World’s Most Expensive Luxury Watches

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Chopard watchesNow there’s luxury watches and then there’s extreme luxury watches.  Want to take a guess at the price tag on the world’s most expensive one for sale right now?  Don’t even bother…you won’t believe it anyway.  The most extravagant luxury watch on the market to date is the diamond encrusted Chopard, listed at a cool $25 million dollars.  While this watch boasts over 201 carats of pink, blue, and white diamonds, including a single 163 carat diamond…who is really going to walk around with this on their wrist?  Obviously, this is a showcase piece, but is all that opulence really necessary.  When half of America is out of work and struggling, do we really need to be so bold and brazen as to create a watch like this?  I guess the answer is yes, but I for one think it is rather ridiculous.  I want to own pieces with history and meaning, like the old blue dial Seiko watch that my dad used to wear.  I keep that piece tucked away safely in my jewelry box and if anything ever happened to it I would be crushed, but I wouldn’t be broke.  Choosing luxury watches should be more about taste than cost.


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Philip Stein, Oprah, Rupert Murdoch and Other Fans

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Philip Stein Is One Of Oprah's Favorite Things

Most of us have seen the episodes, where Oprah is singing the praises of Philip Stein watches.  Her “my most favorite things” spots are the most widely televised, and she has mentioned these watches not once, but twice on these popular broadcasts, but who else is wearing Philip Stein?  What other celebrities are feeling the effects of their Natural Frequency technology?  Let’s see:  It seems as though Philip Stein has fans like Rupert Murdoch to young guns, like Aaron Carter, and the list goes on.

Recently journalist, Cynthia McFadden was spotted wearing a Philip Stein watch, while interviewing Paula Abdul.  But, why is this watch maker drawing such high profile attention?  Well, their designs are stylish, that’s true, but the attraction, I believe is under the hood.  Celebrities (and the rest of us, for that matter) love to feel special and different.  Philip Stein watches offer a unique and interesting feature, which is noticeable to the wearer of the watch.  If this watch can bring about better sleep and a calmer demeanor, who wouldn’t want one?  The draw may be due to the specialized nature of these watches, but their continued popularity may have more to do with good, smart, marketing, and great customer service.

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TAG Heuer Beats Out Competition

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What Does Your TAG Heuer Say About You?

A watch on a man’s wrist is much more than a device for keeping time, it has turned into a fashion statement, as well as a reflection of one’s personality and level of success.  TAG Heuer has long been regarded as one of the industries leaders in sport luxury watches, producing some of the most creative and innovative chronographs, around.  Their styling is appreciated by watch enthusiasts across the globe, and this is why TAG Heuer is among the best selling men’s watch brands in the world.  Facing tough competition, like Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Cartier, Invicta, and Fossil, TAG Heuer holds their own, in the race to make the best sport luxury watch.  This Swiss watch maker is highly sought after, and created their first ever chronograph, back in 1882.  Since then, TAG has been on a tireless mission to improve on their watches, offering advanced technology and avant-garde styling.  Watch connoisseurs consider TAG Heuer timepieces to be a great investment, noting that the TH look is unique and well crafted.  Wearing the right TH on your wrist will let others in on your personality and your lifestyle, and can be seen as a barometer with which to gauge your accomplishments.  Make your personal fashion statement, through your choice of TAG.

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Look Good, Feel Great…Fruits Watches by Fruitz

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Fruits Watches From Fruitz Are Sweet

Is there a better time of the year to pick fresh fruit, than summer?  How about a juicy pear or a succulent strawberry?  Sounds good, huh?  Well, actually I’m describing some of the flavors of the new Fruits Watches by Fruitz.  Up to now, nothing tastier has come to the watch industry.  These fun and fruity flavors brighten up your summer days, with their vibrant colors and fanciful attitude.  They are inspired by fresh cut fruit and their style is quite unique.  They offer tiny seeds, which act as hour markers, and fruit leaves point out the time on the hour and minute arms.  The color palette is chosen to match that of the fruit the Fruits Watch is named after, and a complimenting strap of soft, pliable rubber is attached to finish the look.  The clever designing of these Fruits Watches makes you think they are all about play time, but the Fruits Watch holds a secret inside, which is working to help change your whole outlook on life.  Inside each Fruits Watch is a disk, which emits a Natural Frequency.  This Natural Frequency Technology matches that of the Earth’s natural vibration, and when you are exposed to this vibrational rate, marvelous things happen.  You sleep better, have clearer thoughts, and are more at peace.  Talk about looking good and feeling good…that’s the idea behind the Fruits Watches.

