Omega’s New Colorful Constellation Watches

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Omega Watches In Color


If you’re searching for a beautiful and well-made timepiece, look no further than Omega watches.  Omega is a trusted name because they consistently create precision watches.  One of their newest additions to their Constellation line is a watch I believe you will adore.  The Constellation Quartz 35 MM women’s watch by Omega is stunning.  This watch features Quartz precision movement and is finished with a rhodium plating.  It has a power reserve that will endure for up to 25 months, but you don’t’ have to count the months…Omega has place an end of battery life indicator for your convenience.  The case is shiny stainless-steel and this watch comes with a domed, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, with an anti-reflective coating on the inside.  Of course, the Constellation is brightened by sparkling diamonds encircling the dial, and also in graduated sizes as hour indicators.  This Omega watch is Swiss made precision quality, but what drew me to it is the beautiful deep eggplant color that Omega has presented it in.  The bracelet is purple alligator leather, and Omega has matched the dial in the same color.  It’s truly a stunning combination to me, but if purple isn’t your taste, you can pick this Omega watch up in teal blue or snow white…all gorgeous.

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Michele Watches Are Bright And Sunny

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Michele Watches Get Ready For Summer


I can’t say enough good stuff about Michele watches.  I think they’re terrific, and offer so many fun, flirty, girly styles!  Michele is a luxury fashion watch maker, geared toward women.  A Michele watch will instantly make you feel a bit more glamorous, more fun loving, more in style.  Let’s check out some great styles.  

Ok, with summer right around the corner, how about some really bright and fun creations from Michele?  The Tropical Paradise line is just that, and more.  I kind of fell for the Tropical Paradise Sea Turtle edition.  It comes with a really vibrant turquoise leather strap, which reminds me of the ocean.  On the face a sweet tropical scene is being played out.  Palm trees are blowing in the wind, the blue oceans is sparkling, and two adorable sea turtles are making their way back to sea, their shells shining in the sunshine.  Actually their shells are lit up by 53 luxurious diamonds!  All of this is set against a white enamel background.  It’s beautiful and tastefully done.  The Tropical Paradise line also features a cute monkey grabbing at a bunch of yellow bananas, and a pretty in pink watch, with an underwater view.  Colorful tropical fish swim along coral and sea plants.  These watches have a summer attitude, do you?

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Cartier’s Ballerine Watch Shines Bright

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Cartier's Ballerine Watch Shines


Cartier watches come in many different and varying designs, from sporty and fun to the extremely opulent and elegant.  No matter which style of timepiece you choose, a Cartier will make a statement.  Your selection will show your discerning taste, so choose wisely…or just pick the one you fall in love with, like the mini model Ballerine women’s watch. 

This beautiful time piece is quartz, white gold, and diamond studded.  Its brilliance sparkles and the fact that it’s a Cartier watch spells precision. The three tiered bracelet, which is covered in round-cut diamonds, wraps around the wrist in a smooth s-curve style, adding softness.  The lines of the Ballerine are artistic and unconventional for a timepiece.  This watch features an octagonal crown set with a diamond and a silver sunray dial for added flare.  The Ballerine by Cartier is all Swiss made and water-resistant to 100 feet (in case you just have to wear it in the pool). 

Personally, I think this the ultimate out on the town watch. This may be the only accessory you’ll need for your little black dress.  It is elegant and sophisticated, and yes, it’s covered in brilliant diamonds, but it is still understated.  This Cartier watch is a beautiful, functional, piece of jewelry.

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IWC, Classic Craftsmanship

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IWC Portuguese Watch

The IWC Men’s Portuguese Chronograph Automatic Watch is a favorite of mine.  IWC is famous for their watchmaking, and needs no introduction, however if you haven’s been exposed to this amazing company and their phenomenal timepieces…this is a good start.  This IWC men’s Portuguese Chronograph is from the Portuguese series.  The IW371417 is a Swiss made watch with automatic movement.  The bezel is made from stainless-steel and has a stationary bezel function.  IWC placed a scratch resistant sapphire crystal on the dial.  The face on this men’s version is white, with accents of blue hour markers as well as the arms and hands.  The bracelet is in a deep dark black leather and measures in a men’s length. The Portuguese line has several variations, but this is definitely my favorite.  I like the white on black contrast and the blue accents give this watch extra interest.  The professional craftsman at IWC have been re-inventing timekeeping for over 100 years, and have become true masters in their field.  Accurate movement and precision engineering were the cornerstones by which IWC built their reputation and their business.  Get more familiar with this watchmaker and you will surely be more and more impressed, just as I have been.

