A Brief History of Cartier and its Contribution to Luxury Watch Making

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Since Cartier’s founding in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris, the jewelry and watch-making company has spent well over a century garnering its highly reputable and well-admired status in the luxury goods industry.

With beginnings as a firm focused on jewelry, it was not until the early years of the 20th century that Cartier expanded its repertoire of luxury goods to include timepieces. Until then, Cartier had experienced several monumental shifts, including the movement of its store to the current position of Cartier’s flagship on Rue de la Paix in Paris, and growing interest amongst aristocrats and the nobility of various countries. Such were the conditions to allow the emergent success of Cartier’s expansion into watch making.

Cartier Flagship and Cartier Family

The Cartier flagship store in Paris, circa 1899, where it still stands today; Alfred Cartier with sons Louis, Pierre and Jacques.

Placed in the hands of Louis Cartier, one of three grandsons of Cartier’s founder who went on to take over the business after their father Alfred Cartier, Cartier timepieces became immediately successful upon their introduction. Louis Cartier was an avid timepiece enthusiast and thus had great interest in Cartier producing the highest quality watches possible, a value still reflected in Cartier’s elegant, luxury timepieces today.

In 1904, Louis Cartier designed a flat wristwatch for a Brazilian aviator named Alberto Santos-Dumont, who sought a timepiece more reliable and functional than a pocket watch during his flights, leading to the birth of Cartier’s signature Santos watch. Louis Cartier’s elegant wristwatch designs were monumental in popularizing the wristwatch, shifting aristocracy away from the notion that gentlemen should only carry pocket watches.


Louis Cartier presents the Santos Watch to aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont in 1904. The Santos watch model has remained a timeless, beloved piece in Cartier’s collection.

Making a deal whereby Edmond Jaeger would be the supplier of movements for Cartier watches in 1907, Cartier watches were launched to success with technical and aesthetic sophistication and with substantial luxury client bases amongst the world’s most important cities, with Cartier stores opened in New York, London and St. Petersburg.

In the next 20 years, some of Cartier’s most timeless and important watches were produced for both men and women, including the Bagnoire and Tortue models in 1912 and the military-inspired Tank model in 1917. The Tank Model, seeing multiple iterations since its inception, remains one of Cartier’s most influential watches, donned by celebrities and notable individuals from Princess Diana to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama's Cartier Tank Watch

Leading Lady Michelle Obama selects this contemporary iteration of Cartier’s timeless Tank Watch as her staple timepiece.

With Louis Cartier largely responsible for the innovation behind Cartier watches, the sector faltered following his death in 1942, leading the company to be turned from Cartier family hands to those of a group of investors in 1972. This group has largely been responsible for Cartier’s continued success today, with Cartier recognized as one of the leading luxury product manufacturers of the world.

Cartier watches today retain the high level of standards that Louis Cartier once strove for in his innovative timepieces. The high craftsmanship and timeless nature of Cartier watches, in combination with the company’s understanding of its customers desires, have allowed Cartier to develop a strong brand reputation and famed position throughout its history, a legacy that assures that Cartier will continue to remain an important and beloved watchmaker into the future.

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Cartier Watches Approach To Success

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Cartier’s name is synonymous with opulence and success; however this luxury watchmaker fully expects to be less than successful in the coming year.  Sales in the Chinese and Asian markets are expected to fall and in order to counteract that decline in revenue, Cartier watches is rushing to open more designer boutiques in the United States and Middle Eastern countries like India and Iraq.

The CEO, Bernard Fornas won’t say how many stores he will open, but the move is clearly strategic and well thought out.  Currently, Cartier receives close to a quarter of their revenue from their China boutiques, but expect a substantial downturn in 2011 and beyond.  Diversifying is the only smart move in this chess game and Cartier knows it.  Besides, while the Shangai Composite Index is falling, business is booming in the Middle East.

These days many watchmakers are struggling…Movado, for example took the opposite approach; instead of opening additional boutiques in more sustainable areas, they opted to close almost all of their specialty boutiques in 2010.  That move paid off for them and hopefully this risk that Cartier is taking will keep them afloat during these tough economic days.  One thing is clear…only time will tell.

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Cartier Watches Worn by the Rich and Famous

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Cartier Watches Draw High Profile Clientele

The impression that most resonates with us about Cartier watches is success and opulence.  I guess that’s why the watch brand has always been hugely popular among celebrities and royalty.  Females, in particular are very fond of Cartier. 

