Brad’s TAG Heuer Up For Sale

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Brad's TAG Heuer Goes Up For Sale

Rick Dees is a man of many talents.  Co-founder of the Cooking Channel and Cable Radio Network talk show host are among his pastimes, so what does he have planned next?  A yard sale, but not just any yard sale, this will be the flea market to beat all. On July 18th, Dees will open Dodger Stadium for this one of a kind event.  He will be offering original, unique item, which cannot be found anywhere else.  You might run across a Hermes handbag, once owned by singer Mariah Carey, or a stylish Armani suit, straight out of the closet of George Clooney.  It is reported that Brad Pitt’s famous TAG Heuer timepiece will make an appearance, as well.  The TAG Heuer Carrera men’s watch, worn by Pitt will be among the items for sale at the event.  It is a self winding chronograph, which is black and steel.  Brad’s face graced the TAG Heuer ads for 6 sweet years, before being replaced by Leonardo Dicaprio, last year.  The high end yard sale will raise funds for the Salvation Army.  Come out and shop for some celebrity hand-me-downs, it’s for a great cause.

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Movado Drawing Attention

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Movado Watches

Movado is surely one of the watch industries most popular and well-known brands.  Since their beginnings in 1881, this watch maker has shown innovation and creativity in their watch designs, and that has been widely celebrated by their clients.  Modeling their timepieces after fine jewelry, and adorning them with such elements as fine grade leathers, 18 carat gold, and diamonds is a huge aspect of their appeal.  Of course, the styling of the Movado watch is always complimented by their superior craftsmanship and quality.  The Movado watch is all Swiss made and crafted carefully, resulting in accuracy and reliability.  These traits and the features which make Movado so popular have drawn the attention of watch company analysts, International Watch Club.  International Watch Club was founded in 2006, and is an information gathering house, for more than 300 watch brands.  The site, International Watch offers information watch enthusiasts and dealers, alike.  Because of Movado’s enormous success and quality engineering, the International Watch Club, now offers information, which can help you learn more about Movado watches.  Whether you are a watch collector, a dealer, or just someone wanting more detailed info on Movado watches, you can find it at this site.  Travel there, to find your perfect Movado watch.

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Gucci’s Timeless Beauty

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Gucci New Ad Campaign, Featuring Veruschka

Gucci, the trendsetting design house and luxury watch maker is taking a different approach to their ad campaigns this year.  This iconic fashion house is utilizing their rich and illustrious history for the inspiration of their new advertising campaign.  Their new ads will feature two black and white images, which were shot back in the 1960’s.  Gucci’s new international ad campaign will use these images as a back drop to their three new collections. 

The ads will highlight Gucci’s timepieces, which will be superimposed over the black and white prints.  The G-Gucci timepiece, Gucci’s digital watch, and a traditional men’s chronograph, featuring a moss green bracelet are the watches to be showcased.  The original vintage photos are of 60’s model and actress Veruschka von Lehndorff.  Veruschka was a legendary model, making 11 appearances on the cover of Vogue magazine and working with artists, such as Salvador Dali, and her shots are as relevant and riveting today as they were 50 years ago.  Digging up these archived images and using them in a contemporary and updated way shows off Gucci’s brilliance, as a designer.  Gucci is pairing the timeless beauty of the past and the present, showing that  splendor really doesn’t ever go out of fashion.

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Who’s Wearing Cartier

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Usher And His Cartier Ballon Bleu

There has always been a buzz around the Cartier name.  Hollywood royalty and musicians, alike have fallen hard for this luxury watch brand, so le’s drop some names.  One of the world’s most elegant actresses of today is, undoubtedly Gwyneth Paltrow.  She is well known for her fashion sense and her beauty and grace have landed her the illustrious position as the face of Estee Lauder.  Paltrow’s choice in timepiece is the Cartier Tank Americaine.  The sophistication and timeless beauty of this watch is the perfect match for Gwyneth’s graceful looks.

Gwyneth may seem a natural Cartier admirer, but this watch company has fans of all shapes and sizes.  The multi-platinum recording artist, Usher has also been spotted wearing a Cartier timepiece.  Usher has interesting style for an R & B artist.  He is young, yet refined for his years.  His choice is the Cartier Ballon Bleu, which is in 18 carat white gold.  This watch is elegant and polished, not unlike the artist, himself.  It makes a statement of success, which is understated and charming, the ideal pick for a man who wants to be taken seriously.

Cartier’s clients, whether famous or not, have exceptional taste and class.  Cartier’s chic style is hard to resist!

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Herbert Nitsch and His Breitling Superocean

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Breitling and Freediver, Herbert Nitsch

Who is Herbert Nitsch, and how did he earn the title “Deepest Man on Earth”?  Well, Herbert is the free diving world’s phenom and the newest representative for Breitling’s Superocean watch.  He is the perfect choice for the job, given the fact that he has acquired 31 world records in free diving.  The Breitling Superocean has traveled that road to the bottom of the sea and back to dry land…but the story doesn’t end there.  Herbert is an extreme pilot, as well, achieving world record status in both arenas.  Nitsch is also known as “The Flying Fish”, as he is the only human to free dive to the incredible depths of 700 feet, on a single, deep breath, as well as being a pilot, who takes his plane to intense heights.  It seems appropriate that Breitling would join forces with this amazing individual.  Breitling has equipped Nitsch with the perfect performance watch for his adventures, the Breitling Superocean.  This precision instrument has accompanied Nitsch on his previous dives, and will be his partner on his next endeavor…an attempt to reach his ultimate goal of free diving to the celebrated 1000 foot mark.  The Breitling Superocean will be on his wrist when he meets that challenge!