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Tissot’s New Ads Opening Eyes

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Danica Patrick, Tissot Ambassador

Tissot, maker of fine Swiss watches for decades, has launched a new and exciting advertisement campaign designed to reach a global market. This new approach by Tissot utilizes their brand Ambassadors to present their luxury watch line as accessible to all, rather than portraying the company as exclusive to the elite. The photos are shot in artistic black and white, by renowned fashion photographer, Jeff Burton and they give off a unique feel.
Tissot has spent years establishing a reputation as the “Innovators by tradition”, and that philosophy is echoed in this new, fresh campaign. Of course Tissot recognizes they have gained the loyalty of their customers, and they applaud you die hard Tissot fans…but the savvy Swiss watchmaker is attempting to gain new recognition and popularity among the masses. This global ad campaign being launched in March 2010 is Tissot’s invitation to all who haven’t explored to do so. Some of the articles will even include prices of their timepieces, designed to entice those who thought Tissot was out of their budget.
Jeff Burton chose specific locations for each shoot which would give a glimpse into the personal lives of the ambassador, such as Danica Patrick’s shoot on the majestic Malibu beach.
There is no denying that Tissot watches are high quality Swiss-made instruments. Tissot has built a well-respected brand name through innovative technologies, like their T-Touch technology. Bringing their innovative craftsmanship from the Swiss town of Le Locle, in the Jura Mountains, to over 150 countries is no small feat and Tissot has accomplished this. The quality that has always run so deep in Tissot’s history built their reputation…the fresh ways in which Tissot markets their timepieces, keeps them interesting and growing as a company.
Matching themselves up with high profile Ambassadors in the fields of MotoGP, fencing, championship cycling, and ice hockey has set Tissot apart and given them an edge in promoting their high-tech products. The company, a member of the Swatch group, is also the Official Timekeepers for NASCAR…pretty impressive. Yes, Tissot has been very successful at marketing their precision instruments, through a variety of ingenious ways, but the real reason they thrive and prosper is their dedication to excellence. The company has been determined to produce an ever growing line of precision instruments that are made with careful craftsmanship. Tissot’s perpetual quality and innovative style is what keeps their customers loyal and coming back. This new advertising campaign will open up new markets for the watchmaker and, hopefully bring new clients to them as well.

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Breitling Professional Watches

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Breitling Airwolf

 Breitling Watches are extraordinary.  This watchmaker has loads of technology and innovation that goes into their fine precision instruments.  Be aware that because of their popularity, there are fakes out there.  Breitling is quite proud of the work that has gone into creating these timepieces and the reputation they have gained.  The company wants to warn consumers to make certain they buy only authentic Breitling watches and not replicas…I mean, what’s the point?  You are purchasing the excellence not just the name.  The Airwolf is one of Breitling’s most awesome watches.  Equipped with all the needs of a professional aviator, the Airwolf is a marvelous instrument.  This chronograph has dual digital windows on the face and a perpetual calendar.  The watch is back lit for easy night time reading, and a compass scale.  This Breitling watch is water resistant to 5 bars, and is encased in strong stainless-steel.  Breitling prides themselves on their attention to detail and has built a fantastic reputation as professional timekeepers, but as any professional pilot or diver can tell you…these watches do much more than just keep time.  The instruments that Breitling watches creates take in to account all aspects of the professional wearing them, that’s attention to detail at its best!

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Oris Understated Style

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Oris Classic Men's Watch

Oris, for those not familiar with these watchmakers, are quality, precision engineers of timekeeping.  Makers of only Mechanical watches, Oris has built an unmatched reputation for themselves in their field.  Oris models include Diving watches, an Aviation line and the Culture series, where you can pick up the signature Bob Dylan timepiece.  Another Mechanical watch from the Culture Collection is the Oris Classic.  If you are the kind of person who buys only the classic everything, this is your watch.  This men’s watch is stylish in a very understated way.  The Oris Classic says that you are confident and successful, but you don’t brag about it!  The Oris Classic is available in only two versions, the black dial, or the silver dial.  Each of these comes paired with a black leather strap.  I know, it doesn’t sound like an exciting watch…but the fact that it’s an Oris, makes all the difference.  The Classic men’s watch has an automatic self-winding movement.  It’s a Mechanical, like all Oris’s, but this one takes no batteries and no winding, brilliant!  This timepiece also has a 38 hour power reserve.  It’s a large men’s size watch, with a measurement of 42 mm.  Flash is not the word here, but style and performance will win you over.

