Michele Watches, A Change Of Pace

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Change It Up With Michele Watches


Michele is known for being one of the premier accessory designers in the world.  Following and keeping up with the trends on the runway, Michele has earned a reputation of being at the forefront of the fashion industry.  Their sun wear and handbags have long been a hit with young fashionistas, and Michele watches are taking off, as well.

Michele’s watch line is bright and vibrant, with glamorous touches.  The colorful bracelets and intricately designed watch dials tickle our senses and the combination choices get our imaginations stirring. 

With Michele watches one can create their own statement timepiece.  With exotic prints and shiny metallic leathers…the possibilities are endless.  You can show off your serious side and create a classic, stainless-steel watch, or maybe get a little wild and mix diamonds with a leopard print leather bracelet.  With Michele, you can do both.  The dials and bracelets are interchangeable and can be designed to suit whatever mood you happen to be in.  Feminine and flirty, sultry and serious…or maybe classic and sophisticated.  We women reserve the right to change our minds.  So, have fun with Michele watches!

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Michele Knows Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

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Michele Deco Diamond Watch

For just the right touch of bling on your wrist look no further than the Michele Deco Day Diamond Women’s Watch with Stainless Steel 3-Link Diamond Bracelet Model # MWW06P000010.  Total diamond weight comes in at 0.80 ct.

This watch boasts a generous 144 diamonds.  One hundred and eight of them frame the Mother-of-Pearl face and thirty-six are sprinkled on the stainless steel bracelet.  Swiss chronograph and subdial, in case you are wondering what day of the week it is, give this piece just enough functionality as if all those diamonds weren’t enough.

But Michele also thought you might like it to be water resistant and it is should you find yourself day tripping on the streets of London in the rain and forgot your umbrella.  No worries.

Just a Touch of Pink

What more can be said about this watch?  For those of you who classify yourselves as fashionistas this watch is the watch for you.  Not only will you have the bling factor from any angle you happen to move your wrist; you can color coordinate the strap with your outfits.   Any Michele strap is interchangeable with this watch; the looks you can achieve are endless.  A picture is worth a thousand words in this case.

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Authentic watches sell even in difficult economy

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Even in the difficult market, Maurice Lacroix has managed to meet the challenge to authentic watches that have stood the test of time.

Despite its relatively young age as a designer and maker of Swiss watches, Maurice Lacroix has gained such a reputation for its perfection in authentic design and workmanship that it stands an equal to many of the world’s leading watch brands.

In this spirit, the company has launched an advertising campaign including three world figures who they believe follow the same motto as they do; that is, to “follow your convictions”.

The company has recruited Bob Geldof, Jimmy Wales and Justin Rose to spearhead the campaign, highlighting the common denominator between these three people and Maurice Lacroix. As CEO Martin Bachman put it, “Our ambassadors achieved greatness without the need to compromise their principles.” Bachman says that that is the secret to his company’s success.

Most people will be able to identify with at least one of the new ambassadors, rendering it a nearly unflawed campaign. Bob Geldof is as successful as he is authentic. He has been a music journalist, produced records, many of which became huge hits; he even organized one of the most successful global fundraising events in LiveAid and Live8; he began a TV company and is also a businessman of accomplishments.

Jimmy Wales has done much in his life; but his most notable achievement was the founding of Wikipedia which he began because of a dream he envisioned to make all of human knowledge available to everyone. Wikipedia has been rated as one of the top five visited sites on the internet.

Justin Rose became a professional golfer at only 17 years of age, to the disbelief of many of his critics. He went on to accumulate title and eventually made it to European no. 1.

With these daring and inspiring people, Maurice Lacroix hopes to show the public its own conviction in producing authentic watches of great design and quality.
There’s no reason they won’t succeed.

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Movado Watches Releases Red Label Museum Calendomatic Picture Watch

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Movado Red Label Museum WatchAs a brand whose exquisite watches have made their way into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Movado Watches employs the most refined use of linear design, finesse and modernity into their timepieces.