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Summer Is The Perfect Time To Enjoy Fruitz Watches

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Fruit Inspired "Fruitz Watches"

Everyone’s going bananas over the new Fruitz Watches.  Fruitz is a line of timepieces, which go above and beyond simply telling time.  These clever little watches are specially designed with Natural Frequency Technology embedded inside.  These fruity flavors look amazingly like cut fruit, and are styled throughout in this whimsical fashion, but their fun appearance isn’t all they have to offer.  The Fruitz Watches register the Earth’s frequency and provide the wearer with all kinds of health benefits.  Better sleep, clearer thoughts, and reduced stress are among the results from wearing the Fruitz Watches.  They come with brightly colored dials, which are textured with a sunburst effect.  The hour markings are made to resemble seedlings, and the hands are fashioned in a leaf pattern.  Some of the bracelets are in polished steel, but most come in colorful silicone.  Fruitz Watches make the perfect summertime accessory.  The timepieces are made for men, women, and children…they are irresistible, even to the pickiest of teenagers!  And Fruitz Watches are extremely affordable, priced just over $200.00.  Which is your favorite fruit flavor?  Watermelon, Lime, Plum, or Raspberry?  Fruitz offers many flavors, all infused with the benefits of Natural Frequency Technology.  So, pick your favorite fruit, and start to reap the rewards.

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Panerai to showcase in Dubai

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An exclusive watch from Panerai

A luxury timepiece from Officine Panerai, supporting partner at this year's Dubai International Boat Show

At the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), the Italian luxury watch name Officine Panerai will feature an exhibition showcasing its ‘nautical heritage’.

Panerai was acclaimed a sea relied company when it became the supplier to the Italian Navy of very sophisticated equipment for underwater use. The manufacturing of these high precision devices formed Panerai’s long standing affinity with exploration of the sea.

In Dubai, the company has set  up a show, displaying this affinity with the sea that Panerai holds. Since the luxury watch brand is a supporting partner of DIBS, it’s exhibits will be located in the VIP Majilis, a lounge set aside especially for VIP guests attending the show who are treated to a unique experience and atmosphere. Beautiful and sophisticated exhibits stand proudly displaying selects Panerai watches.

The timepiece manufacturer said that the DIBS is a very prestigious event and many marine enthusiasts attend, making it “the perfect platform for Panerai to share our passion for the sea and showcase our innovative and timeless creation”.

Panerain has been the official sponsor of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge for five years and is continuing to do so this year. The connection the company holds with classic yachts is simple, says the CEO of  Officine Panerai, in that both companies have close linkages to the sea, beauty, history and craftsmanship.

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Watches sales at unbelievably high prices

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Rolex displayed for auction sale

A Rolex advertsed by Patrizzi and Co. to be sold at a future auction

For most people, a watches sale would mean discounted watches. For some it means getting watches that are rare and hard to get, for whatever price it may be. Anyone passionate about the look of his or her watch is usually ready to put down some cash for it. But the amount that one person paid at an auction run by the Patrizzi and Co auction company would be over most people expectations, and budgets.

An art deco Louis Cartier Tank watch made a record sale price when it successfully was sold for $135,000. It’s a nice piece, do not doubt that for a second. It is a 1929 gorgeous, slick  looking wrist watch, something anyone would want. This watch was no

Louis Cartier men's watch which sold for $135,000

Cartier platinum men's "Louis Cartier" tank wristwatch with original platinum bracelet, completed in 1929, went for $135,000 in its original fitted morocco box at a Patrizzi and Co. auction

t the only to sell that night. All of the collectors present at the auction that night were losing breath just over the sight of some of those many reputable brands with such distinct design and shape.

Some high priced Rolex watches also went that night.

Aside from wrist watches, were also other time-keeping designs. A Cartier Comet Clock sold for $250,000. Yes, that’s a lot of money. But you must remember, that clock featured the most complicated mechanisms every produced by the company.

