Movado Juro, Great Choice For Her

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Movado Juro Women's is The Perfect Choice

Is there any wonder that Movado watches are so popular?  They are elegant, they are really well crafted, and they are still incredibly affordable.  Any savvy shopper will tell you, that these are three qualities you can’t pass up.  One beautiful line by Movado is the Juro collection.  The Juro women’s watches are classically graceful.  They have a bold look, but are crafted to remain lightweight and sleek.  The Juro women’s comes in several combinations.  There is the solid stainless-steel, which has been finished with a high polish or a brushed.  Then you have the total gold tone, a lovely choice for that special occasion, and it also comes in a combination of the two.  All are lovely and all are quality Swiss made.  These are Quartz movement models by Movado.  The beauty of Quartz is that there is little maintenance to be done.  The batteries must be changed every few years, and of course the watch must remain dry and clean, but that’s about it, easy and elegant.  The Juro is created with the signature Museum dial, in black.  Some of the models are adorned with diamonds, and others remain blank.  Either way, the Juro makes a great choice.  What’s not to love in a watch that’s quality, luxury, and priced right?

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Movado, Luxury At The Right Price

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Movado, Meticulous Designs

Movado is recognized around the world as a superior Swiss watchmaker, and we all know that their meticulous quality is built in to the very blueprint of their watches.  From the moment of conception, Movado is concerned with form, as well as function.  Using the finest materials, and the best Swiss made movements, has given them a reputation of trusted excellence.  Their design elements have been noticed, and applauded by critics of the art world, and the rest of us, for many years.  Movado’s are understated and elegant in their design.  The minimalistic characteristics of Movado timepieces have been the driving force behind their style, since the Museum was released, and that hasn’t changed.  Movado, meaning “always in motion”, has been their philosophy all along, and it will take them into the future.  The strength behind the name is consistency.  Movado turns out creative and exquisite designs, constantly.  Their quality and craftsmanship is never in doubt, and this had resulted in the growth of this company.  Movado’s sell, when other may not, because of their quality, their great looks, and (most importantly) their pricing.  Movado boasts the most affordable Swiss made watches, anywhere.  That’s doing it right.  Movado, old school engineering, prices for the new economy.

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Omega, Perfection In Design

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Omega Movements Made History


Omega views watchmaking as an art, and has for the past 160 years.  Omega innovators have enhanced the world of watchmaking with their creations, continually astounding us with new technology, marking a solid place for themselves in this industry.  From the early days Omega’s brilliant artisans produced some very special movements, like the Calibers 19”, 1894.  This renowned caliber, ingenuously designed by Francois Chevillat was described with one word, “perfection”.  The blueprint of this famous design has lived on, and been used by the world’s finest watchmakers.  Thought to be the final step in watchmaking technology, at the time, the movement was named after the last letter in the Greek language, and from there, the Omega name was born.  The Omega movements that Chevillat went on to create were as beautifully adorned inside as the watches were outside.  The Omega 19” Grade DDR was developed in 1905.  It was equipped with 23 jewels, including diamonds and rubies.  This silver/nickel movement had diamonds atop the barrel arbour, and a cross end and stop stones, which were diamond set.  Along with the diamonds and rubies, the movement was crafted of gold, with gold collets and balance screws.  

Of course, these designs were only the beginnings of what would be a long and legendary history, which makes up Omega.  Omega watches, perfect.

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Breitling Commands Attention

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It only takes a quick glance at Breitling to know they are a true quality watch company.  They have been crafting precision instruments since the 1800’s and have gained much notoriety in the world of Aviation.  They have developed watches for pilots and astronauts, alike, and in fact have the prestigious honor of being the first chronograph to be worn in space!  The Breitling “Cosmonaute” was the space watch, loved by pilots for its functionality.  The Breitling Cosmonaute is a 24 hour timepiece, designed especially for space flight, where there is no day and night.  It gave the pilots a better handle on time, and was a unique watch for the time.   The folks at Breitling take watchmaking seriously, and it shows in their work.  Chronographs and Chronometers are their specialty, and they create them with exceptional class.  The Breitling look is as unique and specialized as their craftsmanship.  All Breitling models are large and commanding, made from strong and durable materials, and finished impeccably.  The functionality can’t be beat, and they stand behind their products 100%.  The only thing you have to do is purchase authentically.  Go straight to Breitling or an authorized dealer for your Breitling.  Invest in the real deal.