The latest incantation of Movado Watches is the long-awaited Red Label Museum Calendomatic Picture, a model that represents that company’s early designs dating back to 1946. Using a self-winding Calendomatic movement, the new Movado Red Label Museum watch maintains the same characteristic design concepts that have defined the brand for decades.

Measuring 42 mm in diameter, the round case of the Red Label Calendomatic is crafted from silvery stainless steel, which contrasts beautifully with the black leather strap and black dial. In addition to the signature Movado “dot” at the 12 o’clock hour, the watch features a convex date windo at the 6 o’clock hour, a function that is generated by the ETA 2824-2 progressive Calibre movement.

The new Red Label Museum Calendomatic from Movado Watches embodies the style and sophistication that has made the watch company such an icon in the world of horology, and it has enjoyed enormous market success since its release earlier this month.

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Designer Watches at Discount Prices

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What could be better? A brand new, never worn, designer watch at a price you can afford from top brands like Breitling, Bvlgari and TAG Heuer to Cartier watches, Gucci watches and Michele watches.cartier watches

Breitling typically makes men’s watches; with large faces and complex functions, these are known as “instruments for professionals”, specifically for aviation pilots. However, for the woman with an adventurous spirit there are Breitling women’s watches as well, like the Windrider Starliner that comes with diamonds.

Bvlgari needs little introduction or description. Any fan of Italian luxury goods will know and love Bvlgari. The great thing about Bvlgari watches is that almost every single one comes with the well-known Bvlgari bezel, making it a true designer watch in every way. Whether you’re talking Assioma, Diagono or Rettangolo, these styles are guaranteed winners.

Another brand which needs little explanation is Cartier. Cartier watches are by far some of the most continually sought after watches in the industry. Cartier men’s watches are popular among both sexes and with their balance between power and style, can be worn whenever, wherever. Even if you are not that familiar with watch names, there is little doubt that you’ve heard of the Santos, the Pasha or the Tank.

TAG Heuer carreraGucci watches are yet another hot buy and go for less than a Bvlgari or Cartier watch, making them a great buy. For women especially, Gucci offers so many styles to choose from, many of them being jewelry watches which gives the wearer the added benefit of owning a watch that also looks like a fine piece of jewelry.

Speaking of “for the ladies”, Michele watches are watches made for the woman that is bold, confident and not afraid to show it. Michele watches are classy and sexy and with their easily interchangeable bands, can be worn from work to a hot date and make you look great.

TAG Heuer watches are for those that want to look good and wear a watch that can withstand some serious heat. Promoted and worn by some of the world’s top athletes, TAG watches are always a winning choice.

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Yvan Arpa’s Watch for Black Belts Only

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Upon reading the title, you might wonder “what?” A watch for black belts only? Yes, it’s true. Eccentric watchmaker and black belt Bushido fighter, Yvan Arpa, has come out with the Black Belt Watch. Yvan was known as the brains behind the Romain Jerome brand, and helped that company develop and design the genius Moon Dust DNA watch and then was abruptly fired. Arpa went to court over the unfair firing, won the case and perhaps with the proceeds was able to start his own watchmaking business.Yvan Arpa black bel twatch

As intense as Arpa is about watchmaking, he is more so about martial arts and has decided that in order to purchase one of his Black Belt watches, you must be a black belt yourself and show proof (re an award certificate) before he will actually let you buy one of his watches, which are not that cheap: about $3,000. Partial proceeds from each watch sold (which are currently only available for pre-order) will be donated to the “No Difference” foundation, which helps handicap people learn martial arts.
The Black Belt watch has a rose gold caseback that has “For Black Belt Only” engraved on it. The entire watch is colored in five different shades of black, the main shade being PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated steel with a satin finish. The strap is made of specially textured rubber and waterproof leather. The strap is supposed to look like a kimono. The dial has the image of a black belt and the hands are meant to resemble the shinai wooden swords that are used for practice in Kendo. The bezel is black steel and has Japanese Kanji characters engraved on it. The watch runs on an automatic mechanical movement, is made in Switzerland and is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Read more about this watch, its philosophy and its creator at BlackBeltWatch.com