Their watches have been worn by everyone from Princess Diana to Angelina Jolie.  Even Jackie O and the current first lady have sported a Cartier watch.  The Tank is one of the most recognizable designs in history and it seems to never go out of style. 

Since 1917, when the Cartier Tank was released it has seen many transformations, yet each one is met with a smile.  This classically elegant timepiece is one that women of supreme taste adore.  The Tank has a streamlined shape and can be as simple or as ornate as you like. 

The Cartier watch is always owned by discriminating women.  It is a signature piece, much like a long strand of pearls or a Burberry trench coat.  I suppose that is why it is so loved.  With a piece like this, you become attached.  It becomes much more than a simple timekeeping instrument, it turns into a treasured amulet.

Choose a Cartier watch for the heritage, but remember the quality, as well.

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Cartier, Gotta Love Them

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Cartier Shows The Love

The Cartier name has a way of evoking romance and passionate allure.  Their watch and jewelry creations are much desired, for their styling and delicate design.  With love in the air, Cartier is inspired to introduce their Love Collection.  The Cartier Love Collection is a line, of specially crafted pieces, which will be sold in all of their boutiques, for three days following Cartier’s Love Day Celebration.  This will be a worldwide campaign, and the proceeds will go toward charitable causes, which benefit children.  Cartier’s dedication to the arts, as well as humanitarian issues is commendable. 

The women’s Cartier Love Watch Collection is beautiful.  They come with bold round dials and slim leather straps.  The Love Collection is made up of timepieces, which have been crafted in 18 carat yellow gold, rose gold, and steel.  The look is modern and feminine.  The dials incorporate a new Screw motif, which is meant to symbolize the love between and man and a woman.  I love it when a Company, who has been so successful, for so long, gives back.  The pieces they produce have earned them a fabulous reputation, and their charitable spirit gains our respect.  Cartier is showing their heart, with their tribute to love.

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Who’s Wearing Cartier

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Usher And His Cartier Ballon Bleu

There has always been a buzz around the Cartier name.  Hollywood royalty and musicians, alike have fallen hard for this luxury watch brand, so le’s drop some names.  One of the world’s most elegant actresses of today is, undoubtedly Gwyneth Paltrow.  She is well known for her fashion sense and her beauty and grace have landed her the illustrious position as the face of Estee Lauder.  Paltrow’s choice in timepiece is the Cartier Tank Americaine.  The sophistication and timeless beauty of this watch is the perfect match for Gwyneth’s graceful looks.

Gwyneth may seem a natural Cartier admirer, but this watch company has fans of all shapes and sizes.  The multi-platinum recording artist, Usher has also been spotted wearing a Cartier timepiece.  Usher has interesting style for an R & B artist.  He is young, yet refined for his years.  His choice is the Cartier Ballon Bleu, which is in 18 carat white gold.  This watch is elegant and polished, not unlike the artist, himself.  It makes a statement of success, which is understated and charming, the ideal pick for a man who wants to be taken seriously.

Cartier’s clients, whether famous or not, have exceptional taste and class.  Cartier’s chic style is hard to resist!

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Cartier Santo 100, Titanium Treasure

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Cartier Santos 100, Big Bold, Brilliant


 We all recognize Cartier for their elegant designs and timeless features.  Some of the newer Cartier watches, especially in the men’s collections, take a bit of a different approach.  The delicate styles are replaced with some more adventurous interpretations.  One such men’s watch is the Santos 100 Carbon by Cartier.  This large model men’s timepiece is strong, made from materials like stainless-steel and Titanium.  The steel casing is in a satin finish and coated with ADLC.  ADLC coating increases thickness, thereby cutting down on wear and tear, and it acts as a barrier to corrosive elements…sand, saltwater, and acids.  This watch has a black, square-shaped dial, with Roman numerals, covered by a sapphire crystal.  The steel arms and hands are covered in a phosphorescent material.  The Santos 100 comes with a thick black fabric strap.  This unusual design by Cartier was created to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the iconic Santos watches.  The W2020010 Santos 100 men’s watch has some of the classic Cartier styling, but the diverse materials used, and its unusually substantial size give it an edge.  This fantastic Cartier men’s watch goes for around $7.000.  It is a timepiece with history and tradition…and a real work of art.  Get to know more about Cartier, today.

