Movado, More Than The Museum

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Vintage Movado Finds

 Movado is a well known watch brand, but what do we know?  We know the Museum Watch.  We definitely know a Museum dial, when we see one.  These watches have been Movado’s defining symbol, for as long as I can remember, but what of the Movado…before the Museum?

The Museum dial was designed in 1947, but by then Movado had been in business for many years, and created many important timepieces, so what has happened to these vintage pieces?

Looking on line and you can locate many rare and highly collectible Movado watches from the early to mid 1900’s.  These creations are beautiful, and their quality is unmistakably Movado.  As I said, this Swiss watch maker came long before the Museum watch did.

One such find, is the Movado Women’s Bracelet watch, circa 1960.  This watch was crafted in 14 carat yellow gold, and has really contemporary styling.  It is modern and stylish, and features a rectangular dial, made of Mother-of-Pearl.  The delicate arms and minimalistic face of this women’s watch is in keeping with Movado’s design elements.  This watch is a mechanical movement, and Swiss made.  It offers a bit of color, in its’ blue jeweled cabochon crown.  There are many of these fabulous estate finds, so the next time you think of Movado, remember they are more than their Museum watches.


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Raymond Weil’s Wild Black 8

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Raymond Weil's Freelancer Black 8, Luxuriously Lucky

The newest designs from Raymond Weil are creative and symbolic.  In the creation of the Freelancer Black 8, symbolism abounds.  Raymond Weil is an independent company, with individual views on watch making.  This uniqueness shines through in the personality of the Freelancer Black 8.  The dial is a dreamy interpretation, full of spice and allure.  The number 8 is indicative of the eternal.  The never ending curve of the shape is symbolic of everlasting life.  This powerful novelty watch by Raymond Weil uses the number 8 to display and promote infinite prosperity.  The luckiest number in the universe is the centerpiece for the dial of the Freelancer Black 8.  It is used in an, almost art deco fashion to display the hours, marked by diamonds.  The release of this watch comes on the heels of the companies global expansion project, and is an apropos sign of Raymond Weil’s desire to become infinitely prosperous, themselves.  The privately owned and operated watch maker has come a long way in a very short time.  Using the traditional designs from the past and bringing them, full throttle into the future, with technological advancements and forward thinking designs has pushed Raymond Weil to the front of the pack in just 40 years.  I wonder what the next 40 years will uncover.  Discover Raymond Weil, unveil excellence.

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TAG Heuer Gets Recognized For Excellence

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TAG Heuer's 150 Year Celebration

TAG Heuer has a solid reputation as a true innovative force, and a well respected presence all around the world.  Their inventions and breakthroughs in the world of timekeeping have put them on the map, and that history continues to be written.  In May of 2010 a top Australian jeweler, Mr. Kock held an event to honor the TAG Heuer Company for their accomplishments, and to launch a new exhibition.  TAG Heuer’s 150 year anniversary marked this event, which includes some touching moments between Mr. Kock and Jack Heuer.  Three time Formula One Championship winner, Niki Lauda was on hand to receive a Silverstone Limited Edition watch, in its original steel blue version, from Jack Heuer.  The exhibition follows a hugely successful show at Baselworld 2010, where TAG impressed all with their new creations.  This innovator, keeps redefining the way we keep time, with brilliant new technology.  They have expanded their business to include luxury watches for women, which have style and elegance.  The TAG Heuer creations continue to amaze us with their craftsmanship, and wow us with their great looks.  Since 1860, when TAG Heuer began this quest for excellence, the world has changed much…and the TAG Heuer designers have managed to stay one step ahead of the pack.

