Who’s Wearing Cartier

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Usher And His Cartier Ballon Bleu

There has always been a buzz around the Cartier name.  Hollywood royalty and musicians, alike have fallen hard for this luxury watch brand, so le’s drop some names.  One of the world’s most elegant actresses of today is, undoubtedly Gwyneth Paltrow.  She is well known for her fashion sense and her beauty and grace have landed her the illustrious position as the face of Estee Lauder.  Paltrow’s choice in timepiece is the Cartier Tank Americaine.  The sophistication and timeless beauty of this watch is the perfect match for Gwyneth’s graceful looks.

Gwyneth may seem a natural Cartier admirer, but this watch company has fans of all shapes and sizes.  The multi-platinum recording artist, Usher has also been spotted wearing a Cartier timepiece.  Usher has interesting style for an R & B artist.  He is young, yet refined for his years.  His choice is the Cartier Ballon Bleu, which is in 18 carat white gold.  This watch is elegant and polished, not unlike the artist, himself.  It makes a statement of success, which is understated and charming, the ideal pick for a man who wants to be taken seriously.

Cartier’s clients, whether famous or not, have exceptional taste and class.  Cartier’s chic style is hard to resist!

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Herbert Nitsch and His Breitling Superocean

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Breitling and Freediver, Herbert Nitsch

Who is Herbert Nitsch, and how did he earn the title “Deepest Man on Earth”?  Well, Herbert is the free diving world’s phenom and the newest representative for Breitling’s Superocean watch.  He is the perfect choice for the job, given the fact that he has acquired 31 world records in free diving.  The Breitling Superocean has traveled that road to the bottom of the sea and back to dry land…but the story doesn’t end there.  Herbert is an extreme pilot, as well, achieving world record status in both arenas.  Nitsch is also known as “The Flying Fish”, as he is the only human to free dive to the incredible depths of 700 feet, on a single, deep breath, as well as being a pilot, who takes his plane to intense heights.  It seems appropriate that Breitling would join forces with this amazing individual.  Breitling has equipped Nitsch with the perfect performance watch for his adventures, the Breitling Superocean.  This precision instrument has accompanied Nitsch on his previous dives, and will be his partner on his next endeavor…an attempt to reach his ultimate goal of free diving to the celebrated 1000 foot mark.  The Breitling Superocean will be on his wrist when he meets that challenge!

TAG Heuer Goes To Great Depths

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TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 500, Professional Diving Watch

TAG Heuer is a true innovative force in the industry.  Their creations are legendary, and have a place in watch making history, and their newest addition to the TAG line of watches is no exception to that.  The TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 is the most accurate and reliable timepiece TH has produced, to date.  This high end performance watch will astound you, with its functionality and precision Swiss quality.  The TH Aquaracer Calibre5 is a sport luxury watch, which was born from the extreme conditions faced by deep sea divers.  This professional timepiece will push itself to the limits of and high pressure situation.  TAG Heuer patented its first water resistant case, back in 1895, but the new Aquaracer blows that initial invention out of the water.  

The original underwater line was launched in 1982, the 2000 Series was TAG’s first professional diving collection, and the ancestor of the Aquaracer.  The new Aquaracer Calibre 500 is the most extreme professional diving watch made by TH.  It features a unidirectional rotating bezel, a TH symbol.  It has brushed steel accents and molded rubber detailing.  The Aquaracer has a large 43mm case, and offers super luminescent hands, arms, and indexes, for easy reading at extreme depths, and it is water resistant to an amazing 500 meters!   The new Aquaracer Calibre 500 will add another notch in the belt of this fantastic watch maker, will it be an addition to your collection, as well?

