Victorinox Swiss Army goes back to roots

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The one hundred year brand, which has successfully acquired for itself a reputation as a world class manufacturer of quality crafted and well designed products, is making some huge progress in its original products. Victorinox Swiss Army first sold their knife to the Swiss Army over one hundred years ago and since then has gone beyond its founder’s original expectations.

Now the company is making some uniquely designed knives to be handed to soldiers serving in the Indian Army. The army has given its specifications of functionality to the company and Victorinox Swiss Army is very keen on satisfying this huge customer that could lead them to an order to equip the 1.3 million combatants in the Indian Army.

Due to its clear track record in manufacturing pocket knives and survival kits, Swiss Army has always held the place of most prestigious brand in the field. The quality in a product that is sealed in with the Swiss Army insignia is invaluable.

Their latest challenge with the Indian Army proves their ability to unique and personalized design. The Indian Army’s knives are so unique because they are made to be able to serve a purpose in all the diverse climates and landscapes of the Indian region, from the icy peaks of the Himalayas to the deserts of Rajasthan.

Their success in becoming a most prestigious company in watches in such a short time gives them much belief that they can satisfy the Indian Army in meeting its demands.

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Omega Watches Honors Two Gold Medalists

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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

February 22, 2010 – Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  Omega honored two Olympic gold medalists the Swiss ski jumper Simon Ammann who won 2 gold medals and Maelle Ricker who won the gold in snowboard cross and right in her own backyard.  Ricker is the fist Canadian woman to win a gold medal on Canadian soil.  Presented with Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watches by two legendary astronauts was just as exciting for the winners.

Captain Gene Cernan and General Thomas Stafford accompanied by Omega president Stephen Urquhart did the honors.  Cernan told Ammann he and Stafford had never worn gold medals and asked if they could try them on.  Ammann complied laughing and handed one to each astronaut, one being the last human being to leave a footprint on the moon and the other commander of the Apollo Soyuz Test Project.

They all posed for pictures in Omega’s bobsleigh in front of the Omega Countdown Clock. 

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Pleased with her Omega watch and proud of her win for Canada Ricker said she will no longer be late for upcoming snowboard world cups. 

Ammann stated she was happy to meet other athletes like Ricker, knowing she grew up in Vancouver and how significant this was for her.

Being Swiss Ammann was honored to be recognized by Omega for her excellent efforts and accomplishments.

Omega is the official Timekeeper of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

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Cartier Watches Appeals To Those With Discriminating Tastes

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Cartier Watches

Cartier Watches

Talk about unique, if you are looking for a watch that no one else has then look no further than the Cartier Santos 100 skeleton watch.  The height of design, its case is housed in a form of Roman numerals making it no less than a technical feat which by the way has a patent application pending.

The time is easy to read considering it has no face.  With a 72 hour power reserve it keeps exceptionally accurate time.

There are 138 components that make up this work of art.   Finished by hand, the bridges are chamfered and the sides satin-brushed.  Fifteen hours of work goes into finishing just the upper bridge.

Jackie Loved Cartier

It is 28.6mm by 28.6mm and has a thickness of 3.97mm.  A large piece boasting a crown decorated with a faceted sapphire.  It also features a sapphire crystal and the Roman numerals on the dial are the bridge of the movement.  Sword-shaped blued-steel hands show the hour and minutes.

Complete with an alligator strap and an 18k white gold and palladium 950% triple folding clasp this is an exquisite watch.

The sapphire crystal case is transparent and it is even water resistant to 30 meters or 100 feet.

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Michele Knows Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

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Michele Deco Diamond Watch

For just the right touch of bling on your wrist look no further than the Michele Deco Day Diamond Women’s Watch with Stainless Steel 3-Link Diamond Bracelet Model # MWW06P000010.  Total diamond weight comes in at 0.80 ct.

This watch boasts a generous 144 diamonds.  One hundred and eight of them frame the Mother-of-Pearl face and thirty-six are sprinkled on the stainless steel bracelet.  Swiss chronograph and subdial, in case you are wondering what day of the week it is, give this piece just enough functionality as if all those diamonds weren’t enough.

But Michele also thought you might like it to be water resistant and it is should you find yourself day tripping on the streets of London in the rain and forgot your umbrella.  No worries.

Just a Touch of Pink

What more can be said about this watch?  For those of you who classify yourselves as fashionistas this watch is the watch for you.  Not only will you have the bling factor from any angle you happen to move your wrist; you can color coordinate the strap with your outfits.   Any Michele strap is interchangeable with this watch; the looks you can achieve are endless.  A picture is worth a thousand words in this case.

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Movado Art As Function

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Getting into the retro groove, Movado re-introduced the Kingmatic series originally made in the 1950’s.  Featuring a central driven rotor, automatic movement and sweeping second hands it is available in either a stainless steel case with a leather or stainless steel bracelet.   It is water resistant to 50 meters and has a sapphire crystal.

Ahead of It's Time

In 1912 Movado created a watch that made the world turn on its heels, the Polyplan curved wristwatch.  This was before anything like it hit the market and Movado thought that they’d like to adapt the watch face to the curve of the wrist, which was no small feat.  Three separate plans of gears were created, it was an engineering feat.  The case is solid 14K yellow gold and came in several models.

Nathan George Horwitt created the first museum watch in 1947 featuring an uncluttered dial and a simple gold dot at 12 o’clock, the classic Movado.  He said it reminded him of a sun-dial.  Later on the design team collaborated with artists like Andy Warhol to create one-of-a-kind limited edition pieces which can be found in museums and galleries.

Movado which translates to mean “always in motion” started in 1881 in La Chaux-de-faunds, Switzerland by Achille Ditisheim and six others who created their watches by hand.  In 1899 they were awarded the Silver Medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

They are true to their name, always in motion and creating artfully done watches to this day.