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Raymond Weil Re-Release Of The Parsifal

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Raymond Weil New Parsifal Watch

The Parsifal collection by Raymond Weil was named after Wagner’s final opera.  There’s no denying the mystical appeal of this symbolic collection of timepieces.  The Parsifal was originally released 20 years ago, and its return to Baselworld 2010 was a much anticipated event.  This line of watches re-confirms Raymond Weil’s dedication to remaining true to their convictions.  The designs stay true to the original plan, utilizing that initial blueprint, and improving on it.  Featuring deep black dials paired with soft rose gold bezels, create the luxurious appearance of the Parsifal.  The hours are marked with elegant Roman numerals, which give these watches old world appeal.  The mechanical movements have been enhanced to now offer a 42 hour power reserve, as well as an easy push button control for the chronograph features.  There’s no mistaking the Parsifal’s refined and sophisticated looks.  No detail was overlooked when creating these watches.  The straps are all genuine full skin alligator, which has been finished with a saddle stitching.  The innovation behind the new Parsifal is ingenious, but the look of these watches is where you will see Raymond Weil’s talent truly shine.  Taking classic lines and elements, and altering them in such a wonderful fashion…that’s what makes the new Parsifal watches irresistible.

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Raymond Weil and The Don Giovanni

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Raymond Weil's Don Giovanni Watches

Raymond Weil watches are always surprising, and never dull.  Their designs are fresh…even the traditional ones.  They constantly manage to throw in unexpected details, which peak our interest, and that is one of the reasons this watchmaker has been able to come on the scene so late, and become so successful.  One of their more traditional lines comes in the form of the Don Giovanni Collection.  This collection of watches is all about old world glamour and elegance.  The softly shaped square and rectangular dials in this collection are reminiscent of the refined timepieces of yesteryear.  In true to form, Raymond Weil style, these watches have something extra.  They are layered with luxurious materials, and textured in such a way that you stop and take notice.  Every last detail is taken into account, and the end result is modern and fabulous.  Some of these creations are adorned with brilliant diamonds, while others stand out because of their distinct design.  These men’s and women’s Don Giovanni’s are flawlessly finished, and all Swiss made.  Raymond Weil creates all their timepieces with a real dedication to integrity and quality.  Get to know the Don Giovanni collection, and all the Raymond Weil watches, soon.  It’s definitely worth you while!

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Raymond Weil Freelancer Summertime, Magnificently Monochromatic

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Raymond Weil's Monochromatic Creation

Raymond Weil creations are so sophisticated and polished.  The look is that of the highest quality, and that is what you get.  Their newest edition to their line of women’s watches is no exception.  The Freelancer Summertime is a fantastic blend of modern styling and Swiss quality workmanship.  These ladies timepieces speak to the chic woman, luring her in with magnificent design elements.  These are automatic mechanicals, crafted with 25 rubies, for precision accuracy.  They carry a power reserve, when fully wound of 38 hours.  They are made well, and built to perform, but the appearance is the clincher.  The Freelancer Summertime is a monochromatic blueprint.  It offers layers of various textures and materials, which add up to an interestingly stylish interpretation.  The center of the dial is a steel waffle pattern, which transforms to a smooth brushed finish, on the outer rim of the dial.  This area is set with diamonds to serve as hour markers.  The bezel is in a polished steel and also set with brilliant diamonds.  The bracelet on the Freelancer Summertime is presented in a neutral toned alligator strap, which has been meticulously saddle stitched.  Raymond Weil creations just keep getting prettier and more stylish!

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Movado, Luxury At The Right Price

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Movado, Meticulous Designs

Movado is recognized around the world as a superior Swiss watchmaker, and we all know that their meticulous quality is built in to the very blueprint of their watches.  From the moment of conception, Movado is concerned with form, as well as function.  Using the finest materials, and the best Swiss made movements, has given them a reputation of trusted excellence.  Their design elements have been noticed, and applauded by critics of the art world, and the rest of us, for many years.  Movado’s are understated and elegant in their design.  The minimalistic characteristics of Movado timepieces have been the driving force behind their style, since the Museum was released, and that hasn’t changed.  Movado, meaning “always in motion”, has been their philosophy all along, and it will take them into the future.  The strength behind the name is consistency.  Movado turns out creative and exquisite designs, constantly.  Their quality and craftsmanship is never in doubt, and this had resulted in the growth of this company.  Movado’s sell, when other may not, because of their quality, their great looks, and (most importantly) their pricing.  Movado boasts the most affordable Swiss made watches, anywhere.  That’s doing it right.  Movado, old school engineering, prices for the new economy.

