Tissot’s SEA-Touch Watch Review

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The Tissot SEA-Touch

Tissot makes under watch maneuvering even easier, with the release of their new SEA-Touch watches.  The SEA-Touch timepieces, from Tissot offer water resistance to a depth of 200 meters, and they feature Tissot’s famous T-Touch technology.  The SEA-Touch is presented with 10 unique functions, which range from specified diving functions to those, which can be used in a dryer climate.  Some of the dive functions include a dive depth indicator, diving speed indicator, a compass, a thermometer, and a diving log book.  All of the SEA-Touch’s functions are activated, with the use of T-Touch Technology.  The touch sensitive glass is what transmits the actions to the watch. 

Of course, the SEA-Touch offers many of the traditional features, such as an alarm, a perpetual calendar, a time zone indicator, and a digital chronograph.  The new watch from Tissot is also equipped with a backlit dial, which has a luminescent face. 

Tissot continues to be an innovative leader in the watch industry.  Each year, the company produces another first, or improves on a favorite.  T-Touch technology has helped to revolutionize the way we keep time.  The advancement in this technology, will give way to even more amazing timepieces.

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Herbert Nitsch and His Breitling Superocean

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Breitling and Freediver, Herbert Nitsch

Who is Herbert Nitsch, and how did he earn the title “Deepest Man on Earth”?  Well, Herbert is the free diving world’s phenom and the newest representative for Breitling’s Superocean watch.  He is the perfect choice for the job, given the fact that he has acquired 31 world records in free diving.  The Breitling Superocean has traveled that road to the bottom of the sea and back to dry land…but the story doesn’t end there.  Herbert is an extreme pilot, as well, achieving world record status in both arenas.  Nitsch is also known as “The Flying Fish”, as he is the only human to free dive to the incredible depths of 700 feet, on a single, deep breath, as well as being a pilot, who takes his plane to intense heights.  It seems appropriate that Breitling would join forces with this amazing individual.  Breitling has equipped Nitsch with the perfect performance watch for his adventures, the Breitling Superocean.  This precision instrument has accompanied Nitsch on his previous dives, and will be his partner on his next endeavor…an attempt to reach his ultimate goal of free diving to the celebrated 1000 foot mark.  The Breitling Superocean will be on his wrist when he meets that challenge!

TAG Heuer Goes To Great Depths

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TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 500, Professional Diving Watch

TAG Heuer is a true innovative force in the industry.  Their creations are legendary, and have a place in watch making history, and their newest addition to the TAG line of watches is no exception to that.  The TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 is the most accurate and reliable timepiece TH has produced, to date.  This high end performance watch will astound you, with its functionality and precision Swiss quality.  The TH Aquaracer Calibre5 is a sport luxury watch, which was born from the extreme conditions faced by deep sea divers.  This professional timepiece will push itself to the limits of and high pressure situation.  TAG Heuer patented its first water resistant case, back in 1895, but the new Aquaracer blows that initial invention out of the water.  

The original underwater line was launched in 1982, the 2000 Series was TAG’s first professional diving collection, and the ancestor of the Aquaracer.  The new Aquaracer Calibre 500 is the most extreme professional diving watch made by TH.  It features a unidirectional rotating bezel, a TH symbol.  It has brushed steel accents and molded rubber detailing.  The Aquaracer has a large 43mm case, and offers super luminescent hands, arms, and indexes, for easy reading at extreme depths, and it is water resistant to an amazing 500 meters!   The new Aquaracer Calibre 500 will add another notch in the belt of this fantastic watch maker, will it be an addition to your collection, as well?

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Omega, Michael Phelps Choice

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Omega Ambassador, Michael Phelps


Omega certainly has shown their strive for excellence in the watchmaking world, and in keeping with that undying dedication, they continue to attract Ambassador’s with that same work ethic.  Their fans include award winning actors Nicole Kidman and George Clooney, and 007 super spy James Bond.  It only stands to reason that the world’s fastest swimmer would join that illustrious group.  Michael Phelps, who at the age of 16 became the youngest ever to set a world record for swimming, has been an Omega Ambassador since 2004.  Michael went on to greater achievements, and in 2008 at the Beijing Olympic Games he took home, an astounding 8 gold medals.  Michael didn’t just jump in the pool one day and come out a champion…he trained for years, dedicated his time and energy, and demonstrated extreme determination.  Omega, a watchmaker that has built a solid name for themselves shares those qualities.  They have been producing fine Swiss watches for decades.  Their innovation has opened doors to space and taken them to the depths of the sea floor.  Keeping your cool and not getting rattled under extreme pressure is an intricate part of being a successful competitor.  Michael Phelps knows this and that is why he chooses the Seamaster Planet Ocean from Omega.  The Planet Ocean is a marvelous watch by Omega.  Stylish and functional, the Seamaster is a true Omega classic, and talk about performing under pressure…The Planet Ocean can withstand depths of 2000 feet!  Great choice Michael.

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Discount Watches, Let’s Make A Deal

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Shopping Wisely Can Save You Money

Ok, let’s go shopping.  Sound like fun, right?  Well, it can be, but shopping on the web can also be confusing…that’s where I come in.  Today we’re looking for discount watches, and trust me when I tell you, the deals are out there.  You just have to know where to look and what you’re looking for.  I feel as though I’m always putting up warning signs, and sometimes I am.  It’s just that, even though shopping on the internet is safe and convenient, in many ways it’s very similar to getting in your car and driving from shop to shop…and we can forget that.

Every site will have different prices, various shipping options, sales tax incentives, etc…let me give an example.

I have great respect for Oris watches.  I think they are incredibly well-made and have some very interesting design elements.  I located the Oris Men’s Chronograph Titanium Diver.  This is a fantastic Oris watch.  It is made from an all Titanium case and security buckle, with a durable rubber strap.  It is a professional diver’s watch and is water-resistant to over 3200 feet.  This is a current model that can be found on the Oris website.  It was on discount, for 1810 euro (what does that mean?) sounds like a deal, but when I calculated the conversion…that’s $2400.00. 

Continuing my search, this same timepiece was found on several other sites.  The best price I ended up with was $1599.00.  That’s $800.00 lower than the discount watch I originally found.  Surprised?  Well, the best part is, it only took me 5 minutes to save that cash!  Easier than driving all around town, and better for the environment, too.

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Go On An Underwater Adventure With IWC

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Dive Deep With IWC

IWC has built a reputation specializing in chronometry.  Rooted in Engineering, this extraordinary watchmaker has made history with their impressive inventions, like their diver’s watch that can withstand depths up to 2000 meters.  As if that isn’t incredible enough, this is the only diver’s watch equipped with a mechanical depth gauge.  IWC’s amazing lines of diver’s watches, appropriately named the “Aquatimers” have been among the cornerstones for the company.  These are high performance, professional instruments and are well-respected and trusted in the industry.

The 3767 Aquatimer Chronograph is one in this line of timepieces.  This is a self-winding mechanical, with chronograph movement.  When fully wound, this watch holds a 44 hour power reserve, which comes in handy when you’re out at sea. The IWC  Aquatimer is water-resistant to 12 bars, and come with luminescent features on the hands.  The stunning face of this watch is accented with colors that are highly visible at great depths.  The different versions are offered with either a durable rubberized strap, or a solid stainless-steel, in a polished finish.  All the IWC Aquatimer watches have a rotating external bezel, which marks the beginning of a dive.

It’s hard to compete with IWC’s diving watches.  They have been carefully engineered, down to the smallest detail for peak precision and performance.  Next time I go deep-sea diving…I would feel safer having one of these strapped to my wrist.

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