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TAG Heuer Vintage Stopwatch, Old Meets New

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TAG Heuer's Anniversary Stopwatch


Keeping one eye on the past, while rocketing into the future is what TAG Heuer is doing.  Their tribute to the past comes in the form of a vintage stopwatch.  The Heuer Vintage Stopwatch was designed to celebrate the 150 years of TAG Heuer’s dedication to time. The Stopwatch, released this year is a limited edition TAG Heuer exclusive.  This luxury Swiss sport watchmaker reaches back in time to offer this amazing rendition of an old favorite.  The TAG Heuer, founded back in 1860 has a long and illustrious love with the keeping of time.  This mechanical movement, stopwatch pays homage to TAG Heuer tradition.  The HL 810 Stopwatch is made with 9 jewels.  It records time to within 1/5th of a second, and has a split action timer.  This Mechanical Stopwatch has a dual crown functioning, measuring start, stop, and time-out.  With the incredible innovative success of TAG Heuer, it’s refreshing to see the way they celebrate the past is by re-creating this iconic symbol.  The stopwatch is where performance is measured.  It is where time stands still, and where 1/5th of a second means winning or loosing.  The Heuer Vintage Stopwatch is the perfect way to reflect on the past, while moving forward.

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Cartier Santo 100, Titanium Treasure

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Cartier Santos 100, Big Bold, Brilliant


 We all recognize Cartier for their elegant designs and timeless features.  Some of the newer Cartier watches, especially in the men’s collections, take a bit of a different approach.  The delicate styles are replaced with some more adventurous interpretations.  One such men’s watch is the Santos 100 Carbon by Cartier.  This large model men’s timepiece is strong, made from materials like stainless-steel and Titanium.  The steel casing is in a satin finish and coated with ADLC.  ADLC coating increases thickness, thereby cutting down on wear and tear, and it acts as a barrier to corrosive elements…sand, saltwater, and acids.  This watch has a black, square-shaped dial, with Roman numerals, covered by a sapphire crystal.  The steel arms and hands are covered in a phosphorescent material.  The Santos 100 comes with a thick black fabric strap.  This unusual design by Cartier was created to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the iconic Santos watches.  The W2020010 Santos 100 men’s watch has some of the classic Cartier styling, but the diverse materials used, and its unusually substantial size give it an edge.  This fantastic Cartier men’s watch goes for around $7.000.  It is a timepiece with history and tradition…and a real work of art.  Get to know more about Cartier, today.

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Omega, Michael Phelps Choice

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Omega Ambassador, Michael Phelps


Omega certainly has shown their strive for excellence in the watchmaking world, and in keeping with that undying dedication, they continue to attract Ambassador’s with that same work ethic.  Their fans include award winning actors Nicole Kidman and George Clooney, and 007 super spy James Bond.  It only stands to reason that the world’s fastest swimmer would join that illustrious group.  Michael Phelps, who at the age of 16 became the youngest ever to set a world record for swimming, has been an Omega Ambassador since 2004.  Michael went on to greater achievements, and in 2008 at the Beijing Olympic Games he took home, an astounding 8 gold medals.  Michael didn’t just jump in the pool one day and come out a champion…he trained for years, dedicated his time and energy, and demonstrated extreme determination.  Omega, a watchmaker that has built a solid name for themselves shares those qualities.  They have been producing fine Swiss watches for decades.  Their innovation has opened doors to space and taken them to the depths of the sea floor.  Keeping your cool and not getting rattled under extreme pressure is an intricate part of being a successful competitor.  Michael Phelps knows this and that is why he chooses the Seamaster Planet Ocean from Omega.  The Planet Ocean is a marvelous watch by Omega.  Stylish and functional, the Seamaster is a true Omega classic, and talk about performing under pressure…The Planet Ocean can withstand depths of 2000 feet!  Great choice Michael.