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Movado Watches Have Timeless Style

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Movado Watches

Movado Watches have a style like no other.  You can recognize that style and design a mile away, and that’s how Movado has become so successful…that ands the fact that they make a fine Swiss quality precision watch.  Movado watches have flare nd their streamlined look has a broad reaching appeal.  One of Movado’s new watch releases is the Esperanza.  The 606280 Men’s Esperanza Movado watch has the classic Movado look, with some new features and updated finishes.  This is a vertically-linked bracelet set in shining stainless-steel.  This is a solid men’s watch in a large size.  The Esperanza Movado watch has a diamond bezel and of course, the signature jet black museum dial.  I love its understated elegance.   Not often can you place diamonds on a men’s watch without an overpowering affect, Movado has done just that.  As with all Movado watches the 606280 Men’s Esperanza Movado is all Swiss-made.  That means quality and durability you can count on.  Movado watches are a timeless classic.  The style of these watches is never outdated, and with the Movado name behind them, quality is always in place.  Check out all the new releases from Movado watches…I promise you’ll find one you love!

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Discount Watches, Let’s Make A Deal

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Shopping Wisely Can Save You Money

Ok, let’s go shopping.  Sound like fun, right?  Well, it can be, but shopping on the web can also be confusing…that’s where I come in.  Today we’re looking for discount watches, and trust me when I tell you, the deals are out there.  You just have to know where to look and what you’re looking for.  I feel as though I’m always putting up warning signs, and sometimes I am.  It’s just that, even though shopping on the internet is safe and convenient, in many ways it’s very similar to getting in your car and driving from shop to shop…and we can forget that.

Every site will have different prices, various shipping options, sales tax incentives, etc…let me give an example.

I have great respect for Oris watches.  I think they are incredibly well-made and have some very interesting design elements.  I located the Oris Men’s Chronograph Titanium Diver.  This is a fantastic Oris watch.  It is made from an all Titanium case and security buckle, with a durable rubber strap.  It is a professional diver’s watch and is water-resistant to over 3200 feet.  This is a current model that can be found on the Oris website.  It was on discount, for 1810 euro (what does that mean?) sounds like a deal, but when I calculated the conversion…that’s $2400.00. 

Continuing my search, this same timepiece was found on several other sites.  The best price I ended up with was $1599.00.  That’s $800.00 lower than the discount watch I originally found.  Surprised?  Well, the best part is, it only took me 5 minutes to save that cash!  Easier than driving all around town, and better for the environment, too.

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See Straight Through To The Beauty Of Panerai Watches

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Panerai Watches Are Beautiful Inside And Out

You may not have heard very much about the Italian-born watchmakers Panerai, but trust me, they are worth getting to know.  Panerai watches are the culmination of elegant Italian design, matched with precision Swiss tradition and technical expertise.  The outcome is fantastic.

The Panerai family first set up shop in Florence, Italy…but has since spread their wings to boutiques from Los Angeles to Tokyo.  The manufacturing of these beautiful watches still takes place in the Officine Panerai, located in the small town of Neuchatel, a Swiss region well-known for their finely crafted timepieces.

In the future we will explore more Panerai watch options, but today I have to share the Lo Scienziato Radiomar Tourbillon GMT Men’s Watch.  What a gorgeous instrument.  At first glance, you realize what a special watch this it.  The face of the black ceramic case is see-through crystal on both the front and back.  Yes, you can actually see all the way through to the intricate inner workings of this timepiece.  This is a hand-wound mechanical watch, and as you will find out…there is a lot going on inside.  It’s like a scene right out of Leonardo DaVinci’s mind. Quite incredible.  Form and function are brought together in perfect harmony and the Lo Scientziato Radiomar Tourbillon comes to life.   

Stay tuned, there are more praised to be sung about this phenomenal watchmaker!

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