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The Newest Engraved Watch by Magrette

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The Taniwha Engraved Gold Inlaid Watch is the latest from watchmaker Magrette. The first unique and different thing about this watch and all others by this brand is that it is produced in New Zeland, not in Switzerland where all luxury watch brands are based. The second unique feature to this particular watch is its engraving. Hours of engraving done by hand have gone into producing this new watch by Magrette.Magrette-Taniwha-watch

The case is fully decorated with gold inlay. The designs tell a story, with characters and different scenes, there is no other watch to which this one can be compared.

The case isn’t the only part of the watch that is engraved. Look to the strap buckle, where you will also see the serial number. All Magrette watches are produced in very limited numbers, some collections only showing 10 pieces.

The case of the Taniwha measures 44mm and is made from steel with gold inlay.  The crystal is sapphire, and the watch is water resistant to about 100 feet. The strap is made from soft black leather and features an engraved buckle. Magrette-Taniwha-watch1The caseback is made sapphire crystal giving the wearer a view of the Swiss made automatic movement that runs it.

The name of the watch: Taniwha comes from ancient New Zealand history and the engraved design is based on the indigenous Maori people. Taniwha are mythical water based monsters who were known as protectors of the native New Zealand people and would help guard their canoes.

There are six collections of Magrette watches, three of which feature engraving. They are: MAUI’ S FISH, MAUI’ S FISH (B), TE MANAIA. The other three collections are: Regattare Moana Pacific, The Regattare DAY-DATE and the The Regattare DLC which all feature smooth cases and no engraving anywhere.

The watches are all made in limited editions, some as few as only 10 (the engraved ones) and prices range from $300 to just under $6,000. The Taniwha Engraved Gold Inlaid Watch is only available in five pieces and is the most expensive one yet, selling for $5,985.

Components of Magrette watches are sourced from all over the world. The soft leather straps are made by a specialist in Canada, graphic design work done is done by a New Zealander based in Taiwan and dials Germany. The vintage style roll case is made in Auckland and all hand engraving is done in New Zealand as well.

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Romain Jerome Delivers a Watch Made with Moon Dust

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They look like something found in sunken ship, inside the treasure box. Like something that pirates wore. They are watches made by the boutique French brand called Romain Jerome. Jerome achieved fame in the watch world when he launched his Titanic DNA collection, a series of watches that are partly made from stabilized rusted steel sourced from the infamous Titanic.Romain Jerome Moon watch

The creativity and horological know-how behind these watches is incredible. Romain takes materials like rust and coal and now moon dust and coats the bezels and dials of his watches with them.

The collection is called Moon Dust – DNA and there are four models: the Gold Mood, Steel Mood, Black Mood and Steel with gem-set diamonds. Each model is produced in a limited series of 1,969 pieces.

The Steel Mood (as pictured here) has a case crafted from finely polished stainless steel and a bezel made from tiny fragments of carbon fiber found on the Apollo XI spacecraft. The strap is partially composed of materials gathered from an ISS spacesuit and is connected to the case with signature Romain Jerome lugs – lugs that are capped with star screws. It’s the dial that’s especially impressive and magical. Made from a mineral composite, including real fragments of material found on the moon, it genuinely looks like the moon’s landscape and gives a three dimensional sense of craters. The RJ logo is found at the 12 o’clock position and small seconds are indicated at the 9 o’clock position by a metal structure. The hour and minute hands are made to look like sun sensors found on space crafts that are sent to the moon.

This watch runs on a caliber from the specialty firm Concepto and has a power reserve of 42 hours. This watch, as with the others in the Moon Dust – DNA collection is water resistant to 50 meters.