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See TAG Heuer On The Big Screen

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Jason Bourne Sporting A TAG Heuer

First and foremost, TAG Heuer is a watch making company.  They have earned a legendary reputation for their innovativeness and dedication to timekeeping.  Creating the most accurate chronographs in history and developing inventions, which were patented, and still in use today by many fine watch companies.  They obviously have strong ties to the Formula One racing world, but did you know that TH has a presence in Hollywood?  As early as 1960, TAG Heuer was working on the development of the, now famous TY Film Master stopwatch.   The Film Master was designed to give Hollywood directors the ability to track how much of their film footage had been used in a particular filming sequence.  These innovations for the film industry gave TAG Heuer a place on the big screen.  Today, the avant-garde watch maker has a presence in the filming of many great movies.  In “Good Luck Chuck” starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, Dane is wearing a TH Monaco Chronograph.  In Jodie Foster’s film, the “Brave one”, her character sports a TAG Heuer Twin-Time Carrera, and in “The Bourne Ultimatum”, the famous character which Matt Damon plays, wears a TAG Heuer Link Chronograph, featuring a blue dial.  This huge screen presence is evidence of the respect that actors and directors have for the TAG Heuer name.

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Breitling’s Chronomatic Diamondworks

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Breitling Chronomatic Diamondworks Will Blow You Away

Ok, the superior watch makers at Breitling have done it, again.  Wow! That is the reaction I had, and I’m sure you will have, when you get a look at the newest creation from this authoritative watch maker.  The Breitling Chronomatic Diamondworks watch was recently unveiled, and isn’t it spectacular.  The 01 Chronomatic Diamondworks is the 2nd generation of the Chronomatic watch, which was produced in 2009.  Looking over the original Diamondworks, it’s hard to believe that Breitling could raise the bar any higher, but they have.  The 01 Chronomatic Diamondworks is dripping in 18 carat rose gold and diamonds.  The setting of the diamonds is one of a kind, as is the movement which runs the timepiece.  The powerful automatic winding mechanical movement is one of Breitling’s proprietary innovations.  Breitling, leaders in their industry, have infused this watch with some surprising and unique design elements.  The Diamond setting is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  The diamonds which mark the hours are displayed in a double row, atop a beautiful Mother-of-Pearl dial, and the bezel diamonds are meticulously integrated with numerical carvings, giving off an almost hieroglyphic appearance.  There is no way to mistake this for any other, than a Breitling.  The combination of exceptional horologic design and superior craftsmanship give this watch real collector appeal.

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TAG Heuer’s Carrera Calibre 360, Mechanical Genius

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TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 360

Starting with the release of the first Carrera Calibre 360 by TAG Heuer, there has been a buzz.  This concept watch first appeared at the Baselworld exhibition of 2005, and got plenty of attention.  TAG Heuer created the Carrera Calibre 360 with mechanical ingenuity dating back to the early 1900’s, when Heuer’s grandfather invented the first mechanical chronograph, with the ability to measure time by 1/100th of a second.  The introduction of the 2005 Carrera Calibre 360 was witness to the first wrist worn chronograph, with these capabilities.  At the heart of the watch beats two independently designed mechanisms, which allow for regular speed during normal use of 28,800 beats per hour, and super revved-up speed of 360,000 beats per hour in chronograph mode.  At chronograph speed, the Carrera Calibre 360 moves ten times that of any other mechanical wrist worn watch in the world.  What gives the acceleration?  Ask TAG Heuer, who earned 3 elite patents for their mechanical design of this watch. 

The next version of the Carrera Calibre 360 would come in 2006, and be crafted of 18 carat Rose Gold.  This concept watch was in limited production of just 500 pieces, and was designed with the collector in mind.  If you appreciate master craftsmanship and innovative technology, you’re going to love the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 360 watches.

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Movado Sport Luxury Watches with Unexpected Features

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Movado Moving in a Sporty Direction

Movado has come a long way since the release of the Museum watch.  These days this Swiss watch maker is concentrating on, not only the continuation of the Museum, but the enhancement of their line.  The use of varying and unique materials, as well as different design elements, is giving Movado an edge you wouldn’t expect.  This is apparent in their collection of sport luxury timepieces.  The Sport Luxury models, like the Junior Sport, and Junior Sport PVD are not you’re typical Movado.  They have bold features and masculine, rugged exteriors.  The materials used are solid steel and sturdy PVD.  The Swiss quality we have come to expect is in place, but the styling has been beefed up, with extra touches, not normally found in Movado creations.  These watches come with Quartz movements, which keep the weight down, and offer precision accuracy.  The dials on the Sport Collection are much busier than your Museum dials, which adds to their interest.  Movado still holds the Museum watches dear to their hearts, but these new and innovative pieces create diversity, which can only benefit the brand.  Check out the Movado Sport Luxury watches…you’ll be glad you did.  Their style is undeniable.