Movado Makes Some Smart Choices

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Movado Boutique Business

As with all retailers, Movado’s business has taken a hit, during this tough economy.  These times have been witness to many Companies going out of business or making concessions in the way in which they do business.  Changing business tactics, such as more out sourcing or cutting corners is the way some retailers have dealt with the recession, but Movado is different.  This watch maker has integrity and staying power.  They have been affected as much as others, but Movado’s attitude has been to ride it out.  Of course, the Swiss watch company has had to make some strategic changes, but not in the quality of their products. 

Unlike many watch companies, who have always made most of their sales through third party retailers or on-line stores, Movado has always had a boutique retail business.  The Movado Boutiques are chic and cater to Movado watch and jewelry clients.  Each of the Movado specialty Boutiques featured not only watches and jewelry, but Movado accessories, as well.  While unique and special, the Boutiques were costing the Company close to $10 million dollars a year.  Closing the Boutiques is just smart business.  For now, only the flagship Boutique in Rockefeller Center will remain open, and Movado can concentrate on bringing us new and creative designs, through their on-line store and 31 outlets.  The bottom line is that Movado is still going strong.

The Timeless Style of Gucci

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Gucci G-Timeless, Gorgeous

Among Italian designers, the Gucci name reigns supreme.  From their handbags to their accessories lines, the Gucci style is authentic and unmistakable.  Their famous creations have distinguished them as a fashion icon, and their newest watch collections will help to carry on that legacy.  Gucci’s timeless appeal is the appropriate beginnings for one of the new watch lines.  The G-Timeless Collection is a modern and contemporary compilation of men’s and women’s watches.  The sizing of these watches is in small and medium.  Those loyal Gucci fans will love the detailing of the G-Timeless Collection.  The watch face is styled in a “G” shadowed monogram.  Some of the dials feature a diamond Gucci motif, while other sportier versions offer green monochromatic webbing.  The dials are presented in an array of colors, such as Gucci brown, midnight black, brushed silver, and snow white.  These new Gucci timepieces are paired with either polished steel, leather, PVD, or rubber straps.  The Gucci G-Timeless watches are traditionally elegant.  If you are looking for the perfect Gucci watch, the G-Timeless may just be it.  Recently “Friends of Gucci” got together to help launch the new line.  Celebrities Owen Yap, Chermaine Poo, Joey G, and Andrea Fonseka were on hand to model the newest Gucci creations.

Summer Is The Perfect Time To Enjoy Fruitz Watches

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Fruit Inspired "Fruitz Watches"

Everyone’s going bananas over the new Fruitz Watches.  Fruitz is a line of timepieces, which go above and beyond simply telling time.  These clever little watches are specially designed with Natural Frequency Technology embedded inside.  These fruity flavors look amazingly like cut fruit, and are styled throughout in this whimsical fashion, but their fun appearance isn’t all they have to offer.  The Fruitz Watches register the Earth’s frequency and provide the wearer with all kinds of health benefits.  Better sleep, clearer thoughts, and reduced stress are among the results from wearing the Fruitz Watches.  They come with brightly colored dials, which are textured with a sunburst effect.  The hour markings are made to resemble seedlings, and the hands are fashioned in a leaf pattern.  Some of the bracelets are in polished steel, but most come in colorful silicone.  Fruitz Watches make the perfect summertime accessory.  The timepieces are made for men, women, and children…they are irresistible, even to the pickiest of teenagers!  And Fruitz Watches are extremely affordable, priced just over $200.00.  Which is your favorite fruit flavor?  Watermelon, Lime, Plum, or Raspberry?  Fruitz offers many flavors, all infused with the benefits of Natural Frequency Technology.  So, pick your favorite fruit, and start to reap the rewards.

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TAG Heuer and The Great Wall Of China

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Following the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster around the world can keep a gal pretty busy.  This week the Roadster landed, figuratively speaking, at China’s Great Wall.  This battery operated machine has plugged in everywhere from India, to Russia…and now they must find the power of the Great Wall. As the Tesla roadster pulled into, what is thought to be the most culturally significant landmark in its year and an half road trip, who was waiting?  None other than the most well respected actor in China, Chen Dao.  Dao is famous for his role in “Hero” and his upcoming debut in “Aftershock”.  The Chinese actor took the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster out for a quick spin, and was thrilled to be the Ambassador for the Chinese stop.  The Roadster’s trip, entitled “Odyssey of Pioneers” is a 37,000 kilometer jaunt, covering 15 cities on a total of 3 continents.  The stop in Beijing was the eighth of the 15 stops for this zero emissions vehicle.  The Tesla Roadster is a revolutionary car, which runs on conventional electricity.  The sources the Roadster has drawn power from are hotel outlets, solar panels, and even a barn in Switzerland allowed the Tesla to plug in.  You can track the Tesla’s journey on Facebook, if you are interested, or stay tuned for my next update!

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Movado’s Chess Game

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Movado Group is Planning Ahead

Movado is a watch company who wants to come through these tough economic times smelling like a rose, and to accomplish that, they must plan ahead and make some crucial choices.  This year Movado will close many of their retail sales boutiques, making room for more revenue through third party sales, via the internet and through other retailers.  This change is huge for the Swiss watch maker, but will not (on its own) promise a bright future.  The experts at Movado have a few more surprises for us, one of which is the promotion of Joe Faranda.  Faranda is a global marketing expert and is Movado’s new Senior Vice President of Consumer Insights and Strategic Planning.  This position is new and created especially for Faranda.  He will report directly to Chairman and CEO of Movado Group, Inc, Efraim Grinberg.  In this new position Mr. Faranda will be responsible for overseeing product development and marketing strategies for Movado and ESQ for Movado.  He has been brought in to utilize his expertise and to bring Movado through this time, hopefully with flying colors.  Movado’s position is to stay strong through these times, to be smart, and to come out the other end more successful than when they went in.

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