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Cartier Watches Are Handsome

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Cartier, Exceptional Swiss Watch Makers

Jacques Cartier, founder of the House of Cartier Watches, was much more an artist and creator of beauty than a watchmaker, yet Cartier has turned out fine timepieces for decades. The renowned French jeweler was wise when he entered into the watchmaking business, he asked for help.  He partnered up with exceptional Swiss masters to create the famous Cartier watches of today.  Cartier built an empire and is the number one jewelry seller in the world, not to mention the number two luxury timepiece seller…only topped by Rolex.  Cartier watches timeless designs like the Tank and the Santos have been long standing favorites with Cartier clients.  One of the best selling men’s’ watches is the Cartier Men’s Santos Galbee Stainless-steel and Gold version.  The W20011C4 Stainless-steel and Gold watch by Cartier has all the classic features that we have come to appreciate. The sleek streamlined designs of Cartier are legendary, and this men’s watch is no exception.   The W20011C4 Men’s watch has a classic square face, with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal dial.  The dial and bracelet are in stainless-steel and 18 carat gold.  This is a men’s sized watch with a case diameter of 29 mm.  This is a fantastic Cartier watch choice!

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Cartier’s Ballerine Watch Shines Bright

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Cartier's Ballerine Watch Shines


Cartier watches come in many different and varying designs, from sporty and fun to the extremely opulent and elegant.  No matter which style of timepiece you choose, a Cartier will make a statement.  Your selection will show your discerning taste, so choose wisely…or just pick the one you fall in love with, like the mini model Ballerine women’s watch. 

This beautiful time piece is quartz, white gold, and diamond studded.  Its brilliance sparkles and the fact that it’s a Cartier watch spells precision. The three tiered bracelet, which is covered in round-cut diamonds, wraps around the wrist in a smooth s-curve style, adding softness.  The lines of the Ballerine are artistic and unconventional for a timepiece.  This watch features an octagonal crown set with a diamond and a silver sunray dial for added flare.  The Ballerine by Cartier is all Swiss made and water-resistant to 100 feet (in case you just have to wear it in the pool). 

Personally, I think this the ultimate out on the town watch. This may be the only accessory you’ll need for your little black dress.  It is elegant and sophisticated, and yes, it’s covered in brilliant diamonds, but it is still understated.  This Cartier watch is a beautiful, functional, piece of jewelry.

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Watches sales at unbelievably high prices

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Rolex displayed for auction sale

A Rolex advertsed by Patrizzi and Co. to be sold at a future auction

For most people, a watches sale would mean discounted watches. For some it means getting watches that are rare and hard to get, for whatever price it may be. Anyone passionate about the look of his or her watch is usually ready to put down some cash for it. But the amount that one person paid at an auction run by the Patrizzi and Co auction company would be over most people expectations, and budgets.

An art deco Louis Cartier Tank watch made a record sale price when it successfully was sold for $135,000. It’s a nice piece, do not doubt that for a second. It is a 1929 gorgeous, slick  looking wrist watch, something anyone would want. This watch was no

Louis Cartier men's watch which sold for $135,000

Cartier platinum men's "Louis Cartier" tank wristwatch with original platinum bracelet, completed in 1929, went for $135,000 in its original fitted morocco box at a Patrizzi and Co. auction

t the only to sell that night. All of the collectors present at the auction that night were losing breath just over the sight of some of those many reputable brands with such distinct design and shape.

Some high priced Rolex watches also went that night.

Aside from wrist watches, were also other time-keeping designs. A Cartier Comet Clock sold for $250,000. Yes, that’s a lot of money. But you must remember, that clock featured the most complicated mechanisms every produced by the company.

Out of 161 items up for grabs that night, 100 were sold.

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Cartier Watches Appeals To Those With Discriminating Tastes

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Cartier Watches

Cartier Watches

Talk about unique, if you are looking for a watch that no one else has then look no further than the Cartier Santos 100 skeleton watch.  The height of design, its case is housed in a form of Roman numerals making it no less than a technical feat which by the way has a patent application pending.

The time is easy to read considering it has no face.  With a 72 hour power reserve it keeps exceptionally accurate time.

There are 138 components that make up this work of art.   Finished by hand, the bridges are chamfered and the sides satin-brushed.  Fifteen hours of work goes into finishing just the upper bridge.

Jackie Loved Cartier

It is 28.6mm by 28.6mm and has a thickness of 3.97mm.  A large piece boasting a crown decorated with a faceted sapphire.  It also features a sapphire crystal and the Roman numerals on the dial are the bridge of the movement.  Sword-shaped blued-steel hands show the hour and minutes.

Complete with an alligator strap and an 18k white gold and palladium 950% triple folding clasp this is an exquisite watch.

The sapphire crystal case is transparent and it is even water resistant to 30 meters or 100 feet.

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