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Tissot’s Heritage Watch Shows Style

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The Tissot Heritage 2009, Stylish


We are all familiar with Tissot watches.  Their NASCAR connections and all of the companies fast paced affiliations have helped to make Tissot a household name with race car drivers, champion cyclists, and even MotoGP fans, but the real success of this watchmaker is the reputation their precision instruments have gained throughout the years, with their clients.  Men and women alike can appreciate the fine Swiss craftsmanship that goes into making these watches, and that is what keeps customer loyalty.  Another key factor is style and one very stylish Tissot watch is the T904.432.76.057.00 Heritage 2009 men’s watch. 

The Heritage come in either stainless-steel or gold.  I prefer the 18 carat gold version.  This  stunning men’s watch is a manual automatic Chronograph.  It comes with all the bells and whistles.  The Heritage has a rich brown face and is adorned with 18 carat gold time indicators.  The dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and of course this watch is all Swiss movement.  It is water resistant to 3 bar (or 30 meters).  The Heritage 2009 matches the 18 carat gold bezel and accents with a bold brown, alligator bracelet.  This is a great example of Tissot’s ability to pair precision timekeeping with exceptional style, and turn out a fantastic men’s watch.

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Movado Watches, Artistic and Beautiful

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Movado's New Editions

There’s no getting around the fact that Movado watches are beautiful.  They are among the watchmakers that have evolved from jewelry designers, and it shows in their stylish appearance.  Movado watches have very graceful and elegant lines and are universally appealing to both men and women.  They stick to what works quality Swiss-made movement and sleek, streamline semblance.  Movado has kept their classic look and built a reputation that can be trusted. 

An excellent example of one of Movado watches more delicate designs can be found in the 606267 Bela Women’s Watch.  The Bela is a baguette bangle creation, which comes in two-toned stainless-steel.  This women’s watch really looks and feels more like a bracelet than a timepiece.  Perfect for slim wrists, the Bela can be worn alongside your jewelry without becoming too overpowering.  It comes with a jet black dial in a rectangular shape and carries the signature single cabochon marking that Movado watches are recognized for.  It goes without saying that this watch, along with all Movado watches is quality Swiss made, and built to last.  With Swiss precision built in to this beautiful timepiece, it’s a great choice.

 The Bela Two-Toned Women’s Watch is probably the daintiest of their new designs, and definitely one of the loveliest.  Get to know all of Movado watches recent additions, by visiting their website, today.

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Watches sales at unbelievably high prices

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Rolex displayed for auction sale

A Rolex advertsed by Patrizzi and Co. to be sold at a future auction

For most people, a watches sale would mean discounted watches. For some it means getting watches that are rare and hard to get, for whatever price it may be. Anyone passionate about the look of his or her watch is usually ready to put down some cash for it. But the amount that one person paid at an auction run by the Patrizzi and Co auction company would be over most people expectations, and budgets.

An art deco Louis Cartier Tank watch made a record sale price when it successfully was sold for $135,000. It’s a nice piece, do not doubt that for a second. It is a 1929 gorgeous, slick  looking wrist watch, something anyone would want. This watch was no

Louis Cartier men's watch which sold for $135,000

Cartier platinum men's "Louis Cartier" tank wristwatch with original platinum bracelet, completed in 1929, went for $135,000 in its original fitted morocco box at a Patrizzi and Co. auction

t the only to sell that night. All of the collectors present at the auction that night were losing breath just over the sight of some of those many reputable brands with such distinct design and shape.

Some high priced Rolex watches also went that night.

Aside from wrist watches, were also other time-keeping designs. A Cartier Comet Clock sold for $250,000. Yes, that’s a lot of money. But you must remember, that clock featured the most complicated mechanisms every produced by the company.

Out of 161 items up for grabs that night, 100 were sold.

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