Tissot Watches Score a Victory with Nascar

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In keeping with Tissot Watches’ tradition of awarding a watch to Nascar champions, more racing greats have been the recipients of this coveted honor. In fact, the competition for the remaining watches among Nascar drivers is heating up.

Tissot Nascar Watch

In keeping with their mission to create a high-performance, precision timepiece, Tissot Watches continues to award a watch and $5,000 to the racer who spends the least amount of time with his crew in the pit, hence the title, “Pit Road Precision”.

In October 2009, Jimmie Johnson claimed his watch, after winning the Pit Road Precision title as well as the Sprint Cup. For finishing second in the lead lap and staying with his crew for just over 329 seconds, Johnson claimed one of the coveted Tissot watches and a check for $5,000.

Jeff Gordon, in another round for Tissot watches, claimed a watch and prize money for spending the shortest amount of time in the pit lane in his recent performance at the Pepsi 500 at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.

Driving his number 24 Hendrick Motorsports car, he too won the Pit Road Precision title for spending the shortest amount of time (just over 295 seconds) in the pit during the race. Gordon scored another victory recently by being named as one of the 50 greatest drivers by Nascar.

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Kazimon Drei Chronograph Titanium Watch

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Kazimon is a trademark of Kazim Kenzo and all its watches are made in limited editions and in Germany.

The Kazimon Drei chronograph is one of the newest creations from this German brand. In German, drei mean “three” and though it is not Kazimon’s third watch (the company has four current collections) the name refers to the number of subdials, which is the standard number of subdials that all 12 hour chronographs should have.

Aesthetically this watch combines both modern and retro styles. The chronograph hands are retro, similar to the ones seen in watches from the 1940’s. The case is 41mm which isn’t too big nor too small and therefore more traditional than many of today’s oversized men’s watches.

This watch measures 17mm high, which is higher than most and this is due to the Swiss made ETA Valjoux 7750 movement inside. Like most Kazimon watches, the Drei is a diver’s watch and this is seen in the details such as lugs that curve downward so as not to feel awkward or interfere. The bracelet too is wide, measuring 20mm and has a retro look to it as well – metal with portholes.

The modern features of this watch as seen in the fact that it is made from titanium which makes it weigh less (also good for diving) and even though the caseback is not open, there is a Cotes de Geneve polishing and blue screws. The dial itself is quite modern and is made up of black, white and red. The Kazimon “X” logo is present at the center and gives off a cool look. Although the Drei is a diver’s watch there is a tachymeter scale on the bezel, as well as aviator style hands. Both the hour markers and seconds hands are modern looking.

One thing to remember is that although this is a diving watch, it’s not for deep diving since its water resistant only to 100 meters.

Check Kazimon.com to see when this watch is available and although listed in Euros, the price is about $1,790 dollars.

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Feel Free with the Navigator 2.0 Watch

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The Navigator 2.0 is made by Freestyle, a young, hip watch brand that came about in the 80’s and creates durable watches for those that do extreme sports like skate boarding, snowboarding, biking, skiing, mountain biking and more.Freestyle Navigator 2.0

Freestyle is mostly known for making diving watches that are water resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet) and many watches by Freestyle have that punk rock, 80’s look to them.

The Navigator 2.0 is less funky looking, in fact it’s all black, but employs a technology exclusive to Freestyle called Free Fit technology. The strap is made out of a mesh-like material and allows the wearer to buckle the watch anywhere along the mesh material (no pre-made holes) that ensures a perfect fit for your wrist. This is particularly important when doing extreme sports, as you can’t have a loose or ill-fitting watch.

Other cool features of the Navigator 2.0 include all the necessary features of a reliable sports watch like time/date, timers, three alarms, a 30 lap memory chronograph, and a compass.   The compass is so accurate that is has a declination adjustment, 16 cardinal directions and 1-degree resolution, which basically means that if you have absolutely no sense of direction you will not get lost.

Freestyle Navigator bandAlthough technically a men’s watch, the Navigator is not that big. The face measures about ¾ of an inch across, making it comfortable for women as well. The buttons on the side do not poke out, as most do, which prevents them from digging into your wrist but also makes it slightly harder to push when you’re trying to set the timer, etc.