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Breitling, Technology Unsurpassed

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Breitling Professional Waches


The Breitling history began in 1884, with its founder the Swiss watchmaker Leon Breitling.  Breitling was a master at his craft and the company has followed his lead ever since.  This Swiss watchmaker is ultimately famous for their certified Chronometers.  These precision instruments were originally designed for the Aviation field, but have mainstream appeal, especially among watch enthusiasts.  All the components making up the Breitling creations are Swiss, and every timepiece is manufactured in Switzerland, at the Breitling factory.  These are authentic watches, with over 150 years of innovation built in.  The Breitling 24 hour Navitimer was born out of an idea from one of the original Mercury Space program astronauts.  Scott Carpenter, a fan and one of the astronauts requested that Breitling convert their usual 12 hour dial to a 24 hour one.  Because of the lack of day and night in space, it would prove useful…Breitling did just that, and in 1962 astronaut Carpenter wore that timepiece into space.  Other extraordinary models were to follow, like the Breitling Emergency, equipped with a radio frequency that actually helped save the lives of two lucky pilots who were downed at sea.  Now, you certainly don’t have to be a professional pilot to appreciate these watches.  At Breitling, technology rules… and everyone loves that!

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Tag Heuer 360′ Museum Opening

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Tag Heuer 360' Museum


Tag Heuer’s 150 old reputation has been built from a foundation of precision and quality.  This unique watchmaker attributes their brand strength to their focused efforts to produce the world’s most accurate timepieces.  Establishing a framework for success, the Tag Heuer team has been able to develop precision instruments, which really perform.  Like the Mikrograph, a mechanical stopwatch, this is highly accurate…to within 1/100th of a second…and the first of its kind.  Of course, that was back in 1916, and as important a milestone as that invention was…Tag Heuer has seen light years of growth since then.   This year, Tag Heuer will entertain and amaze us all with the opening of their new Tag Heuer 360’ Museum.  Located in the Tag Heuer headquarters, the Museum will take you through the history of innovation, and creation that surrounds Tag Heuer, giving you the full picture.  In keeping with the technological advancements of Tag Heuer, the museum will feature the world’s first 360’ movie screen.  This conic screen is computer powered and will generate over one million images every hour, telling the story behind Tag Heuer and their legendary watchmaking achievements.  This technology will create a complex and engaging outcome, and hopefully amaze you.

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Cartier Watches Are Handsome

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Cartier, Exceptional Swiss Watch Makers

Jacques Cartier, founder of the House of Cartier Watches, was much more an artist and creator of beauty than a watchmaker, yet Cartier has turned out fine timepieces for decades. The renowned French jeweler was wise when he entered into the watchmaking business, he asked for help.  He partnered up with exceptional Swiss masters to create the famous Cartier watches of today.  Cartier built an empire and is the number one jewelry seller in the world, not to mention the number two luxury timepiece seller…only topped by Rolex.  Cartier watches timeless designs like the Tank and the Santos have been long standing favorites with Cartier clients.  One of the best selling men’s’ watches is the Cartier Men’s Santos Galbee Stainless-steel and Gold version.  The W20011C4 Stainless-steel and Gold watch by Cartier has all the classic features that we have come to appreciate. The sleek streamlined designs of Cartier are legendary, and this men’s watch is no exception.   The W20011C4 Men’s watch has a classic square face, with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal dial.  The dial and bracelet are in stainless-steel and 18 carat gold.  This is a men’s sized watch with a case diameter of 29 mm.  This is a fantastic Cartier watch choice!

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