Perhaps the most appealing to a classy businessman would be the IWC watch with a special print dedicating it to the Year of the Tiger. But don’t get too excited, only 210 were made of this limited edition!

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IWC Releases another Limited Edition to Benefit At-Risk Youth

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IWC WatchWith its new special edition timepiece, Swiss watch manufacturer IWC, continues with its theme of making luxury watches to benefit good causes. The company’s fourth special edition was made to benefit the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and utilizes the design basics of the IWC Portuguese Automatic timepiece.

This limited edition model comes with a bright blue dial and a leather strap that pays homage to the work that Laureus has done with youth around the world. The foundation provides positive alternatives to addiction, violence, poverty and disease. Since it began its partnership with the Laureus Foundation in 2006, IWC has presented a limited series of watches every year.

This IWC Portuguese edition will be offered in a limited edition of 1,000 timepieces, each engraved with a number, and a “team spirit” medallion that features children with arms interlinked. The image itself is the work of a twelve year old Sri Lankan boy, whose drawing was chosen from hundreds of drawings submitted by children around the world. In addition to being a touching symbol of the Laureus Foundation’s mission, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these watches will fund worldwide Laureus projects aimed at helping at-risk youth.

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IWC Takes the Cake

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The end of every year is a fun time to see what brands are the best, worst, who got married, divorced, had a baby and more. So, it goes that there are polls for best luxury watch brand and on one conducted by, IWC came in on the top. IWC beat out other brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger Le-Coultre and Patek Philippe.

IWC (International Watch Company) may not be the most trendy or popular watch line, but it is one of the most revered. Made just for men, IWC was founded by an American ex-pat in 1868 in Switzerland.  IWC watches are understated yet made with excellent craftsmanship and this combination has won them many admirers among those that can afford to own one.

IWC seeks to make watches for those that “attach value to mechanics and the highest quality.” They are sporty watches but not sporty looking; they are elegant and extremely well-made. Collection names like the Big Pilot, Ingenieur, Pilots Chronograph and the Portuguese are highly acclaimed.

The Pilot, along with the Aquatimer are diving themed watches, while the other collections tend to relate more to classic “thinking person” timepieces.

The Vintage collection offers watches with a classic cockpit look, and the Specialties collection includes the Grande Complications model, with 21 functions and displays, including a perpetual calendar for the next 500 years.

IWC does not mass produce its watches which makes them retain a sense of understated class; something that these days is not always that highly prized. Fans of IWC watches are fans because they love the way the watch is made and how it looks, not because they want to turn heads with it.

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