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Scary Skull Watch by Bell & Ross

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Although Swiss watch company Bell & Ross did not make the BR-01 Airborne 415 watch for Halloween, it sure fits the occasion. The watch debuted at Baselworld 2009 to great acclaim. The skull design pays tribute to the type of aviation professionals that Bell & Ross caters to. This limited edition BR-01 Airborne 415 watch combines military credence with Haute Joellerie, as the skulls of these watches are studded in diamonds.Bell_Ross_ BR 01 Airborne 415 The skull itself is a symbol that has become adopted by divisions within the U.S. military; its motto “death from above” is used by courageous paratroopers when in action. The limited edition BR-01 Airborne 672 also has this same look. Only 99 of each of these watch collections will be produced. The difference in and name of each collection has to do with the number of diamonds on the watch case. Both dials are paved in natural white diamonds, while 259 full-cut round diamonds are set by hand to fill the shape of the skull. On the Airborne 415 watches there are 156 black diamonds set on the bone-shaped bezel that compliment the dial, while on the Airborne 672, there are 413 black diamonds which cover the watch’s entire face. Both watch collections comes with the new version of Bell & Ross’s wide strap made of black shagreen, which is made with natural grained galuchat. Galuchat comes from the leather of sting rays and actually consists of hundreds of tiny ivory beads that offer a unique, exotic, and luxurious glossy finish. If you prefer the traditional black rubber strap found on many Bell & Ross watches, you may have the shagreen one switches out. All watches are water resistant to 100 meters, and although these exclusive collections are more luxurious looking due to the white and black diamonds, they still function as seriously and professionally as any other B&R watch.

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Piaget Polo 45 Chronograph Gets Paraded Around Town

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The Polo FortyFive Chronograph by Piaget is a luxury sports watch, which is not the type that most people associate the Piaget brand with. Piaget is most known for producing high-end men’s and women’s watches and jewelry. Founded in 1874 by a man whose last name was lent to the brand.Piaget Polo 45

So, now Piaget is spreading the word that it too deserves to be known as a producer of luxury sports watches and is doing so by getting high profile athletes to simply wear the watch and be seen. Not a bad deal for anyone involved.

Piaget recently gave one of their Polo 45 Chronographs to Fernando Torres, the well known Spanish soccer player who plays for both the Liverpool and Spanish national teams. Torres, a handsome guy will wear the watch when out in public and Piaget is hoping that people will notice, want one and then buy one. Whether Torres is being paid is unknown but since each of these sporty luxury watches sells for $17,900 we can assume that he’s happy just to get a free one.

The Polo FortyFive is named after the 45 minutes that a polo match lasts and showcases what is a “first” for Piaget – combining titanium, injected rubber and steel. The design has been purposely revamped from the other watches in this collection: new design, new curves, gadrooned screw-lock crown, rubber capped push pieces and crown, black PVD treated oscillating weight, triple folding clasp with safety mechanisms and summer / winter positions. The grade 5 titanium that was selected for the case is the only type that can be polished.

The Piaget Polo 45 Chronograph is handsome and stylish. The 45mm sized case is made out of titanium and has a sporty silver dial, index markers, and a rubber strap with steel hinges. The automatic movement is manufactured in-house with a flyback chronograph and second time zone GMT function, sweep seconds, and big date complication. The bracelet is crafted from stainless steel, titanium and rubber. The Piaget Polo FortyFive Chronograph watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

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Double Fisted: Danica & Tissot Watches

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All companies, no matter what they sell, are all thinking of new ways to sell their product. With sales of everything down, except perhaps the most basic of necessities, like toilet paper, companies, especially those that sell luxury goods, need to be smart and spend wisely in advertising their goods.danica

Tissot Watches has done it. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money and that’s the risk sporty watch company has taken with its sexy, new print ads. With tag lines like “She’s Got the Touch” and “Touch Go”, and images showing hottie brand spokeswoman Danica Patrick wearing Tissot watches, these ads are sure to catch your attention.  What’s brilliant is that Danica wears one watch on each wrist; maximizing the attention to the watch.

Tissot must be banking on Danica and her appeal to sell watches because the company is paying for not one full page ad, not 2 or 3 full pages, but FOUR full, color pages all featuring Danica in provocative positions, that of course also highlight their men’s sports watches. Tissot has a widely popular collection called the T-Touch, which feature many models and styles and are made to perform during the roughest of athletic play. The tag lines “She’s Got the Touch” and “Touch Go” are in reference to the T-Touch collection.

The sultry new spread is set to appear in the September issue of GQ magazine.

If Tissot sees an increase in sales as a result of these ads, maybe next time, they’ll have watches wrapped around more than just Danica’s wrist.

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