Reese Witherspoon Is A Fruitz Watches Fan

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Reese Witherspoon Sports Fruitz Watches

Fruitz watches are taking center stage these days.  It’s no news that Philip Stein made a splash with Oprah last year, but their newest line, Fruitz is not going to be second best.  Recently Academy Award winner and Golden Globe recipient, Reese Witherspoon was seen wearing a watch from the Fruitz watches line.   This busy mom and actress don’t have time to let stress wear her down.  She, like so many others are sold on the Fruitz Natural Frequency Technology.  Fruitz watches are said to help even the busiest mom get to sleep and get a more restful sleep.  The benefits are waking up well rested and ready to handle the busy day.

Fruitz watches are also known for their incredibly comfortable straps and bands.  They are easy to wear and their proprietary technology can help you to relax and enjoy your life. 

You don’t have to be a rich and famous Hollywood actress to own a Fruitz watch.  These collections start at only $225 and come in many different flavors.  So, no matter your station in life…a Fruitz watch might be in your future.   Check out the entire line of Fruitz fun and fruity flavors at…maybe you will end up better equipped to handle your day.

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Philip Stein, an Apple a Day

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Philip Stein Expands to Europe

At the beginning of this year Philip Stein added a fun and fruity collection to their ensemble.  The Teslar technology, which enhances all of the Philip Stein timepieces has taken a new presence and is demonstrated in their line of Fruitz watches.  The Fruitz line, offers Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology, which reports some fantastic health benefits. 

Because of the company’s widespread popularity among celebrities and consumers alike, their organization has expanded into Europe.  The demand has been high, because of the styling and the health perks.  Philip Stein and Fruitz watches are not only stylish and well made; they are quite revolutionary in design. 

Philip Stein is the first to use Natural Frequency technology in this way and to incorporate time keeping with well-being.  The Fruitz watches add fun, as well.  Fruitz are styled like fresh cut fruit, with matching colors and whimsical accents.  All the Fruitz watches are Swiss Quartz and all are offered at truly affordable pricing. 

Philip Stein is fast on its way to becoming one of the most sought after luxury brands, but you can pick up a Fruitz watch for a fraction of the cost, and still get all the benefits of Natural Frequency technology.  Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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Look Good, Feel Great…Fruits Watches by Fruitz

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Fruits Watches From Fruitz Are Sweet

Is there a better time of the year to pick fresh fruit, than summer?  How about a juicy pear or a succulent strawberry?  Sounds good, huh?  Well, actually I’m describing some of the flavors of the new Fruits Watches by Fruitz.  Up to now, nothing tastier has come to the watch industry.  These fun and fruity flavors brighten up your summer days, with their vibrant colors and fanciful attitude.  They are inspired by fresh cut fruit and their style is quite unique.  They offer tiny seeds, which act as hour markers, and fruit leaves point out the time on the hour and minute arms.  The color palette is chosen to match that of the fruit the Fruits Watch is named after, and a complimenting strap of soft, pliable rubber is attached to finish the look.  The clever designing of these Fruits Watches makes you think they are all about play time, but the Fruits Watch holds a secret inside, which is working to help change your whole outlook on life.  Inside each Fruits Watch is a disk, which emits a Natural Frequency.  This Natural Frequency Technology matches that of the Earth’s natural vibration, and when you are exposed to this vibrational rate, marvelous things happen.  You sleep better, have clearer thoughts, and are more at peace.  Talk about looking good and feeling good…that’s the idea behind the Fruits Watches.

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Summer Is The Perfect Time To Enjoy Fruitz Watches

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Fruit Inspired "Fruitz Watches"

Everyone’s going bananas over the new Fruitz Watches.  Fruitz is a line of timepieces, which go above and beyond simply telling time.  These clever little watches are specially designed with Natural Frequency Technology embedded inside.  These fruity flavors look amazingly like cut fruit, and are styled throughout in this whimsical fashion, but their fun appearance isn’t all they have to offer.  The Fruitz Watches register the Earth’s frequency and provide the wearer with all kinds of health benefits.  Better sleep, clearer thoughts, and reduced stress are among the results from wearing the Fruitz Watches.  They come with brightly colored dials, which are textured with a sunburst effect.  The hour markings are made to resemble seedlings, and the hands are fashioned in a leaf pattern.  Some of the bracelets are in polished steel, but most come in colorful silicone.  Fruitz Watches make the perfect summertime accessory.  The timepieces are made for men, women, and children…they are irresistible, even to the pickiest of teenagers!  And Fruitz Watches are extremely affordable, priced just over $200.00.  Which is your favorite fruit flavor?  Watermelon, Lime, Plum, or Raspberry?  Fruitz offers many flavors, all infused with the benefits of Natural Frequency Technology.  So, pick your favorite fruit, and start to reap the rewards.

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NEW Fruitz Watches

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Not only are these new Fruitz watches fun, they are good for you. Natural frequency technology, is used in each Fruitz watch. The concept behind natural frequency technology is that it enters your body’s biofield re: your “master energy field”, the one that regulates all your bodily functions and sends messages to your body to relax, take a deep breath, etc. By doing this, your stress levels decrease, something which we all have too much of. There have been countless studies done and celebrity endorsements that say it’s true.

Ok, no more science lessons, back to the watches. This new line of Fruitz watches is just what the doctor ordered! After a cold winter, what better way to welcome spring than with a colorful, fun, new watch? The Fruitz line is available for men, women and children; a family watch so to speak and one that will please even the pickiest “tween.”

The idea of using different fruits as inspiration for different watch styles is super creative. The watch dials represent a piece of fruit cut in half, with a sunburst pattern and three dimension face with a curved chapter ring; hour markers look like seeds. The cases come in polished steel (or gold plated) and the straps are rubber and available in a wide, bright array of colors.

The best news of all is that Fruitz watches sells for a very reasonable $225, available at truly making it a watch that each member of the family can have and love wearing.

Which kind of fruit are you?

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