Out of 161 items up for grabs that night, 100 were sold.

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Authentic watches sell even in difficult economy

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Even in the difficult market, Maurice Lacroix has managed to meet the challenge to authentic watches that have stood the test of time.

Despite its relatively young age as a designer and maker of Swiss watches, Maurice Lacroix has gained such a reputation for its perfection in authentic design and workmanship that it stands an equal to many of the world’s leading watch brands.

In this spirit, the company has launched an advertising campaign including three world figures who they believe follow the same motto as they do; that is, to “follow your convictions”.

The company has recruited Bob Geldof, Jimmy Wales and Justin Rose to spearhead the campaign, highlighting the common denominator between these three people and Maurice Lacroix. As CEO Martin Bachman put it, “Our ambassadors achieved greatness without the need to compromise their principles.” Bachman says that that is the secret to his company’s success.

Most people will be able to identify with at least one of the new ambassadors, rendering it a nearly unflawed campaign. Bob Geldof is as successful as he is authentic. He has been a music journalist, produced records, many of which became huge hits; he even organized one of the most successful global fundraising events in LiveAid and Live8; he began a TV company and is also a businessman of accomplishments.

Jimmy Wales has done much in his life; but his most notable achievement was the founding of Wikipedia which he began because of a dream he envisioned to make all of human knowledge available to everyone. Wikipedia has been rated as one of the top five visited sites on the internet.

Justin Rose became a professional golfer at only 17 years of age, to the disbelief of many of his critics. He went on to accumulate title and eventually made it to European no. 1.

With these daring and inspiring people, Maurice Lacroix hopes to show the public its own conviction in producing authentic watches of great design and quality.
There’s no reason they won’t succeed.

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Watches Designed with Divers in Mind

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watches omega ploprof 1200mEver since Omega introduced the Seamaster 600 in 1970, it has been heralded as the most robust and seaworthy divers watch ever made.  So fascinated with this watch are its owners that the model even has its own fan sites and owner’s clubs.  That may explain why the latest watches in the Seamaster collection are garnering so much attention.

The Seamaster soon became known as the “Ploprof” within professional diving circles, which is based on the first three letters of the French words for professional divers – “plongeurs professionals”.  The new Co-Axial 8500 Seamaster watches are known as the Ploprof 1200M, which is water resistant up to an amazing 1200 meters, or 4000 feet.

Fans of the original Ploprof watches are familiar with the features that made the original version so memorable, including the screwed-in crown that is located below a protective buffer at 9 o’clock, and the bezel-release security pusher with its anodized aluminum ring at the 2 o’clock position.  The pusher can be pressed during a dive, which will ensure that the bezel is locked firmly.  At the 4 o’clock position, the automatic helium escape valve releases helium atoms during decompression.

Clearly the Ploprof 1200M is a prime example of why Omega watches are considered “serious diver’s watches”, and it will surely become a collector’s item that can be worn with or without a wetsuit.

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NEW Fruitz Watches

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Not only are these new Fruitz watches fun, they are good for you. Natural frequency technology, is used in each Fruitz watch. The concept behind natural frequency technology is that it enters your body’s biofield re: your “master energy field”, the one that regulates all your bodily functions and sends messages to your body to relax, take a deep breath, etc. By doing this, your stress levels decrease, something which we all have too much of. There have been countless studies done and celebrity endorsements that say it’s true.

Ok, no more science lessons, back to the watches. This new line of Fruitz watches is just what the doctor ordered! After a cold winter, what better way to welcome spring than with a colorful, fun, new watch? The Fruitz line is available for men, women and children; a family watch so to speak and one that will please even the pickiest “tween.”

The idea of using different fruits as inspiration for different watch styles is super creative. The watch dials represent a piece of fruit cut in half, with a sunburst pattern and three dimension face with a curved chapter ring; hour markers look like seeds. The cases come in polished steel (or gold plated) and the straps are rubber and available in a wide, bright array of colors.

The best news of all is that Fruitz watches sells for a very reasonable $225, available at truly making it a watch that each member of the family can have and love wearing.

Which kind of fruit are you?

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