In addition to using actual moon dust in his watches, Romain Jerome also employs rust and graphite (the chemical name for coal). These materials and application techniques are a first in watch-making and are used to give the watches a dark, magical look that makes it look as though it really did come from a sunken treasure.

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AP’s Royal Oak Las Vegas Strip Mens Watch

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Boys, it just got better to go to Vegas… Las Vegas, otherwise known as Sin City, a playground for the rich and famous.AudemarsLasVegasStrip

Audemars Piguet has just upped the ante when it comes to men’s watches. They have come out with a new, limited edition, “bad boy” watch called the Royal Oak Tourbillon Chronograph, of which only 35 pieces have been made. This watch features large red numbers and white hands set against a black dial. The colors are reminiscent of a black jack table and the numbers are large enough that you will still be able to see what time it is even in the wee hours of the morning, or in more formal terms: the hands are crafted from polished white gold and coated with Superluminova that make for easier reading in dim lights.

The Royal Oak Las Vegas Strip maintains the signature octagonal case and bezel which made the Royal Oak collection famous when it hit the scene in 1972. The brushed and polished stainless steel case and surfaces have been treated with a black coloring that makes for a bold contrast with the red hour figures, red chronograph subdial and the beveled red tourbillon bridge. The watch also has Audemars Piguet’s famous “Mega Tapisserie” waffle pattern.

The watch runs on Audemars Piguet 2889 movement, a thin, complex caliber that brings together about 335 hand-finished parts and operates via column wheel. Fully wound, this caliber has a power reserve of 70 hours.

As with all AP watches, the finishing and final presentation of the watch is nothing short of spectacular. Finishings for the mainplate, steel chronograpgh levers, jewel and screw settings are all taken into account and done meticulously.

The strap is made from black crocodile and features red stitching. A blackened stainless steel folding clasp shaped in the form of the Audemars Piguet initials secures the watch to the wearer’s wrist.

Fashion-wise, you can’t find a hotter men’s watch to wear as you’re playing the casinos, taking in a show or simply cruising the Strip.

It’s not only the men that go to Vegas to be bad, women do as well, which is why Audemars Piguet, also made a version of this new “Las Vegas Strip” watch for women.

Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and with this new Royal Oak Las Vegas Strip Tourbillon Chronograph, you have a new partner in crime.

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Platinum Jewelry and Mens Watches Rule the Red Carpet

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During this year’s 61st Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony platinum jewelry in all its shapes and forms, ruled the red carpet. Platinum earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rare men’s watches and cufflinks, all dazzling in diamonds, wear draped on all the celebrities who attended.chris

Previous to the awards ceremony, there was an exclusive event hosted by the Platinum Guild International where celebrities were invited to view and select jewelry to wear for the Emmy’s and to the after parties. From items like a 100 carat diamond and platinum necklace, to earrings, bangles, rings and men’s jewelry watches, the selection of platinum jewelry was truly amazing.

Platinum is a great metal that is often used in high end jewelry and luxury watches because its natural white color enhances the radiance of precious stones. Not to mention that there is simply nothing more glamorous and reminiscent of old Hollywood than platinum and diamonds, as explained by style expert Michael O’Connor: “Classic Hollywood glamour is the hottest trend on the red carpet this year. Celebrities are choosing to make a statement with their jewelry by highlighting their neck, wrists or ears with bold pieces.”

Chris Harrison, host of TV shows like Antiques Roadshow and The Bachelor was seen wearing a men’s jewelry watch in the form of a Platinum Rolex watch with diamonds and mother of pearl dial.

Check out the quick list of who else wore what:

Alyson Hannigan selected platinum and 28-carat diamond earrings, a platinum and 70-carat diamond bracelet, and a platinum and 11-carat diamond ring by Chopard. Patricia Arquette chose platinum and diamond earrings, ring and bracelet. Glenn Close went for platinum and diamond earrings designed by Fred Leighton, while Jessica Lange glowed in a platinum and diamond bracelet.

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