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Movado, Sporty and Sophisticated

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Movado Series 800 Derek Jeter Limited Edition

Movado, maker of luxury watches for men and women has some surprising new designs to share.  The Series 800 Collection is a line of watches with a specialized sports feel.  The styling of the Series 800’s is that of high end chronographs.  The materials used are finished beautifully, and the options are abundant.  The sleek and clean Movado minimalistic appearance is traded for the performance look of a full functioning chronograph.  Although, not your typical Museum Dial, this watch has some signature Movado features, like the logo “Dot”, located at the 12 o’clock mark, and the Movado name displayed beneath.  Of course, all of the quality and craftsmanship we have come to trust is in these watches, as well.  The Series 800 comes in many forms.  Some are dressier, with polished stainless-steel cases and bracelets, and others are more casual, featuring rubber straps and bold colorful dials.  The Derek Jeter Limited Edition Series 800 has a black, pinstriped dial and a gorgeous 18 carat rose gold case and bezel.  All these fabulous watches by Movado are Swiss made and full of traditional quality.  Discover the Series 800, and all of Movado’s unique and daring designs.  Staying true to tradition, while keeping up with the times…Movado.

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TAG Heuer and Tesla Motors, Join Forces

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TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster

Tesla and TAG join forces to create a unique, one of a kind collector’s edition electric car.  TAG Heuer’s avante-garde reputation is upheld, as they join with electric car designers, Tesla.  As a celebration of their 150 years in the watchmaking business, TAG Heuer partnered with Tesla Motors to create this revolutionary vehicle.  The TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster is a dedication to performance, innovation, quality, and prestige, all traits of the legendary watchmaker.  The Roadster is currently on tour, and will be on display in 15 cities around the world.  Basel, Monaco, Milan, Budapest, Warsaw, Moscow, New Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, London, and Paris will host the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster.  The exhibition will also feature TAG Heuer timepieces from the past, the present, and the future.  Showcased will be the TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept watch, The Monaco V4, and The Carrera Claibre Chronograph.  Brand Ambassadors will be on hand to start off the exhibition and a signed TAG Heuer 150 Years Book will be auctioned off at the end of the tour.  TAG Heuer has spent the past 150 years re-inventing the way we keep time.  Their innovative chronological inventions have helped to write the history of this art form, and their creative designs have placed them at the top of their field.  TAG Heuer, just keeps on ticking.

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Raymond Weil and The Don Giovanni

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Raymond Weil's Don Giovanni Watches

Raymond Weil watches are always surprising, and never dull.  Their designs are fresh…even the traditional ones.  They constantly manage to throw in unexpected details, which peak our interest, and that is one of the reasons this watchmaker has been able to come on the scene so late, and become so successful.  One of their more traditional lines comes in the form of the Don Giovanni Collection.  This collection of watches is all about old world glamour and elegance.  The softly shaped square and rectangular dials in this collection are reminiscent of the refined timepieces of yesteryear.  In true to form, Raymond Weil style, these watches have something extra.  They are layered with luxurious materials, and textured in such a way that you stop and take notice.  Every last detail is taken into account, and the end result is modern and fabulous.  Some of these creations are adorned with brilliant diamonds, while others stand out because of their distinct design.  These men’s and women’s Don Giovanni’s are flawlessly finished, and all Swiss made.  Raymond Weil creates all their timepieces with a real dedication to integrity and quality.  Get to know the Don Giovanni collection, and all the Raymond Weil watches, soon.  It’s definitely worth you while!

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