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Panerai Watch A Little Old World Italy

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In 1860 the Florentine watchmaker Guido Panerai made precision pocket watches for the Royal Italian Navy, blending Swiss technology and Italian style.  He received many patents in the timekeeping field and well as for his optical systems.  In the 1930’s he provided the Royal Italian Navy with pocket watches and torpedo sights.

The Radiomir men’s watch was released in 1936 and named for the material used in the face that glows in the dark.  This beautiful cushion-shape style with its unique rung design connection between the strap and case has not changed much since its original design.

In 1993 Panerai offered its watches to the world with the Luminor men’s watch whose dial is composed of two superimposed layers.  The Luminor is guaranteed to 300 meters under water and has its own mechanical hand-wound movement with a transparent caseback.  The Luminor Marina is their 18K gold version, limited edition of 150 pieces.

The Luminor Blackseal watch, engraved with two Italian frogmen on a human torpedo, has a steel cover and the image is also on the dial. 

Richemont bought Panerai in 1997 and evolved the business adding new products to the line and increasing its market share.   Pure simplicity comes to mind in an elegantly-stated manner when you look at a Panerai watch, simply exquisite.

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IWC design watch for “Year of the Tiger”

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Entering the Year of the Tiger, we find many people who want to add a little tiger into their wardrobes. IWC did something special in its honor too.

Strange as it may seem, while animal pelts have always been associated with royalty, animal imprints have been seen as non-classy and sometimes even crass. Leaopard, tiger, cheetah and other animals have been stripped of their fur for the aristocratic wardrobe, while the simpler classes simply stuck to simple pictures of animals.

Regardless of one’s personal choice on design, it would be safe to say that most people have a certain appeal to them, perhaps because of their glamor and exotic appearance. Even fashion designers have always found animals, either through imagery or fur, as an extreme styling choice.

Many people seem to have looked for different ways to inject a little bit of tiger-ness into their office, party or just casual wear. Some have chosen a tiger pattern tie or tiger-print velvet slippers, both designed and manufactured by leading fashion brands.

A number of brands have found other ways, some more loud, others subtler, to express the Year of the Tiger message.

Perhaps the most appealing to a classy businessman would be the IWC watch with a special print dedicating it to the Year of the Tiger. But don’t get too excited, only 210 were made of this limited edition!

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Movado Group Says Sales Back Up

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The Movado Group has announced that it will be adding funding to its advertising branches, particularly in some of the wealthier Middle Eastern countries where Movado noticed a substantial decline in sales. The company said that while sales are back on the ascent, it is taking its own initiative to bring watches back into the spotlight.

Swiss watch sales went down some 22 per cent, and Movado’s slowdown was as high as 35 per cent. It is those regions with the higher drop rates that the company is now targeting with their positive advertising campaign.

Efraim Grinberg, the Chief Executive of Movado Group said that he believes these places are potential growth markets and now that the economy is beginning to heal, people are able to make room for spending on the watches they love.

Movado Group is the manufacturer and distributer of the exclusive watch brands Movado, Ebel and Concord, each with its distinct characteristics.

Mr. Grinberg said that the average spender has lowered their budget considerably, he feels that with new designs and sleeker products to encourage buyers to go for the quality stuff.

Movado, which means “always in motion” in the constructed international auxiliary language of Esperanto, has been a leading brand since its inception in 1881, and has been known for its design innovation and artistry.

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Authentic Watches Strengthened by Surge in Online Searches

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Authentic WatchesDespite lingering skepticism about the global economy, Internet search engines report a surge of interest in luxury watch brands, with global search volume on the rise for makers of high-end authentic watches.

According to Geneva’s IC Agency World Watch Report, interest in luxury authentic watches has continued to grow, despite a floundering economy.  After analyzing 25 luxury watch manufacturers, the study found that Jaeger LeCoultre, Audmars Piguet and Blancpain were the leading brands being searched online.

The report followed the search trends for some 120 models, including the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso, which accounted for 8.2 percent of total search volume among the group.   This classically designed watch is unique in that its case can be inverted by the wearer and worn on the reverse side, allowing for more versatility and the appearance of owning two watches.  This elegant series of men’s and women’s watches is available in solid gold, two-tone and solid steel, and in either a precision quartz or manual-winding movement.  It is a sign of these economic times that the most popular model of luxury authentic watches being sought out online is also the most practical.

The second most popular model was the Royal Oak, which is made by Audemars Piquet.  Another interesting finding in this study was that over 300,000 people on social networking sites subscribe to the fan pages for popular brands of luxury authentic watches.

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Cartier Watches Prototypes New ID One Adjustment-Free Watch

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Cartier watches ID OneAccording to BusinessWeek, Cartier watches is working on a prototype that will cut down on the need for watch maintenance by half, which will have very important consequences for the luxury watch industry.   Bernard Fornas, the CEO for the Geneva-based brand, expects to introduce the new technology within the next three years and compared this development to the difference between cars with fuel-injection and those with carburetors.

Some of the new Cartier watches being released this year include the $117,000 Astrotourbillon and a new Captive line for women.  Like most other Swiss watches, these luxurious timepieces need to be adjusted and maintained every three to five years, which can cost about $775 each time.  Developing a watch that only needs adjustment every six to ten years will be a major improvement.   Many owners of high-end watches are not happy with the additional costs and service delays that regular maintenance incurs.

While the new ID One concept timepiece is still in the prototype state, it was displayed at the International Salon of Fine Watchmaking in Geneva.  This spirit of innovation has helped restore needed optimism for Cartier Watches, which still sees the U.S. market as an “unsure environment”.  Cartier is enjoying a surge in Asian sales, however, and could have as many as 65 boutiques in China within the next five years.

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